Hoop (bad) dreams

February 21st, 2010

I can understand how it’s been hard for fans to get behind, or stay behind, the University of Hawaii men’s basketball team this season.

If anything, the Rainbows have been a study in inconsistency. What started out as promising turned into disappointing for two major tangible reasons: Bill Amis’ foot injury that knocked him out for the season, and the inability of talented guard Dwain Williams to get with the program.

The biggest intangible has been what clearly appears to be a lack of consistent desire to play the game the way it’s supposed to be played by some members of the team. Some say you can’t blame that on coaching. I say you can and should, because coaches are charged with bringing in players they can work with and motivating them. It’s not like there’s a GM or someone else above the head coach recruiting the players.

Yes, injuries have become a major problem. But starting the season with just three scholarship guards was rolling the dice with bad odds.

Lack of consistent effort and desire is a problem where accountability falls on the players and the coaches.

–By Dave Reardon

16 Responses to “Hoop (bad) dreams”

  1. kev-1:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. The lack of desire on the court is directly related to coaching. I think a lot of us were looking for something different when Riley left, in regards to his discipline style, and were excited with the helm of Nash. I for one thought the looser discipline of Nash compared to that of Wallace would lead to kids having more fun out there on the court and actually showing the fans what they could do. I WAS WRONG!! There is no reason that with the amount of talent (supposedly) that this team has, we have the record that we do. It’s embarrassing. I was one of Nash’s strongest supporters when people were calling for him to be fired last year. No longer.

  2. mac fan:

    Akana would be good choice

  3. Bobby:

    Nash has another year in his contract – so UH would have to buy him out, right?

    Combine that with the murmurs that the alumni like(d?) him and that he gets out there and raises funds for the department, I’m not sure Nash is out.

    That being said, the play is uninspired, the coaching looks the same. With more than one player that were clearly problems coming in, and another now looking to salvage the idea of a pro-career at the expense of the team, the ‘bows will be lucky to get another win this season.

  4. Keanu:

    Totally agree with you whole heartedly. Another problem is that Nash won’t make any changes to the roster. He plays the same players game after game with the same results. Why not do something else? And why is the only two players he won’t play the two boys from Hawaii. If we’re gonna lose, at least play the local boys. Let’s see what they can do on the court, I’m guessing it can’t be worse then the rest of players have been playing.

  5. roysan16:

    Eight game skid. Laughing stock of the WAC. Laughing stock of the faithful UH fans. Dwindling attendance. Uninspired play and coaching. No team chemistry. Repetitive lapses. Excuses, excuses. Equals bad dream merging into a reoccurring one. And the nightmare begins when JD gives Coach Nash a pass at the end of the season. Just my gut feeling, hopefully I’m wrong. But watch and see. As one poster from WSN put it JD has no eggs, which is another way of putting it, but none the less it may be prophetic if he doesn’t make a change. A year from now with Coach Nash it may be a bigger skid. More ignominy. More bad dreams.

  6. rainbow66:

    roysan said it all, this basketball program is in the toilet going into the sewer, Nash needs to go now not later.

  7. Eddie:

    Dave, again, is right.
    A college coach’s job is to go get players who can and will play for him.
    I don’t go to practice, so I’m not akamai about the roles that Nash has asked the players to play, but it appears there is no team butt-kicker. It can’t all come from the coach. On every team, you have to have one or more players who help keep everyone else in line.
    An old high school football coach/friend of mine told me a long time ago “You need a couple pricks on your team.” Not to undermine the coach, but to smack the slackers around when they need it.
    Who is that guy for the Rainbows?

  8. Chicks Rule:

    How about going for high visibility and hiring a very sucessful NCAA woman’s head coach to coach the Bows. Imagine all the publicity Hawaii would get and I’d bet she would probably do a better job than the current HC.

    Something to think about, JD……

  9. Chicks Rule:

    O.K. it has to be a FEMALE NCAA Woman’s HC….for clarification. Anybody see “Wildcats” starring Goldie Hawn. Same concept, different sport and level.

  10. mac fan:

    I cannot even bear to talk about this season’s team. That’s how low the program has gone. I feel like we are back in the dark ages of the program when Frank Arnold was Head Coach.

  11. Nah:

    Comparisons to Nash is an insult to Frank Arnold. What will be really sad is when Nash is gone he will leave the the next coach with nothing to work with. Even June Jones had some players to work with when Von Appen left.

  12. Donald Barns:

    Just drop the ball past the center of the rim! Focus on that instead of an area above the rim, backboard or the backspin peripherally. I’m sure Nash or Riley didn’t understand this concept. Aloha Nash!

  13. ted:

    If you are in the AD’s shoes the question that needs to be asked is whether or not the basketball team has a better chance of improving under Nash next year.

    UH will lose its best player and several other big men. If Nash is back, Dwain Williams probably will not be back either. It will be hard for Nash to recruit legitimate players for next season if there is no guarantee that he will be back the following year. If you were a player, would you want to play for a coach that might be gone the very next year?

    20 plus years of loyalty and service to the university as a player and coach does warrant some leeway. But if you are the AD and you care about Nash, letting Nash coach his final year on the contract is only putting him in an unfavorable situation and setting him up for more failure.

  14. dartist:

    No, the dark days were when UH was 1-26 after Pitino and O’Neil messed things up. This is nothing.

  15. kev-1:

    Chicks Rule – do you have someone in mind? It would seem intriguing to a high profile candidate looking to get a shot in NCAA mens hoops.

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