Wrong side of 54-9. What now?

October 25th, 2009

Is there any hope of pulling out of the throes of a 2-5 start to the season for the University of Hawaii football team?

Five losses in a row. Injuries mounting. Tough road game at Nevada looms.

What now?

–By Dave Reardon

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  1. wes:

    Hey Dave,
    After sitting thru most of last night’s painful game I don’t know??? In rare spurts they seemed to play ok. Sometimes forcing a punt or two. Even holding BSU to a field goal. But after another injured QB, turnovers, dropped passes, bobbled returns, punts that go for a few yards, penalties, etc., well I just don’t know!

    On the plus side…QB protection from the OL was pretty good, maybe the best this year. And as Coach Mack said players played their hearts out and never gave up. Fan turnout wasn’t too bad either and made some noise early on.

    After watching this past spring game and then seeing them play WSU, it seemed this year would be an improvement over last. I guess lack of depth and injuries are just too hard to overcome. I’ll still be at the Navy and Wisconsin games to cheer our Warriors on. Hopefully, like against BSU, I’ll be able to endure the pain.

  2. Oahu Portagee:

    What now?

    Nothing. I think most would agree that a bowl game is out of the question – maybe not statistically, but realistically. Nevada will give them a beating. So will Navy and Wisconsin.

    My question is this – Where’s the accountability? When one gets paid OVER $1,000,000 to coach a SPORT, one BETTER produce. Let’s face it – as challenging as coaching a football team may be, it ain’t brain surgery.

    If a State of Hawaii custodian does a lousy job – not keeping the bathrooms in his facility clean, always forgetting to replenish the toilet paper, and not emptying the office rubbish cans, you can be sure that he WILL face consequences. For those of us who have a job, we are expected to do our jobs and to get RESULTS. Basically, we have to do what we were hired to do. If we don’t do it, we get fired.

    Coach Mack is getting paid ONE FREAKING MILLION DOLLARS!!! Wrap your brain around that figure people! ONE MILLION DOLLARS!! With that kind of pay, he BETTER produce!!

  3. Reality:

    The reality is there is no hope left this season. There is nothing to salvage. The boys MIGHT win against Utah St and New Mexico St. Don’t hold your breath.

    Hawaii Bowl will be hard hit. Lucky I did not buy tickets at the beginning of the season.

    The boys have to fight their way through the rest of the season and take their lumps….coaches too. Coaches need to get their act together.

    This season is disheartening to say the least.

    There is hope for next season. I hope to get better seats…

  4. dreardon:

    Wes: Nice you can find positives, the team needs loyal fans like you.
    OP: I touch upon that subject a bit in tomorrow’s column.
    Reality: What about San Jose State? I think they might have a chance there. I think 5-8 is still possible if they buck up.

  5. kev-1:

    Dave, great article in Further Review about Mack having to turn it around. As you hinted in the article, Coach Mac is starting to insult his team and the fans with the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. We shouldn’t have to listen to one of the most overpaid state employees basically scold us as fans for wanting more out of this team.

    I do not doubt that the team didn’t give up, but how hard are they really playing? If they were truly playing like they expected to win, don’t you think they would catch more of the balls thrown their way, or tuck the ball away a little better? Trust me, I am no UH hater. I am a dedicated fan who has just come to question the disfunction that seems to characterize this and last years team (although I give last years team a pass).

    I am tired of listening to the false positives from Coach Mack. I am especially tired of reading his lips tell everyone “good job” as they return to the sideline after giving up a score or turnover or kicking a 1 yard punt. How about some tough love? Why not admit, like JJ often did, that we are not a very good football team right now?

    As far as what’s next? I would love to agree that this team reaches 5-8, but I just have a really tough time doing that. I really think that this team has the potential to lose the rest of the way. And I put that on the coaches, not the team.

    So, if you haven’t quite picked up on it yet . . . As a fan, I am insulted.

  6. Bigislandkurt:

    What now?

    Endure Hardness like good warriors.

