Weigh in on big plays

September 19th, 2009

HENDERSON, Nev. >> Tell me what you think were the biggest plays in UH’s loss tonight to UNLV.

>> The Warriors return home tomorrow morning, completing 11 days on the road. They head out to play at LaTech in a game a week from Wednesday.

>> Defensive tackle Vaughn Meatoga and wide receiver Jovonte Taylor both suffered sprained ankles. Thy are day-to-day and both are expected to be ready for the LaTech game.

–By Dave Reardon

5 Responses to “Weigh in on big plays”

  1. kev-1:

    I am going to go the other way with this one. As much as I liked about what I saw UH do with their offense, despite GA not realizing he had such a cannon for an arm on a few overthrows, I think the game came down to what UNLV did to start the second half. They had a nearly 9 minute drive to open the half, and the UH defense just seemed gassed for the rest of the game. Aside from the mistakes that prevented UH from sealing the deal, I think that played a significant factor.

  2. kev-1:

    I may be mistaking when that 9 minute drive was, but none the less, I think that was a big deal.

  3. Edward:

    I believe that the defensive play calling cost the game. Play after play, blitzes were called (particularly on third downs), leaving our defensive secondary one-on-one with their receivers. This was especially true on the game winning drive. UNLV continued to pick up most all blitzes and convert important downs. It was also apparent that the 6’6″ UNLV receiver would be the target for the game winning TD. Why was he not jammed on the LOS giving the DB some help?

  4. jabba:

    1. not getting into the endzone on the first drive.
    2. not getting any points on the second drive.
    3. inspite of some incredible numbers, missing bradley for an easy td cost us the winning points.
    4. l davis leaping and mistiming that long bomb. this play not only cost us six points but it was all the coaches needed to pull him from the game and insert the smallish hopkins who although in great position all the time just couldn’t battle in the atmosphere the big wr’s of unlv.
    5. the other two biggest plays have to be the early losses of fonoti and falemalu who were unable to compete.

    special note: give credit to the unlv qb, he made so many plays when it seemed we contained him.

  5. jabba:

    okay, one more significant play.

    when meatoga went out with a sprained ankle there went our inside pressure. thereafter, aside from heun’s sack. we gave the qb too much time and room back there.

    btw, i thought that heun should have gone for the “strip” first.

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