Receivers galore … RIP, Frank Gansz

April 27th, 2009

In response to the question about who I think should start at the receiver spots for the UH football team:

At this point, I’d go with Greg Salas and Malcolm Lane on the outside spots and Kealoha Pilares and Jovonte Taylor at the slots. Lots of playing time also for Jon Medeiros, Dustin Blount, Rodney Bradley and Billy Ray Stutzmann.

I can’t remember the UH receiving corps ever being this deep before.


Frank Gansz was a great special teams coach, in the NFL and college ranks. The former Kansas City Chiefs head coach served as a guest coach at UH in 2004 due to his friendship with June Jones, and spoke at the team banquet one year.

Gansz, 70, has died due to complications from knee replacement surgery. He was Jones’ special teams coach at SMU.

“Heaven became an even better place today,” Jones wrote on his Twitter account. 


–By Dave Reardon

23 Responses to “Receivers galore … RIP, Frank Gansz”

  1. jabba:

    jovonte taylor is a wideout, right wideout in fact. he has not played slot. he will battle lane for that right side down to the kickoff. lane is fast but he doesn’t have the greatest hands. taylor also is just as fast with more juke n jive.

    salas has been at slotback almost the entire spring. he could stay there, in which case bradley should be the guy on the outside at left wr.
    pilares, yes.

    medeiros is a scrapper. blount can fly and could be a real yac guy. this will be a battle to the kickoff as well.

    ryan henry is just waiting for his time/turn.

    you are right this is a talented lot. this could be dangerous for opponents as we rotate fresh horses every two plays. pity the lb’s and db’s.

    hey wait, that is a good thing.

    billy ray can’t be ignored. he could still redshirt if everyone stays healthy.

  2. dreardon:

    You’re right. Someone asked me who I would start, not who I thought would start. I’d try to get the ones I think are the best four in, regardless of slot or outside.

  3. letsgowarriors:

    thanks, pretty excited to see the O back next year.

  4. Deluxe:

    Is Kealoha playing faster now? What I mean by that is that in high school tapes he looked more explosive out of cuts and breaks. Now in watching him he seems to be more of a glider, great form and all but not as elusive and quick out of breaks as he was.

    If he could recapture that same sort of explosiveness that would be scary to think of the Wide out options.

    Salas as like a tight end / slot… with that size just needs to get inside his man, hopefully he takes on the Jason River’s role.
    Mederios a Chad Owen’s tough man slot, shifty with good quicks
    Lane / Taylor on the outside burning and stretching the field like Ashley Leile back in the day.
    Pilares would be the definite jack of all trades.

    What about the RB situation, who looks to be the leader in that race?

  5. J-Dog:

    Hard to argue with this years’ corps of receivers. On paper, they’re probably as deep as we’ve ever been, but many are the JC guys that haven’t played a snap of DI yet, so we’ll see.

    I liked the ’06 group we had with Bess, RGM, Rivers, Sample, Dickerson, Mock, Lane, Washington, Bain, and imagine if Jason Ferguson was able to play as well.

  6. NelsonO:

    My top three would be Salas, Lane and Pilares. The fourth spot would be between Taylor and Medeiros.

  7. lori:

    DR as usual you are painfully vanilla in your selections.
    Bradley and Taylor on the wings, Salas n Blount on the inside w Kealoha Pilares top reliever.
    Malcom Lane is history and just as boring as vanilla.


    My top 3 hands down.


    Salas..Big target, slow feet.

    Lane…Fast Feet, junk hands.

    Pilares…Slow feet, decent hands, easy to tackle.

    Medeiros…Good hands, pau after that.

  9. dreardon:

    Lol lori. The shiny new toys always seem best to kiddies.
    I think there’s something to be said for experience, especially in a complicated offense. The new guys have talent and will see plenty of playing time. But in general you start the vets.

  10. slenzi:

    In my mind, Nate Nasca earned a shot. If he gets his NCAA waiver for an extra year, then he will beat out someone for playing time. He was impressive last year in all the camps and regular season practices. He never stops, never gives up, makes you miss with power, can split defenders, and when he gets the rock he’s gone. He’s Warrior Ohana through and through – just waiting on NCAA to do the right thing. God Bless!

  11. dreardon:

    Based on Saturday’s spring game, running back looks like Jackson, Funaki, Rego.

  12. dreardon:

    If Pilares returns to RB, of course that changes that.

  13. lori:

    reardon, reardon, your’re more funny than football-smart.
    Bradley and Taylor are hardley shinny new toys. Neither are Salas and Blount.
    On the other hand-Malcolm Lane is the toy that never worked.
    Ditto in Leon’s case, your #1 at RB–he has underachieved in three years of D1A football, hardly a vet.

    Its your vanilla-constitution, Dave, you need to think more out-of-the-box instead of playing it safe with staus quo thinking.

  14. J-Dog:

    Is it possible that the incoming JC Running Backs Alex Green and Chizzy Dimude could also challenge for playing time?

  15. J-Dog:

    Also can’t rule out Daniel Libre getting an extra year.

  16. BigIslandkurt:

    DR and Lori…….funny exchange.

    Why are so many people down on Malcolm Lane?

    While he has not been the go to superstar guy, he has had his moments of greatness. I look for he to have a good year providing he stays healthy and keep his head on straight. Heard that his step pops is in Iraq and things kinda tough in the household. At any rate, I don’t believe M. Lane has been anywhere near the bust so many folks are trying to make him out to be.

    Not that I’m a big Malcolm lane fan or anything. Just my observation.

  17. dreardon:

    Yup, I’m too bland and conservative for Lori’s taste. Sorry for preferring vanilla to anchovy cigarette ash rocky road.

    Malcolm hasn’t been as consistent as people would like. I think he’s poised for a big senior season — returning kicks and catching passes.

  18. jayz:

    Isn’t Lane the receiver who kept jumping offsides last year? I often wondered HOW you jump offsides when you are visually looking in at the football to be snapped. I think he was also the one who aped those famous words after a loss, “I think they wanted it more than we did.” WHAT DAT?!

  19. lori:

    yep, until MAC’s next briefing–we wont have another DR “gourmet-opinion”….talk about Big Macs n french fries.

  20. lori:

    look, bradley and taylor at wideout, salas n blount n kealoha at slots….if that is “anchovy-cigarette ash n rocky road”–eat it, knowing it was labeled by DR and is probably a Leonard’s Bakery creation of Haupia chocolate….some people lose their taste buds eating all that fast food junk that MAC serves.

    malcolm has had 3 years to make a point and reported to camp huffing in 2008 and was inconsistent throughout the season.
    Bradley and Taylor are hungry and their play this spring shows it.

  21. dreardon:


  22. J-Dog:

    I believe the words were something like: “we wanted it BADDER”

  23. J-Dog:

    who cares who starts where….there’s gonna be plenty of playing time for all the receivers because of all the rotating. something we haven’t seen since 2006.

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