    Maybe one more chance for a win this year. Maybe.


  7. GulfWriter:

    Well Dave, we just have to suffer this season and hope it passes as quickly as possible. I’ll give Coach Mack the benefit of the doubt this season. But he has to turn it around next season. If not, then the public has to press Hinshaw to buy out Mack’s contract so the program can move on under new leadership. But if Mack and his staff can turn it around, then he should be allowed to run out his 5-year contract. But in the end, its time to start a new program away from the run and shoot. Mack does not have the staff to do that. I like the “pistol” that Nevada runs.

  8. joshua kinney:

    In my opinion, UH was in a state of panic when JJ left. UH Admin. believed they had to make a quick decision which was a easy political choice but not the right one.

    I would have opted for a 3 year deal with incentives for the new coach. With that type of salary and a nationwide search I am sure there would be more qualified candidate applying
    for this coaching position.

    In all honestly, do you think UH will have a 9 win season in the next couple of years?

  9. stopDArail:

    U.H will not win another game untill they play INOKE FUNAKI. I dont know what the coaches have against this kid but its obvious they dont like him. INOKE FUNAKI is the BEST QB THEY HAVE AND SHOULD OF OPENED THE SEASON AS #1….THEY WILL NOT WIN UNTILL THIS KID STARTS!!!!!!!

  10. Oahu Portagee:

    I don’t always agree with what you have to say; however, the one thing I’ve ALWAYS appreciated about your commentary is that you speak your mind, and you do your best to be objective. If a UH team/coach deserves to be complimented, you compliment them. If a UH team/coach deserves to be questioned and criticize, you’re not afraid to do that also. I thank you for that – that’s the very reason I continue to read your columns.

    Unlike Bobby Curran. On the radio this morning, I heard him say, “Hawaii’s offensive and defensive lines acutally played pretty good against Boise State…In fact, I’d say they played the best they’ve played all year.”

    I’m thinking “Huh???” In a 54-9 beating, there are NO POSITIVES. When one tries to look for “positives” after a 54-9 butt kicking, that’s not being “optimistic”; that’s being ridiculous.

    I think that’s where many people are getting frustrated with Mack. He keeps saying stuff like, “We played our hearts out and our guys never gave up.” Positive thinking and talk are great, but, after a while, it gets a little old, and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Like Kev-1 mentioned, at least June Jones would say stuff like, “We’re not playing very good football right now.” Coach Mack’s perpetual “positive attitude” is starting to wear on people. Maybe he needs to start telling his players, “You guys are playing like a bunch of…”

  11. Willy:

    Without a great college QB UH won’t be going to any bowl games for quite some time. The WAC is all about TD’s and UH just doesn’t have what it takes right now to score them. Having a “systems” QB doesn’t sound quite so bad now!

  12. 310 Warrior Alum:

    Obviously, the team isn’t going anywhere this year. Five wins will be a stretch. When June stepped down and they hired Coach Mack, I didn’t know what to think, except he was being paid way way too much. It’s too late now and we would just have to live with it until his five years are up or if he resigns. The truth is that we don’t have the players and probably the coaching that sustains a good team. Most Hawaii fans, like many other fans, are fickled in that they’ll show up if Hawaii has a good team, but will do other things once they go bad. In order to make money, Hawaii needs to be a winner. On the mainland it is diferent. The fan base is greater and very loyal. Coaching is a great part of it. You don’t see teams like USC and Boise State really skip a beat, after they change coaches or with injuries to major players. It’s the reputation of the Schools and the selection of the coaches that can recruit the right people. There are nol excuses like: “We have an entirely new people on offense.” or We have an entirely new defensive starters”. That’s no excuse. We need to suck it up and players need to play harder. Coaches have to make better selections of players and play calling (on offense and defense). Since this season is somewhat lost, we should get more people involved in playing so that we can’t make the excuse next year. Maybe we should run the ball more, using Wright-Jackson and Greene. The opposition would be surprised, if we ran more. Don’t forget that we do have a few good players.

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