Murphy’s SOS event raises at least $100K

October 21st, 2009

Don Murphy came through again. The proprietor of Murphy’s Bar & Grill organized a midweek downtown block party Wednesday to raise money for Save Our Sports (the Hawaii public schools drive for donations to keep interscholastic sports going).

It was a huge success, as athletic department staffs, businesses, entertainers and around 100 volunteers got together to stage the event. Counting was still going on last night, but Hawaii High School Athletic Association executive director Keith Amemiya said it cleared at least $100,000. The SOS fund is now up to $1.2 million, enough to keep the sports going this year.

“I don’t want to say we met our goal, because it’s an ongoing situation,” Amemiya said. “It’s amazing how much people are willing to help even though everyone is suffering now with the economy the way it is. As Don Murphy said, Hawaii people are the most generous in the world.”

–By Dave Reardon

4 Responses to “Murphy’s SOS event raises at least $100K”

  1. margaret murchie:

    Don Murphy and his wife are true local heroes. They continue to selflessly give back to the community. Their restaurant rocks too.

  2. dartist:

    Ate at Murphy’s once or twice and enjoyed the food and service. But knowing how much Murph gives back makes me want to go to the restaurant much more often. I support men and women of aloha!

  3. Warrior Dave:

    Two winners in my opinion. Great job Keith and Murph!

  4. Joe Edwards:

    Years ago, Don Murphy and his wife, Marion, were named to the Star-Bulletin’s “10 Who Made a Difference” list. I believe this was after the very first Pigskin Pigout. In researching the story, I found out many of the other great things Don and Marion were involved with at the time. When I talked to then-UH football coach Fred vonAppen and told him why I wanted to talk about Don and Marion the first words out of Fred’s mouth were, “No one could be more deserving.” Enough said.

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