Ostrowski observes hoops practice

October 29th, 2009

This is a topic that comes up a lot: Why isn’t Miah Ostrowski on the University of Hawaii basketball team?

Well, the short answer is that he’s a slotback on the football team — and football is where he has his scholarship.

But he’s a third-string slotback. And the basketball team is short of healthy guards.

The 5-foot-9 former Punahou star attended basketball practice this morning, strictly as an observer.

Afterward, he said he is interested in playing hoops (but not at the expense of football). He hasn’t spoken with football coach Greg McMackin of this desire. Basketball coach Bob Nash said he would welcome Ostrowski, but only with McMackin’s blessing.

A problem would be that the football and basketball teams now practice at the same time. Ostrowski was able to attend this morning’s basketball practice because he is not on the travel roster for the football team, which is in Reno for Saturday’s game at Nevada.

–By Dave Reardon

2 Responses to “Ostrowski observes hoops practice”

  1. Alice:

    Wonderful to hear about this great and talented athlete. I appreciate his respect for the football team. I would love to see him on the field or the court – he was so very entertaining and talented in high school and brought out a lot of fans and support for the game (s) !! Best wishes to you Miah and to UH Football and Basketball

  2. Rainbowbballer:

    Dave, I read the comments in the Advertiser story, many of the fans were asking where has there been changes from last year. No 3 point shooter, too many turn overs, Did these fans attend last nigth’s game?? and Did they go to any live games last year.

    No 3 point shot, same as last year, Well if you were at the game last night. It was same as last year, none of the New Players were in uniform, so why would there be a noticeable change. BUT, there was a sutle one, Hiram looked comfortable taking they 3 point and most Importantly, Hiram looked healthy(37 minutes with pressure, great stuff).
    The turnovers were accetable, in the light of the let them play officials, too loose, lucky no injuries. One negative note, Petras B. STILL COMPLAINING TOO MUCH, the referee not going to change, and Petras under the rim “please dont pass the ball, take it up, take the shot, you must too have a great senior year, PLEASE!! Amis lookes in condition, Flemings get healthy, cause the other teams will want to abuse you!! Too the coaching Staff, the chinese boy, Ji, looked good, aggresive and in not bad shape, Advise to Ji, get in shape, mid range game and stay aggresive, both offensive and defensive, the crowd watches you and soon the coach will have to play you, cause in my eyes you do have the nose for the ball. Work on your passing too. Once again to the fans last night was just Last year’s IN SHAPE, PASSING WAS BETTER, but still last year’s team.

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