First reaction on Gib Arnold hire … Matt, Jet, Sean on MM

March 19th, 2010

Gib Arnold was being marketed for the Hawaii basketball coaching job weeks before it even opened. Not sure I like that. One thing I do like: his energy. Arnold’s going to hit the ground running; he may have started working already … don’t be surprised if he’s already got a bunch of recruits lined up to join him in Manoa. … We’ve known Arnold got the job less than three hours, and I’ve already spoken with several people who are unhappy with the pick. Let’s see what he’s got first.

–By Dave Reardon


Matt Furuto was 24 for 32 in the first round of March Madness. Here are his choices for Round 2, followed by some comments from Matt.

Kansas over Northern Iowa, Maryland over Michigan State, Tennessee over Ohio, Ohio State over Georgia Tech, Syracuse over Gonzaga, Butler over Murray State, Xavier over Pitt, Kansas State over BYU, Kentucky over Wake Forest, Wisconsin over Cornell, New Mexico over Washington, West Virginia over Missouri, Duke over Cal, Texas A&M over Purdue, Baylor over Old Dominion, Saint Mary’s over Villanova.

The first round proved that the gap between the supposed “Cinderella” teams and teams from power conferences is obviously closing.  The strongest conference throughout the season had proven to be the Big East, until 2 days ago.  Supposed powerhouse Georgetown was sent packing by #14 seed Ohio screwing up many brackets.  Meanwhile sleeper teams such as Louisville and Notre Dame got knocked out as well.  If the first round taught us anything, it was that no seed is safe.  One of these days, we will definitely see a #16 seed take out a #1.  It’s a lock.  Best of luck to everyone in round two!


Here are second-round picks and comments from Jet Wong, who got 25 of 32 picks right for the first round:

Kansas, Michigan State, Ohio State, Syracuse, Pitt, Kansas State, Duke, Texas A&M, Baylor, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, Tennessee, Murray State (editor’s note: due to DR’s screwup, Matt’s picks were not made before start of St. Mary’s-Villanova).

It’s going to be interesting to see if Ohio can continue its run and beat Tennessee. I know I picked Villanova for the 2nd round  but I think St. Mary’s can pull it off with how vulernable Nova looked against Robert Morris.  BYU-Kansas State could turn into a shootout like the Florida-BYU matchup and I think I picked Kansas State in that matchup and believe they’ll pull it out in the end. Also if ODU can slow down the game (they seem to be doing that most of the year) and make Baylor play at their pace, they have a good shot at winning even though I chose Baylor.

And teams have got to hit free throws to win. Georgia Tech won today with the defense but also they hit 24/25 free throws which is a major improvement since they team averages about 65% on the year.


Here are Sean Eyman’s second round picks:

Kansas, Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio State, Syracuse, Butler, Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Washington (“I just like Washington in this matchup (against New Mexico”), West Virginia, Duke, Texas A&M (“the injury catches up with Purdue here”), Baylor, Villanova.

71 Responses to “First reaction on Gib Arnold hire … Matt, Jet, Sean on MM”

  1. MichiganWarrior:

    With so many others in the mix, my initial reaction is one of disappointment in having to go with the “Hawaii Connection”. He’s a young cat, so in that regard, he may be able to connect with recruits easier. But, he’s not coming from a proven winner, like some of the other available choices. Maybe it’s all about the (low) money, and the fact that deep down inside, he wants to make right his family name.
    Obviously, there are lots of factors that went into this hiring, because there are many who are, and will continue to be, skeptical about this one. Hopefully, he will prove all of us doubters wrong. I admit, I was also extremely supportive of Coach Nash in the beginning, and that hiring proved disastrous. New offense coming up… we’ll see how that goes!
    No matter what, he’s our new guy now, so all I can say is Aloha and welcome to UH… and good luck, Warriors!

  2. sharkabrah:

    Really Dave?!? Wow I’m stunned.

