Manley to NMSU, Blaze signs with agent

December 21st, 2009

Leilehua quarterback Andrew Manley told me today he has committed to New Mexico State.

Manley led the Mules to state championships as a sophomore and the final again as a junior.

Hawaii had been among the schools that offered him a scholarship. But the offer became a grayshirt offer when UH got a commitment from Kevin Spain of Paradise Valley High in Arizona.

He said New Mexico State is his only offer.

“I’m not disappointed. I understand how college football recruiting works. They do what they have to do,” Manley told me today. “I feel very fortunate to have a scholarship to play college football at New Mexico State.”

He also said there’s a benefit to going to a WAC school.

“I get to come home every other year to play at Aloha Stadium in front of friends and family,” he said. “That is a great bonus.”

I think UH missed the boat on Manley and should’ve given him a full ride, no questions asked. At 6-feet-3 and 220 pounds, he is plenty big and has a big arm. His footwork is extremely underrated. This may come back to haunt the Warriors, especially with NMSU being in the same conference.


UH linebacker Blaze Soares has signed with the MAG agency. Wynn Silberman is his agent. Silberman also represents Jake Ingram and Solomon Elimimian.


–By Dave Reardon

22 Responses to “Manley to NMSU, Blaze signs with agent”

  1. cuttlefish:

    what is UH thinking!!!! Manley is the best QB prospect to come out of the islands since Timmy Chang. Like you noted Dave he is plenty big and can make all the throws, But to me his biggest attribute, is his ability to raise the level of play of others around him. UH is going to regret this.

  2. jabba:

    no he was offered during his junior year and he put them off. meanwhile, mack n co. moved on. and yes he needs to work on his feet.

  3. kev-1:

    Don’t know about many of the details (or rumored details) about Manley’s recruiting process, but I agree with Dave on this one. Manley should be at UH. UH has TOO MANY tiny QB’s in the wings. Manly would have been a nice addition. Don’t forget he was part of a very select group of QB’s at a QB camp this past off season that included Montana, Barkley and others. I’m sure he learned something there. Hope he doesn’t torch us in the future.

    I just don’t get it. People complain about local boys going away, yet here you have a very good, underated local boy that wants to play here and they send him packing. ????????????????

  4. Dave Reardon:

    Jabba, I know he was offered by UH … but that went away when Spain committed. And his footwork was pretty good from what I saw.

  5. uh fan:

    this is a shocker, i can’t believe UH is letting this guy go. I have a bad feeling about this. Manley is 6ft 3, big arm, big quarterback, and yet Mac lets him go. It is true, he went to a QB camp with Elite QB’s and yet we let him go. I can’t believe it

  6. 808Chef:

    WOW! It’s obvious some of you have one track minds. Bottom line is…UH offered and he didn’t jump on it thinking he was going to get more. He didn’t and UH moved on so why blame UH? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming this kid either. I congratulate him for getting a scholie. All the best to him. NEXT!

  7. Paco:

    I’m no talent evaluator and only saw him play on TV a couple of times, but size and arm strength doesn’t necessarily translate to success in the UH offense. The three most successful UH QBs in recent years (Rolo, Chang and Colt) didn’t really have the size nor cannon arms and were successful. One thing I did like about Manley is his presence and poise and his leadership ability. To me, the fact that he was at that elite QB camp and only was able to get an offer from UH and NMSU says a lot. There must be holes in his game because I bet the rest of those QBs in that camp got multiple offers. If jabba is right and UH offered him as a junior it sounds like Manley was waiting to see what other offers he could get which is his choice. Good luck to Manley!

  8. protector - nee guardian:

    To ‘cuttlefish and ‘kev-1′,

    This is NOT a situation where UH made a dropped the ball. This was STUPIDITY on Manley’s part (NO ONE else)! UH offered him a scholarship LAST YEAR, but he IGNORED it. What was UH supposed to do?? He was expecting more offers, but it backfired on him.

    I’m glad! I don’t want any players that aren’t “jacked” to become Warriors. Actions speak louder than words. His ignoring of the offer showed that he was interested in the UH offer only as a last resort or back-up. Screw that- I don’t care how talented he is.
    It’s more likely that he was afraid of the competition with Moniz, Austin & Rausch entrenched at the top 3 with Graves, Neilsen & Schutter coming in.

    Why doesn’t Manley “man-up” and be honest about why he DIDN’T take UH’s offer a YEAR ago??

  9. J-Dog:

    Manley gambled and the UH train left the station. Simple as that.

  10. ted:

    UH already has choke QB’s on their roster. Why waste another scholarship on a little better than average QB? Use it for the O-line or D-line. That’s our immediate need. It does not matter who is under center if we do not have a top-notch O-line. You could put Peyton Manning back their and we’d still struggle without a good O-line.

  11. Ron:

    Well said Paco and J-Dog. Before we create more anti-Coach Mack sentiments, we need to understand the whole story. The reality is that there is a lot more to this than what appears at the surface. Manley was not very highly recruited. Hawaii offered a scholarship and was willing to take a chance on Manley. Manley kept waiting for better offers but none materialized. The lack of scholarship offers should give us a picture of how the rest of the college world evaluated Manely. He is a good quarterback but UH already has a stable of good quarterbacks. For UH to have held out to offer Manley a scholarship, Manley needed to be better than the quarterbacks they already had. I don’t think Manley was. By mid-season, UH needed to move on because they received a commitment from an Arizona high school quarterback who is rated higher than Manley. Only time will tell. Who knows, all this backlash may cause the UH coaching staff to reconsider and offer Manley a scholarship.

  12. Manoa Mist:

    Gotta agree w/ the J-Dog. Manley would of been a nice get, but UH can’t wait forever on the guy. If he’s as good as so many folks seem to think, why only one DI offer?

  13. roysan16:

    To Manley’s credit and integrity he could have accepted Hawaii’s offer in his junior year. Or Hawaii’s offer this past Summer and still allow himself being available to the highest bidder, like a lot of other recruits do that end up reneging on their verbals. But he didn’t.

    The interesting answer that I would want to hear from Manley is what were the details of his scholarship offer from Hawaii prior to the announcement that K. Spain verbaled.

    I think it’s more of Hawaii missing the train than anything else. I think that when Hawaii’s opponents tailor their defense (Wisconsin’s defensive players stated this fact in a Wisconsin paper) to the short passes, knowing that the Hawaii QB has a hard time throwing the long ball. Then the Hawaii’s coaching staff will have realized, then, that should have done whatever it took in securing a commitment from a player like Manley.

  14. Warrior Dave:

    Alot can change in 2 months. Maybe a BCS will offer and Manley will change his verbal. I like his size but you can’t expect UH to wait forever, especially when we are loaded with QB’s.

    According to stories I’ve read, UH said first one to commit gets the scholie.

    Good luck Manley.

  15. kev-1:

    Seems like alot of people are pissed that Manley didn’t accept when he was offered a year ago. HELLO? HE WAS BARELY A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL when he was initially offered. Why should someone have to make that decision so soon? Why not wait to see if you get other offers?

    I don’t think its a crisis for Hawaii missing Manley, but I think they should have given him a better look.

    Protector – calm down and take it easy on the kid. Anyone who has football dreams owes it to themselves to lool outside of Hawaii. It is a sad fact but true that you get more looks if you play on the mainland. Why do you think the Pac-10 is loaded with so much local talent. If Hawaii were in the Pac-10, guaranteed the local boys would stay home.

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