October 18th, 2009

Deep down, I don’t care about wins and losses. But what really affects me is when I like or respect someone and they get seriously injured. I don’t claim to know Rodney Bradley very well, but I’ve interviewed him twice and was impressed by a rare combination of politeness and confidence. So I was shaken by the terrible injury he suffered yesterday. I hope he’ll have a full recovery.

The play that he was injured on was definitely one of the biggest in the 35-23 loss at Idaho. Also, the failed fake field goal. I’d like to read others you have in mind, and your thoughts for the rest of the season.

–By Dave Reardon

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  1. Warrior Dave:

    The injury to Bradley sickens me. I agree that sometimes someones character means more than wins and losses. Good luck to Rodney for a complete recovery, how ever long it takes.

    I like the idea of a fake field goal but it doesn’t look like it was “sold” properly. I think the Coaches should look back at all of our successes in the red zone during the JJ years. Crossing patterns, QB sneaks behind our highly regarded centers and option pitches, etc. The second Noke offense ran the exact same play as the first. should have used another wrinkle to really get the defense thinking…

    Not as many drops this week but enough to kill our momentum and drives. On the other hand, 3 and 25 and the Vandals make the first down because our Safety broke coverage and tried to make a play? Poor judgement on his part as it led to another Vandal score later in the game.

    I don’t think we have the personnel on both sides of the line to be successful. The Coaches have to do a better job of recruiting or getting more out of our players.

  2. UHM92:

    Overall, I have to say I think the Warriors are playing decent. Yes, we’ve had a lot of injuries, simple mistakes and yes, I question some of the play calling in the Red Zone recently. But despite that, I have been rather impressed with the offense overall and Brian Moniz and I remain hopefull that he’ll develop into a great QB.

    My concerns however are more with the coaches than the players. I already mentioned the play calling. But more so, where’s the D? If Coach Mack brings a wealth of defensive experience to the table then why are we having such a problem on that side of the ball? Injuries and penatlies aside, why does it appear that we are struggling so much on that side?

    I hope to see some turn around here soon. 4 in a row is bad enough, but we have Boise State and Nevada next. I’d hate to see this turn into a 6 game slide and then finish the year with tough games against Navy and Wisconsin.

    Great schedule and great potential, but I’m concerned that Mack isn’t quite the coach he was built up to be. How much leeway does he get with the school before change is the topic of discussion???

  3. Warrior Dave:


    One more thing. I don’t understand why the coaches choose to go with a sideline kickoff. We got burned twice yesterday and I believe both times it led to TD’s. One time we kick it deep and the runner got tackled inside the 25 yard line!!!

    Kick deep and if you get burnt, then try to be creative.

  4. Kalani:

    What is telling in the last few losses has been the lack of good line play. The offensive line is not quick enough to slow speed rushers and not talented enough to sustain blocks for longer pass routes to ripen. They’re also not quick enough to open rushing lanes for running backs. The net effect is a short passing game that slowly gets shut down as the game wears on.

    The defensive line is also weak, especially at the tackle positions. They do not play “stout” against the run – in fact, they do not play low at all, allowing opposing offensive lines to push them aside for gaping running lanes. Needless to say, there’s no push up the middle on obvious passing downs, allowing the quarterback to step up in the pocket and read his newspaper before letting the ball go.

    The fact is, these guys were not starters last year because they were not quick enough and strong enough to start. Until the line play on both sides of the ball improve, the team will continue play in fits and starts, unable to sustain a good game.

  5. kev-1:

    Truly sad about Bradley. I wish him the best in his recovery.

    As for plays, offensively I thought the Warriors were decent, despite dropped passes (particularly the one in the endzone). It is this defense that is killing us. Who is to blame? Coach Mack is defense guy, but is it his fault or Cal Lee’s? Then again, it isn’t the coaches out there missing all of those tackles.

    And by the way fellow Warrior fans, did Saturday’s loss really mark the moment when we officially replaced the Idaho Vandals as the scrubs of the WAC?

  6. Sickman Fraud:

    Best of luck to Mr. Bradley. You are one of this season truly good surprises.
    As for the biggest surprise, the decline of Warrior program. Remember how we wished the bottom of the WAC teams would elevate their game to bring the WAC to a higher profile. Well Idaho has done just that, however as Kev-1 stated have the Warriors replaced them? In these tough economic times I’m sourly reminded that our coach is being paid $1,100,000. Is he worth it? I hope so.

  7. John:

    I would dare you all to make it down to the Na Koa Luncheon. You can watch the game film with one of the coaches. By watching the game film you can see what was called and what the players did. Often, you will find the players missed their routes/assignments. You’ll find the correct plays were called, but at this point we lack serious experience on the defense. Add to it lack of depth and a depleted healthy defense, you just hope the light turns on for some of these guys and they start playing to their full potential. It’s going to take a bit of time. You can scheme a good defensive game, but if its not executed properly the mistakes will be exposed.