  3. Sickman Fraud:

    Did you think JD would have chosen anyone except the save bet? Coach Gib, why? Why not Coach Smith? His credential are much impressive than Coach Gib’s. Does Coach Gib really bring the WOW factor to our program. A fired assistant coach! F@$k Punahou and their alumni. Did JD shake in his pants when told he had to hire Arnold or else? Hope I’m wrong but I won’t be surprised if another Arnold leads the Bows down the path that was blazed by the other Arnold.

  4. longboarder:

    I wonder if things would have been different if St. Mary’s lost their first game. Could it be that Kyle Smith’s price went up after that first win…it would have gotten higher with a win today….and since he would be tied up with St. Mary’s success in the tourney that is what prevented him from getting the job????

  5. Kendall:

    I don’t get why people don’t like this hire. I love it.
    Three reasons:
    1) excellent recruiter ( more importantly international recruiting
    connections in Europe & Africa). Smith doesn’t have this.
    2) uptempo coaching philosophy. Would bring a more fan friendly
    game to spectators.
    3) understands Hawaii living here in the past. No culture shock,
    will have an easier time adjusting (this is important ask trapasso about this)
    but more so will be a great ambassador nationally, but had
    success as a head coach.

  6. Old School Dave:

    Personally, I felt that based on coaching resumes, Kyle Smith or Ray Giacolletti should have been chosen as UH HC. I have problems or questions with applicants who are currently unemployed, not just in sports jobs.

    Once and for all, did Punahou money and influence play a role in Gib Arnold being selected as UH HC? If it’s true, then this very troubling. Hopefully this question can be answered and rumors can be put to rest, one way or the other. UH coaching hires have always been plagued with politics and I hope this isn’t another case of this.

    Anyway, gotta support Coach Arnold.

  7. Spk96:

    Does this have anything to do with being in the Pac-10?

  8. Bigislandkurt:

    I’m with you DR. At first, I was turned off by what seemed to be the Punahou power move. But as time moved on, I was able to see GA as one of the top candidates. I’m willing to give him a chance. He was on the hotseat before actually landing on the hotseat. I want a winning basketball team so all I can do is support him. I hope he is able to recruit us a Dikembe Mutombo.


  9. A:

    Happy or Unhappy, good topic for a blog but does it matter?
    I believe Smith was the safer hire and ran an offfense more suited to “winning” games ….
    At this point it is what it is. All we can do now is support the team and see what happens.

  10. mac fan:

    I’ll give him a chance but with St. Mary’s kicking butt in the tourney, I am deeply disappointed with the non selection of Kyle Smith. If this was a done deal from the start because of a bunch of Punahou grad boosters, I will deeply shocked at JD.
    I am hoping the Arnold has a stellar career as HC at UH because I want to see the basketball program win again. But if this is the wrong choice, we all will be looking for his head with Jim Donovan’s soon after.

  11. mac fan:

    Hey Dave,
    Can they change the sub headline saying that Gib Arnold is going to “follow in his father’s footsteps”? I don’t think I can handle another 11-45 record head coach again. LOL

  12. Thomas:

    So, in his first big test, Donavon hires a guy who was part of a scandel ridden coaching staff instead of a guy who is currently coachng a small mid-major team into the Sweet 16.


  13. andy:

    whats with all this stuff about pressure from Punahou alumni? was there any? probably. but Donovan knows that his job is on the line with this hire. a good hire will build his legacy as UH AD, and a bad hire will make his name mud. he won’t let a bunch of Punahou grads tell him what to do, if he had any cajones.
    besides, head to head, Arnold has a better basketball resume as a coach and recruiter. look it up. any new basketball coach at UH is going to be in a tough spot. no way to say how any of them would do until they actually do it. good luck, Coach Arnold. you’re going to need it.

  14. 310 Warrior Alum:

    JD should wake up and smell the coffee! There was a reason why AG was unemployed. Bringing in a guy with a cloud over his head, little head coaching experience and really unproven has got to be one of the stupidest moves of an AD. Maybe JD got some Mayo. How I wish for the Fab-5 days. I guess we won’t be seeing that for a while.

