That’s how you run and shoot

December 25th, 2009

Several UH fans have commented to me in the hours since the Hawaii Bowl that they’re glad the Warriors didn’t get to play SMU … because they would’ve been smashed by the Mustangs, who dominated Nevada 45-10.

I think I agree. Unless Hawaii would’ve forced some turnovers, the Mustangs would’ve handled the Warriors on a day when June Jones’ team fired on all cylinders — offensively and defensively.

Most of SMU’s two-deep are freshmen and sophomores, and a blowout bowl game win will help solidify another strong recruiting class. Translation: SMU should be a Conference USA championship contender in the coming seasons, maybe as soon as next year.

–By Dave Reardon

4 Responses to “That’s how you run and shoot”

  1. joshua kinney:

    Dave- you are right. SMU would have blown out the Warriors in their own Bowl game. The fans of course would be taking their frustration & anger out on UH current Admin, coaching staff . SMU have alot of positive things to look forward to while the Warriors are still trying to find themselves and mostly likely headed toward a downward spiral.

    In addition, the talent pool for SMU is so much greater than Hawaii.

  2. Sickman Fraud:

    The underlying story of the Hawaii Bowl was a tale of two teams and one wasn’t even in it. Sadly with the current makeup of the Warrior staff I’m not sure if the Warriors can get back to the glory days of a Jones-led team.

  3. kev-1:

    I miss June Jones.

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