Jet lag … and other problems for UH hoops

January 24th, 2009

Bob Nash isn’t one to make excuses. And I think we can all agree that tonight’s 67-51 basketball loss to Utah State was ugly. You can’t win making just four buckets in the first half, especially while your opponent is tough and efficient. Rod Flemings missed nearly the first five minutes of the game, benched for being late to a team meeting. The Rainbows fought back in the second half, but got pounded on the boards, 38-28, for the game, and that didn’t help either.  They were outplayed and outhustled by a good team.

But Nash does have a point that it didn’t help that the WAC scheduled UH to play at the road against Nevada and then here in Hawaii in less than 48 hours. That would be brutal even if the Wolf Pack and Aggies were among the WAC’s bottom-feeders … but they’re among the league’s best, and Utah State is now 19-1.

Nash hasn’t completely cooled off after criticizing the WAC during the league teleconference Monday.

“It’s suicidal to think we can play against teams like this back-to-back, to have to go to Nevada and back to Hawaii to play again (in the space of two days). It’s not like they’re  sitting in first class,” Nash said after tonight’s loss. “They’re laying around in airports trying to rest and not eating right.

“The  WAC says they’re trying to make everything fair. I don’t see them doing this as fair.”

–By Dave Reardon

3 Responses to “Jet lag … and other problems for UH hoops”

  1. Nani:

    Hate to say this but it comes with the job. Hey, at least coach has a job. So stop with the excuses and produce or move aside and let someone else who realizes that long travel will forever be a component.

  2. Manoa Mist:

    Yes, the travel schedule is tough. But UH is junk because we have three guards who hustle but – Nitoto, Pargha and Thompson – can’t shoot consistently, rarely penetrate, almost never take the ball to to the hoop and can’t push the ball downcourt to force the break. If you can’t shoot from outside, and you can’t get easy layup baskets, all that’s left is too work the ball inside to the big men. Oh yeah, we don’t do that either!
    Coach Nash is a great person, but he needs to give some other players a shot. What do we have to lose?

  3. rainbowbballer:

    Hey, toally agree with Manoa Mist, lets let Lutu, Ji, Adams, Campbell, and Fitzgerald play. Last year Nash, platooned five and five, why not now even if for only 2 – 3 minutes. The other WAC teams were better last year and the platoon worked at times. Come on, Coach, lets not try to accomplish something different with the same old thing that is not working, if so go back to being an associate coach. Head coach means being innovative and making the hard decisions. THE BIG GRIPE IS LAST NITE, COACH NASH SAYS, THAT 2 FOR 13 LASASHA IS OUR BEST SHOT AT SHOOT THE BALL, this statement sure doesnt do the confidence of the rest of the players, Where is the coaching, if you cant develop a play for Adhar to take a shot, and instill in him that he is the shot not Sasha. Excuse me for I have been attending UH basket ball since the NBC days, and I attended all Fablour five games, the last two home games have made me totally depressed. Please be go for broke, play the other players, tell them to shoot not turn over the ball, REBOUND HARD. GO RAINBOW!!

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