    Come to think of it, what new coach has JD hired that is really doing well? Maybe, we really need a better AD.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  15. lori:

    It’s obvious JD made a deal and he made it early….if Arnold is successful it will work like a charm for him. If Arnold fails, JD should resign or be fired. There is no gray in this selection, it is black or white. When 2012 comes around and MAC’s contract expires post season, either Donovan will be on hand to name a new coach or he will be joining MAC in the unemployment line….it depends on Arnold’s performance over three years. Period.

  16. Rainbow Fan:

    Punahou has money, so Donovan has to lean towards what Punahou people want, since
    they contribute to the UH Athletic funds. St. Mary’s people haven’t contributed much to the UH funds.

    Red Rocha was 50 – 117 in the seven years from 1963-64 , with one winning season in 1967-68, before the Fabulous Five years of 1970-72.

  17. andy:

    do some of you know anything at all about basketball? i mean, some of your comments are just plain ignorant. Donovan has to lean towards what Punahou people want, a deal was made early to hire Arnold? really? where’s the proof? must be insider information cause i sure haven’t heard anything about it except for ignorant rumors like this.
    and 310 Warrior, you guess you won’t be seeing the Fab 5 days anytime soon? brah, we ain’t seen Fab 5 days for 38 years. where you been? and by the way, most assistants who are promoted to head coach have very little HC experience and are unproven, duh. did you think we would get a proven HC from a big conference, or any conference for that matter, for what we are willing to pay? get real.
    and in case you “fans” didn’t know, and i use the term “fans” loosely, that as HC of Southern Idaho CC, GA sent 19 players to D1 colleges in two years. eleven of those players went on to the NBA. that may mean nothing as far as being the HC at Hawaii, but i’m at least willing to give the guy a chance, something some of you bozos aren’t doing.

  18. A:

    lol, some of these comments are amazing…


    Bad choice. What Punahou boosters graduated from UH? They are at the USC tent when SC is in town to play UH!!!

  20. haroldwah:

    Well said “Andy says”! Could’nt agree with you more. I’m amazed that bloggers think that this one pick by AD is his make or break deal. Are you kidding me? So far AD’s pick of Coach Wade MVB is working out very well. The jury is still out on WBB coach. I do love the mindset and scrappiness of this team. We shall see next year if their is any improvement in the win lost column. I hope she does well as I hope for all UH Athletics.

  21. Eddie:

    I initially thought “typical, they go with the Punahou guy,” too, but if, as Andy says, Arnold recruited 19 players that went to D-I schools and 11 who went on to at least have a cup of coffee in the NBA, that’s the kind of recruiter I want on my team.
    It’s all about the players. Good players make coaches look good. Period. If Arnold can get players to come here, play great ball, win the conference, go to the NCAAs every year and stay off the police report: Fabulous. I don’t care who the money influence is.
    You think Nick Saban got to be football coach at Alabama on his good looks? Big-time college coaches are all about the money. That’s why they get the shoe contracts.
    On the other hand, Andy, have you forgotten that UH went to the NCAAs twice in this decade? They might not have been the “Fab 5 days,” but they sure as heck were the Fab 2. Savo and English. They went to the NCAAs TWICE. The Fab 5? Once, last I checked.

  22. lori:

    folks, dont get so ruffled with opinion. Everyone has one.
    Im Not so worked up with the Punahou contribution. It’s common practice around the country to buy influence–the ultimate decision rests with UHAD. Jim Donovan, alone, stands to look good or fall on his sword. He is paid to make these decisions. There were more negative factors in the Bob Nash hire, including his ability.
    Gip Arnold is a calculated risk, true. But so are the others given the money available. Frankly, I would have liked the Northern Colorado Coach who was tested under extreme financial shortcomings plus non-program recognition, yet still managed to produce a winning program in relative short time. Yet, JD’s decision is the only one that counts. He selected Arnold. Time will tell whether Donovan’s selection was instinctively correct or ill-advised judgement to prioritize Bob Nash’s buyout over a better selection. Whatever happens, it will be remembered as Donovan’s call–every piece of it.

