Iceman Talketh … Big preps donation

September 28th, 2009

Dan Kelly, the self-styled “Iceman,” completed his UH football career as the program’s third-leading scorer. He will forever be remembered for his game winning kicks at Nevada during the Sugar Bowl season. He will also be remembered for speaking his mind. Many of you will think this soccer player turned football kicker turned soccer player has put his foot in his mouth after reading this:


The McInerny Foundation made a $100,000 donation today to the Hawaii High School Athletic Association’s fund, Save Our Sports. SOS is an initiative by the HHSAA to try to make up for the state budget shortfall in funds for interscholastic sports through private donations.

A check presentation was made today at the Bank of Hawaii building.

–By Dave Reardon

7 Responses to “Iceman Talketh … Big preps donation”

  1. longboarder:

    Interesting article. What is your take Mr. Reardon? Do you think his words are twisted?

    Its too bad he feels that way. I liked the guy.

  2. MauiSlugbug:

    An interesting read. Kickers are kind of eccentric, don’t you think?

  3. Duke:

    Looks like someone needs to check the definition of “self-styled.”

    Pretty sure everyone calls him that, including this publication. In fact Mr. Reardon himself even said “Iceman” was his favorite UH nickname of all time.

  4. Howulikedemapples?:

    Iceman was more hype than anything…..Was definitely Ice Man in Nevada…but I’ll take Elam and Ayat..anyday of the week…TEAM….So much for not making the program look bad

  5. dreardon:

    Congratulations Duke, you win! I looked it up and you’re right. Self-styled would be if no one else calls him that. I do believe, however, that the nickname was self-given.

  6. dreardon:

    Longboarder, I have mixed feelings about this. I admire anyone willing to speak his or her mind, and Kelly often did while he was a UH football player, too. On the other side of it, people who are part of the program and others close to it probably feel betrayed. It is, however, sometimes good to be reminded that everything isn’t always sunshine and lollypops at Manoa.

    Depending on your perspective, when people speak out like this it is either a sign of immaturity or courage of conviction. Take your pick. I’m not sure yet where I come down on it.

  7. Warrior Dave:

    Can’t get the site to open. I think Iceman took it down. Have a great time in Louisiana Dave! Eat some Po Boys for us.

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