Picking against the road underdog

September 30th, 2009

Does anyone remember the last time Hawaii won a football game as a road underdog? I can’t. I think the record in that situation is not very good.

I have to stick by my preseason predictions (since they’re right so far) and LaTech wins tonight. Here’s why: UH has not proven it can stop the run; Central Arkansas, Wazzu and UNLV all ran on the Warriors. Why won’t LaTech? Fonoti can’t play both sides and is rusty, and Falemalu will be a great player, but right now he’s a relatively light pass rushing end. UH’s lack of depth at tackle could also tell on it late in the game. Were 10 days enough to cure UH’s red zone offense woes? LaTech’s losses are to Navy and Auburn, so throw the records out the window. Two very good UH teams (2003 and 2007) barely escaped from Ruston with wins, and the 2005 team led by Brennan was crushed. It is a tough place to play at for Hawaii, although the Warriors have won 2 out of 3 there, they’ve been outscored overall.

–By Dave Reardon

10 Responses to “Picking against the road underdog”

  1. uhwarriors:

    We beat Fresno on the road last year when they were ranked. We must have been underdogs in that game.

  2. John:

    Maybe coach Mack can borrow Shoji’s defensive players. At least they know how to play DEFENSE! Better yet hire coach Shoji to coach the team. He’d probably do a better job. What a joke. Talking all big and then falling on their face on National TV. CHOKE!!!!!!

  3. BigIslandKurt:

    Dave-re-domous, The man who could see tomorrow. lol.

    Just like you called it.


  4. Borkin:

    You were right on the mark with your prediction about the game and about not stopping the run and the lack of a red zone offense. Maybe they should have tried a play action pass when they were 2 or 3 yards from the end zone. One of the plays looked like pass interference on Pollard in the end zone. Does Mac call the defensive plays ? He should let Cal Lee call them and be a true defensive coordinator, not in name only.

    We need an offensive coordinator on the sidelines. Do many teams keep them in the booth ?

  5. Oahu Portagee:

    You called it right on the money, Dave! You must have a crystal ball or something.

  6. dreardon:

    No crystal ball. Just an educated guess based on seeing it happen before.
    Some teams have their OCs in the box, but more on the field, I think.
    I was thinking maybe a QB sneak could’ve worked at some point on the goal line, but then again LaTech’s got that big stud D’Anthony Smith clogging the middle.

  7. tod:

    in the redzone — on the goal line– can’t they put funaki in at qb? run a little option, qb sneak, roll out pass or run it in?

    when colt was playing, they had an option run designed for him.

  8. kev-1:

    I read somewhere that Coach Mack said the team doesn’t need to think about football until Monday. . . WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! Are your kidding me? They should be doing suicide sprints up and down the practice field all day friday, watching film on how not to tackle (see UH vs. LA Tech 9/30) first half of Saturday, and practice tackling the rest of the day Saturday. On Sunday the team should rest and go to the Church of their choice and pray to the God of their choosing that their tackling and play against the run improves, then Monday start getting it right.

    It’s time to Lou Holtz some of these players. Grab them buy the face mask and rip into them.

  9. 310 Warrior Alum:

    A few things to say:
    1. Red zone offense stinks.
    2. When you win the toss, why differ? Get the offense on the field first and set the tone. Why do you want to tire your defense so soon!
    3. Although no one wants to say it the quake and tsunami affected our players a lot more than La Tech.
    4. Coach Mack and the defense should take to heart what Porter said and have more fight for the games ahead. Here is a chance for the defense to rise.
    “We saw on film that they weren’t good tacklers and we took advantage of it.”

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