    Fans should hope for the best outcome in UH basketball fortunes.
    Congradulations and best wishes to Coach Arnold and nothing less than a winning record.
    Go Bows!

  23. protector (nee guardian):

    Since the choice has been made, I’ll support the efforts of the new HC because I want UH to WIN & win big. Like ‘lori’, I favored Boyle(?)-at least I think that’s who she was talking about. As for the selection process, I thought it was a joke that Mahar got an intervieww, but Bryant didn’t. Forget the crap about a lack of college coaching experience. Bryant represented the wow factor which would’ve yielded recruits & high visibility. Boyle was a successful coach as is Smith (who might’ve given us an Aussie pipeline). I’m willing to see if our coach can deliver on the recruits. That’s the bottom line on how quick a turnaround can be effected. He already has the buy-in from Johnson & Amis. But if Amis, Johnson & (Ganot’s recruit) Coleman are the outstanding players in the coming season, then we will know that all the hype about the new coach is baloney & Nash should’ve been retained. If the aforementioned players are eclipsed by talented newcomers, all the better!

  24. Michael Nakade:

    Lots of comments on “Punahou influence.” Huh? Just a pure speculation. Not worth dispensing my energy on this topic. UH AD and the search committee decided that Gip was the best candidate, and their decision deserved some merits. After all, none of us (fans) interviewed anyone. We don’t know how each candidate performed during the interview. This new hire will be called a great hire if the team wins again. We must hold our judgments for now. Let’s wait and see. Three years ago, Nash was considered a good hire. Do you remember we chanted, “We want Nash!” when Frazier was trying to find Wallace’s successor? It turned out that it was a bad hire because Nash couldn’t win. How can anyone predict that Gip will be just like his dad? A prediction like that deserves no merit.

  25. Wes:

    From listening to coach today it was evident his strength is recruiting not coaching. However an average coach with great recruits should trump a good coach with average players. The proof will be in the pudding in year 1 with what he brings to the table. Anything less than good would give a reasonable gauge on whether we are on or off the right path. One thing is for sure JD’s feet are definitely on the coals:-)!

  26. MichiganWarrior:

    I think, as the dust settles, we are seeing more and more how enthusiastic and energetic Coach Arnold is about being our next head coach of men’s basketball. This topic was posted just mere hours after hearing he was named as our head coach, and with such limited info on the whole process, our initial reaction was justifiably on the cautious side. Now, we’ve seen a press conference, as well as a candid interview, in which he discusses his style and philosophy in offense, defense, and recruiting. I’m not expecting too much this first year, with a limited time in developing depth on the team. I am, however, expecting our team to show more life, more desire, more determination, and battle from start to finish.
    We have a new coach. The initial shock is over. It’s time to once again show support. If the players and fans buy into his philosophy, we can once again have a successful program. We’ve shown that we can pack the SSC with Wahine Volleyball. We should be showing the same support, no matter what, in every other sport UH fields a team.
    By the way, he said his full first name is Gibson, after the last name of one of his father’s friends.

  27. Chicago boy:

    I’d bet most of you folks posting these stupid comments about Coach Arnold and the Punahou influence have NEVER even coached basketball ( or even played ). Kyle Smith MIGHT have been a more popular choice but St. Mary’s is still in the dance so we would have had to wait at least another week and who said he was the next Phil Jackson anyway? GIVE THE MAN A CHANCE !

  28. mac fan:

    I think most of you need to relax about negative comments regarding the head coach selection. As I read all of the comments, they all have a common thread to support the HC, regardless of who it is. So why get bent out of shape if we want to criticize the choice JD made?

