Yankees in 7, Eldredge services set

October 26th, 2009

I think these teams are quite evenly matched, but will go with the Yankees because I feel their starting pitching is a little bit more solid and A-Rod has been playing like what he is — the best player of his generation.


Services for Punahou sports legend Dave Eldredge are Sunday, Nov. 8 at the school. 11:30 a.m. and then 3 p.m. in the gym.


Monday’s weekly media gathering with UH football coach Greg McMackin was relatively uneventful.

Coach McMackin did say for the record that he is “not considering” any changes in staff or their assignments.

He said that will be evaluated a the end of the season.

–By Dave Reardon

6 Responses to “Yankees in 7, Eldredge services set”

  1. Its over:

    Do you think he has “considered” that Ron Lee has been 8-7 as a play caller for him, while Rolovich has been 1-5?

  2. lori:

    Why am I not surprised?
    The word Adjustment is neither in MACs vocabulary nor an entity of his mindset
    He simply goes with the flow….and gets swept away….why dither?
    He has five years and a golden parachute, thanks to the atty that’s on our booster club.

  3. disarray:

    this team is in total disarray! thanks to Mack’s lack of leadership! he is one confused person!! time to RETIRE already…. before TOTAL dimensia sets in…

  4. mpadello:

    It’s up to Jim Donovan now………to evaluate Mac’s performance………..doesn’t seem to encouraging……..Mac’s reasons/excuses for non-performances sound like a social worker explaining why the “boys” have made “nine” turnovers in Boise game……..Hmm…..Hmmmm……..but isn’t Mac a “nice guy and coach”……is that what Hawaii really wants for $1.1 million dollars a year???? For me…..give him 1 more year than “yank” him…..sorry Mac……I love u like a dear friend….but “business is business”….and u have not shown your taking care of “winning business”……


  5. Blackdragon:

    I believe that Mack is in way over his head on being a Division 1A Head Coach. He has also surrounded himself with some very incompetent assistants (Brian Smith, Lumpkin, Miano, Cal and Ron Lee). Incompetent at least at being D1A asst. coaches. At the end of the season, I really hope that Mack get rid of those fakers and go after some REAL coaches.


  6. Paco:

    I think he gets at least 3 years. Let’s not forget JJ went 3-9 in his 2nd year with a loss to Portland St.

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