    I counted and watched BM’s passes in the beginning of the game. I thought he was excellent. He threw two away, tons of dropped passes. He made a quantum leap I thought. He will be a very good QB for us. The plays are there on offense, execution and ball security need to keep being focused on.

  8. Dan-O:


    As I mentioned at another site, the offense needed to deliver this past Saturday. 4-5 key plays a game determines the outcome. With our defense struggling, all we can hope is that they make 3-4 stops a game, which they did. This then puts the burden on the offense, which must capitalize and score.

    Getting first and goal TWICE….and getting just 3 points was the big difference for me. We could have been up 21-14 at halftime, with the ball starting the second half. Put another score on the board (either 28-14 or 24-14), and Idaho would have been playing catch-up, forcing them to throw more.

    Our defense needs to force teams into throwing situations, which best utilizes our blitz schemes and defensive personnel. But when the other team is up by more than a touchdown, they will be content to just run…..and we’re not good at stopping the run. This makes any pass play look even that much better, with no pass rush.

  9. Manoa Mist:

    Agree about Bradley, seems like a nice kid with talent. He’ll be back.
    Tried to warn you about Idaho Dave-O, but still five out of six picks is still better than I could do. Kalani is right, UH just cannot stop the run, and if you can’t stop the run, you get run over.
    Positives: Moniz is smooth, just gotta get some boys in there who can actually catch the ball. Play calling was much better, mixing in the run finally…
    Negatives: UH may not have the horses, but you’d think Mack as a defensive specialist would of done something about the weak d-line play. Maybe there’s just nobody else to throw in there, and they gotta recruit better next year.
    Another positive: hoops team looks good. You get a hot scoring guard in there with Flemings, and with all the big men UH has coming back, UH could have a really good year. On to basketball!

  10. BigIslandKurt:

    Bradley is from the T-X. I’ve visited on many an occasion. Manners, politeness and respect are still taught in texas. Well, at least for black folks it still is. “yes ma’am, and Yes sir” are a part of how kids are raised in the T-X. It’s like a ‘whole nudder country down there. Don’t mess with TExas and by all means get some Papa deau’s and Wattaburgers when in country.


  11. protector(nee guardian):


    What you said about Rodney Bradley resonates with me. He struck me as having a great attitude, good work ethic, was humble but confident & was one of the truly clutch & big-play players on the team. I’m sick at heart also and more than a little miffed at Keo, although some may see that as being harsh. People may want to play semantics and say it wasn’t a leg “whip” & was an inadvertent leg “trip”. I felt Keo knew he was burned 7 not in a position to make a standard play so decided he was going to use his body to stop him in whatever way possible. Some kind of contact may have been unavoidable, but the WAY he made contact showed me that his intent was not to avoid it.
    Enos’ mistakes really show how much special teams can affect outcomes (esp. in the last 2 games). The ineptitude about kicking out of bounds twice (was it?) was unbelievable & Coach Mac passing on the field goal attempt was probably more of a no-confidence vote for Enos.

    I understand the injuries have affected the O-Line & D-Line play. I’m hoping he puts in a lot of blitz packages because he can’t let the absence of a pass rush allow Kellen Moore sit back there all day. I shudder at that possibility. Would’ve been nice to Have Mouton, Veikune & a few others for another year, huh?

  12. 310 Warrior Alum:

    Best wishes to Bradley. Hope he and all the injured players (Alexander, Satele, Rausch, etc.) a speedy recovery without any lingering effects, although some are season ending. Hope that this helps to bind the team together and make them play with more intensity.
    I usually listen to all the games in the computer, but did not get a chance to listen to this one. (Being in LA, I forgot about the time difference). But from all idications, once again the red zone offense failed, we lost the turnover margin, second half offense sucks, and the defense failed when it mattered the most. Coach Mac is suppose to be a defensive genious. What happened? Chances are that we won’t have a winning season and won’t be in a bowl game this year. Maybe it is early but these are things that we should consider:
    1. Get ready for next year by playing some different people, especially on defense. This would give an opportunity for some other players to shine and have game experience for next year.
    2. Brent Rausch was suppose to be the original back-up, before he broke his pinky. He was also suppose to start against Florida last year. He was never really given a chance to show us what he can do. When he is healed and ready, why not give him a chance to start. He may be your quarterback for the rest of the season and next. This would give Moniz more time to settle into being a true starter.
    3. Give guys like Salas more opportunities to help improve his stock for the NFL draft.
    4. Mac and staff should be scouting some defensive people with potential.

    How can this hurt, when we are the cellar dwellers of the WAC. Whatever, the coaching staff decides to do I wish them well.

  13. wininisallthatmatters:

    Are we going to go winless in conference play and also for the rest of the season?
    It’s all ’bout the money. Is the team going to make any money or are they going to lose money this year?

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