    I hope Gib Arnold becomes the most successful coach in UH history. I do however think they made too much of his recruiting abilities. Recruiting for USC is like recruiting Hawaii peeps to go to Vegas or eat at a seafood buffet for free. Easy sell… As for the St. Mary’s and Northern Colorado candidates, recruiting is probably as difficult or more than they would find recruiting for UH. These guys will go after the best talent available considering that UH is never gonna get blue chip players.
    Also, they don’t have the pressure of the past history the Arnold name has at UH. Is this going to be too much of a monkey on his back?
    I hope that these issues dont bite UH hoops in the rear end again.
    I hope for the best.

  29. r shigeta:

    it appears that this hiring was a “fix” and shibai. you have the selection committee made up of bankers, financial advisors, a lawyer and a professor of which 3/4 of them are Punahou alums, none them have any basketball experience, you have the UH boosters with the money most of them are Punahou alums and Gib Arnold a Punahou alum. The AD was forced into hiring this coach by these people. Kyle Smith from St Mary’s whose team is headed for the sweet 16 was a better choice. nothing will change and UH will continue to dwindle in the lower tier of the WAC standings.

  30. Manoa Mist:

    Look, we got Arnold Horshack as our coach and we just need to live with it. As long as he don’t Welcome Back Mr. Kotter (Daddy), we got to give the dude a chance.

  31. 310 Warrior Alum:

    Andy – all I was saying was that was the good ole days. We haven’t fielded many good teams since. Since I moved to the mainland, after graduating at UH, I haven’t seen many UH games, because they don’t show them here due to the sad records. Alumni here would love to watch more games, but in order to see them UH has to do better. It’s the same with football. We still support UH, but it’s difficult. I’m sure there was someone out there out of the 50-55 people that had better coaching skills. Being at USC and recruiting is not as difficult as in Hawaii. There are a lot of people banging on your door because it’s USC. I hope that he really did not have anything to do with the OJ Mayo incident. We definitely don’t need that! Not having met the person, I don’t know if he is just a smooth talker.

    Just my thougths – As for the ramblings about Punahou connection, what well known Punahou athlete has gone to UH? I don’t recall of any at the top of my head. Very few, most of them go to USC, Stanford, Notre Dame, etc. Also, Hawaii highschools don’t really have the basketball talent that there is on the mainland. Even on the mainland, it’s the East Coast that announcers usually say where the talent is at. Whatever talent we have, usually in football and golf move on to mainland schools. So why would there be such an influence from Punahou Alumni?

    Basically, Hawaii needs the support of it’s alumni and companies throughout Hawaii. If we field just mediocre or bad teams, college sports in Hawaii won’t survive, especially with the ecomony. Just human nature says that one will support a winning team versus a losing team. Hawaii volleyball is doing great (men and women). We need also to better our education system, so people will stay. Where we don’t have the homegrown talent, we need to look at way outside the box to recruit talent that will bring the maximum out of the talent and bring honor to our school, so other talent would want to attend. Football and basketball should be the cash cows for sports.

    In closing, although I have my doubts, I hope that he will suceed. (and don’t judge him by his father record)

  32. lori:

    DR, are you privy to any of the major terms and conditions negotiated between JD and Coach Arnold?
    Hawaii had to buyout Herman Frazier, squabbled with Jim Bolla and forced a one-year buyout w Nash. We are stuck with MAC for another three years regardless of performance.
    UH contracts always have bonus clauses for coaches–what about penalty clauses for subpar performance based on won-loss record? Frequently, when a major coaching performance turns sour in Manoa–it affects the program for years bc the damage is severe– leaving a devasting financial fallout.
    Contract provisions pertaining to performance, whether, reward or termination,
    are important stuff to be made transparent to our tax paying public.

  33. Rainbow Fan:

    Heard on the radio that Takahara-Dias’ goals set by Donovan, I presume, are to be competitive in year two and to play for the WAC championship in year three. That is a very tall order.

