Waianae kids can write about sports, too, not just play them

April 22nd, 2009

I had the honor of sitting with the editors and advisors of the Waianae High School newspaper today at lunch. They took home a truckload of awards at the annual state competition.

One of their plaques was for best sports story of the year, which was about wrestlers cutting weight and expertly written by Brittni Dinong.

Congratulations and best of luck in the future to Mhanivei Moresca (editor in chief), Brittney Rojo (features editor), Trinell Agaran (features editor), Shanti Segovia-Manner (news editor), Sam Balecha (sports editor), Maisha Abbott (features editor), Lorraine Gershun (advisor) and Bryson Armitage (advisor, Waianae Class of 2007).

–By Dave Reardon

9 Responses to “Waianae kids can write about sports, too, not just play them”

  1. Lorraine:

    Thanks, Dave. We enjoyed sitting with you. It is professional journalists like yourself who take the time to participate in contests like this, spending long hours judging the entries, that make a great difference. Your compliments don’t hurt either.

  2. dreardon:

    All the compliments are very much deserved. I forgot to mention that Waianae won the overall title in the contest, I believe in 2006 … last public school to do so.
    I could tell by the way your editors interact with each other that they are an outstanding team of leaders, yet they know how to have fun too. I bet you will all miss each other, so cherish the last few weeks together as a staff.

  3. Pupule Paul:

    When can the rest of us read these outstanding stories, Dave?

  4. dreardon:

    I have a copy of Ka Leo o Waianae on my desk, the issue that has Brittni’s story in it.
    Let me know next time you’ll be in the office and I’ll get it to you.

  5. Brittni Dinong:

    Aloha Dave! I’m glad you enjoyed my story! Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments.

  6. djackson:

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  7. Jdog786:

    I heard Matt Bordbar is going to get signed to a 3 year 5 million contract with the Patriots! Cant wait to see how he does in the NFL.

  8. gators fan:

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  9. Gatorade:

    Lets go Gators! The NFL has tons of good college and even highschool prospects. When will they start to draft straight out of highschool? Matthew Bordbar has killed it so far!

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