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July 26th, 2009

Who’s the greatest UH football player of the first 100 years?

Gary Allen, Colt Brennan, Jason Elam, Tommy Kaulukukui or Al Noga?

You tell us. If it’s none of the above, tell us who here.


-Dave Reardon

3 Responses to “Polls are open”

  1. TJ:

    Colt is No.!

  2. Gary M:

    I voted for Colt Brennan because of his talent, what he accomplished, his effect on the state and its fans, and his overall great demeanor and character. Colt Brennan led UH teams captivated the state and UH fans all across the country unlike any other player in UH history. I saw Gary Allen play and he really was exciting and truly talented. He was always my favorite UH player as I fondly remember his awesome runs. Al Noga was simply unreal and was one of the most dominating defensive player in UH history. He achieved unbelievable recognition while playing at UH. Jason Elam was the best kicker that we ever had and probably that we ever will have. He was totally awesome. Unfortunately, I never saw Tommy Kaulukukui play, but would have been honored to see him play. From what I heard, he was an unbelievable talent and probably epitimized what a “warrior” football player really is.
    It’s difficult because if you’re a UH football fan, every player who plays in a UH uniform and puts his heart and soul out on the field for the fans, they in my mind are all #1 in a true fan’s mind. If all UH fans supported the players, coaches, and the team this way, we’re sure to have more very memorable memories of great players and teams at the UH!

  3. Constant Sports:

    Has to be Colt.
    for my thoughts.

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