    I wonder what the goals are for McMackin in his coming third year ? If he doesn’t meet them, then what ? Held as strictly accountable as much as Nash was ?

  34. lori:

    Mac can pull a Fred von Appen in the next three years and UHAD wont pull the plug….unless a candidate is sponsored by a strong financial hui that can cover the buyout and a sizeable portion of his salary. Like the BOR advised Donovan–treat it like a business.

  35. EH NO MAKE!:

    Maybe this will be appreciated here:

    The “Punahou Mafia” indeed DOES exist. That’s the reality of the situation. Otherwise, there’s no way, absolutely NO WAY, Gib Arnold would ever even be considered for the job. Fired, same day as Bob Nash was. Not “let go” as some power-puffs like to say, but FIRED. Behind him, there’s a white cloud, not onlt with the O.J. Mayo situation under Tim Floyd at USC, oh, and not only at USC either. There’s “questions”, about Arnold’s recruiting “integrity” at every college stop he’s made. Pepeprdine, Loyola Marymount, Southern Idaho, all of them.

    On the day Nash was let go, fired, the same day as Arnold, Jim Donovan announced at his press conference that he’d raised over a $100,000 via telephone that morning.

    Where the hell do you think he got the money?

    Then the “Advisory Committee”, are you kidding me? Like it wasn’t stacked in Gib Arnold’s favor. Peter Ho, Punahou.

    Burt Kobayashi, powerful attorney, Punahou parent, Punahou supporter, same guy that “stuck it” to UH by writing Greg McMackin’s “iron clad” contract.

    Ernie Ishizaki, a JD personal friend. Without a doubt he’ll back his buddy’s play.

    Oceanic Cable lady, that alone says enough. Punahou parent.

    Anymore anybody wanna here about the “Punahou Mafia”?

    I mean the zoo has an African lion right, the White House has lyin’ African, and here at UH there is NO transparency as promised.

    If I’m wrong JD and UH, then produce the names of the people who wrote checks to buyout Bob Nash. Then produce a detailed budget that would allow the new hire to say such idiotic stuff like “we’ll recruit Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, Europe, China, Australia and Africa.”
    Sounds great, but on who’s dime?
    NO WAY does the University have a recruiting budget to make good on such promises.

    Maybe the “Punahou Mafia” are writing those checks as well…..

  36. Tuss:

    Lori…you sound like a typical Hawaii fan. Support the teams when they win, and complain, talk nonsense, and put down the coach when they lose. Your knowledge of the inner workings of the “process” is amazing too….if I didn’t read this blog I’d be so clueless about the sports scene here in Hawaii . Do us all a favor and buy a ticket, support the teams, and leave the coaching and administrating to the professionals !

  37. lori:

    tuss, you need to chill and say something substantive other than shooting messengers with opinion, that is juvenile and an excuse for lazy comment….you are too presumptious….you have no charter on who is or is not a fan. Lol.
    Other than a reckless-barbed remark based on fantasy facts about me you havent said anything except you drink koolaid and dont question anything above butt-high personal perspective.

  38. mac fan:

    You tell em, Lori! In case you don’t know, Tuss, this is an open forum for discussion, good or bad, in regards to the hire of Gib Arnold. If you don’t agree, no need to be pilau and throw out the insults. We are entitled to our opinions and you are entitled to disagree. Beyond that is just plain low class behavior.
    Play Nice…

  39. lori:

    Wheeler and Farmer are out but rumors buzz about possible Hawaii recruits on the net…stay tuned.
    Arnold appears to be unencumbered and firm in his coaching selections which is a positive read.
    The program needs a facelift–a fresh start and new direction.

  40. Looking ahead:

    The hiring of Gib Arnold as the new University of Hawaii men’s basketball coach

    has fueled a lot of debate.

    But regardless if the “Rainbow Warriors” are considered the “Rainbow Buffanblu”

    by anti-Punahou fans, it’s still a golden opportunity for the energetic Arnold

    to take the program to a higher level and that has many basketball fans from

    around the state excited.

