Cutback Mack

July 28th, 2009

Great nickname for a running back. But what it applies to today is UH football coach Greg McMackin’s willingness to take a voluntary paycut from his $1.1 million annual salary.

This is a no-brainer, and I’m only surprised it took this long to become an issue.

This is a statement from the coach, released by the UH athletic department’s media relations director today:

“I’ve always been a team player, and even though my contract doesn’t require me to contribute, I will give my fair share on behalf of the football program.”

 How much do you think is appropriate for McMackin to return to UH?

-By Dave Reardon

3 Responses to “Cutback Mack”

  1. Dawg:

    Any amount is appropriate. He doesn’t have to give back any of the money he earned. He has a set contract and he should be applauded for any amount he gives back.

  2. BigIslandKurt:

    That’s gonna be the sticking point. How much to give back.

    Is it true that football brought in 31 mil in revenue? If that is correct, I got even more respect for Coach for his willingness to give back. As a football fanatic, I believe he is worth every penny. BUt the reality of our situation is what it is. The folks making the most money gotta give back. Everybody knows that there are some other key UH people making big loot — Deans of the Med school, Law school, Pharmacy college in HIlo —-Big loot! How ‘come nobody talking about those huge gorillas in the room?


  3. kev-1:

    Appropriate? Anything he is willing to agree to is appropriate. I understand that he has the largest salary among UH sports coaches, but as BIK pointed out, football is the revenue bringer. If an amount is to be considered appropriate, it should be a required percentage for all coaches.

    Right on Coach Mac!

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