    The start of the Arnold era closes a 20-plus year run by former coaches Riley

    Wallace and Bob Nash, a tenure of blue-collar teams that worked hard. But

    except for three or four standout teams over that time span, including the AC

    Carter/Alika Smith seasons, the Rainbow Warriors were often middle of the pack

    in the Western Athletic Conference and not very exciting to watch.

    Wallace and Nash relied mainly on junior college and international recruits and

    seldom landed a top 5 WAC player who could bring other top talent to Hawaii to

    build a perennial conference contender. UH usually played a “soft” preseason

    schedule and reality would hit when the Rainbow Warriors started playing

    quality teams on a regular basis, especially in the WAC and on the road.

    Also under their leadership, UH recruited few high school players. The majority

    of their players that came in were either fundamentally solid and ready to play

    or got by on their physical talent. There didn’t seem like much player

    development by the coaches and some young players with potential, like Ikaika

    Alama-Francis, fell by the wayside or left to play other sports.

    Wallace’s low-key approach to recruiting former Iolani star Derrick Low also

    didn’t help UH. Washington State was aggressive in recruiting Low from Day 1

    and easily won the lopsided recruiting battle with the Rainbow Warriors to

    secure his services. Can you imagine how many fans would have ventured to Stan

    Sheriff Center to see Low play in a UH uniform?

    That’s why Arnold, known as an outstanding recruiter, has a chance to take UH

    to a new level. He doesn’t need OJ Mayo-talented players with questionable

    character. He needs to bring in quality recruits who can play together in a

    proven system. If he does, the wins will come. Wouldn’t Hawaii fans love a UH

    team that played like a Gonzaga or Butler? Those well-coached mid-major teams

    can compete against anyone in the country.

    Arnold would be smart to include a “teaching” coach on his staff, someone like

    Jarrin Akana, whose background with the Big Man’s Camp and NBA experience would

    help big time.

    Of course, Akana is probably not available. But finding someone who could help

    develop the players’ skills is vital to a winning program. Look at the most

    successful programs in the country and their players develop and contribute

    over their collegiate careers.

    For too long, the UH program has been seen as a glass half-empty. But Hawaii

    has a tremendous upside under the right coach. If Arnold proves he can coach as

    well as recruit, UH could move forward in a positive way.

    Arnold needs to look at the glass as half-full and rising. He’s got a chance to

    turn UH into a consistent winner if he can do it the right way — bring in

    quality players, develop the young talent and play a disciplined system based

    on team play.

    We might not be talking about another “Fab Five” in the near future, but

    stepping up to become a WAC contender would be a welcome change from where the

    program has been for many years.

  41. Dave Reardon:

    Let’s try to keep it civil. So far no one has said anything that would merit a timeout, but it’s getting very close.

  42. jeff:

    Boys & Girls the choice has been made I wanted Kyle Smith . Donovan Wanted Arnold He & his committee will be forever tied to that choice. I just hope Arnold brings back the midnight ohana alot of the students liked it. Good luck to him. He will need it cause i don’t think it was a good hire but time will tell say 2014

  43. dreardon:

    Note: Only one of the five members of the advisory committee to pick the UH basketball coach was a Punahou graduate.

  44. lori:

    DR, it wasnt the committee nor its high school affiliation that inflenced JD–it was the $$$ to buyout Nash that spoke the loudest. This is a small town where associations cross school affiliations and are interwoven through businesses, corporate and institutional board memberships.

  45. Dave Reardon:

    Lori, I know that. I just wanted to try to slow down the spreading of the inaccuracy about the makeup of the committee.

  46. free joana's guide:

    OP: I might be daff (lord knows I have been told lol) but that made totally no sense

  47. Rodrigo Shiminski:

    I cannot feel this article has been made in earnest. Could it be April Fools Day or something?

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