UH football staff changes

March 30th, 2010

The biggies are Nick Rolovich to offensive coordinator, and as the Star-Bulletin reported a few weeks ago, Dave Aranda to defensive coordinator.

Others are Tony Tuioti to defensive tackles, Cal Lee to defensive ends and assistant head coach, and Ron Lee to assistant OC and receivers.

You guys have probably read some of what I think. What are your thoughts?

–By Dave Reardon

13 Responses to “UH football staff changes”

  1. Loyal Fan:

    Thank You Dave Reardon about your Cal Lee comments. You are one of the very few sports writers or boardcasters who isn’t afraid to report the truth. A head coach has to be a good manager which Mack is not. This will more than likely be his last year unless he miraculously goes 10 & 4. I predict 7 & 7 at the very, very best while losing in the Hawaii Bowl.

  2. jeff:

    If the Warriors start out 0-3 u will c groundswell of people ask for McMackin”s head .As i c it they will be hard pressed to make the hawaii bowl .Donavan will have to make another BUSINESS decision These coaches have been underachievers.I still c SMU crushing Nevada now that is real coaching

  3. Mutt:

    Underachievers ! Jones left the team with little depth and the schedule has been brutal for Mac since he took over. I agree they need to finish at least 8-5 or you Pop Warner armchair coaches will again have plenty of hateful comments . How about about buying a ticket, and then going to the game to support the program.

  4. Rainbow Fan:

    Good to allow the defensive coordinator to call the plays. But hope they improve on their
    5th place rank in WAC scoring defense of last year. Also their 8th place rank in red zone defense. They allowed about 30 points per game.

    Hope the Warriors can improve on 7th place rank in WAC scoring offense of last year and last place in red zone offense. They averaged 22.8 points per game which is only about 3 touchdowns. Can Nick handle both the coordinator’s job and the quarterbacks ? June had a separate quarterback’s coach. I think they need more than the usual old run and shoot because the opponents have figured it out already through the years.

    The quarterback position didn’t have consistently good performances last year and the new offensive line this year may cause us to yearn for the line of last year.

    Good to practice hitting more, but they may lose key players again due to injury.

  5. polykracker:

    MAC says that by shifting his coaches around like he does with players he will achieve success. I can say, there was shifting of players, but dont recall the success outcome. Confusious says, you cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit–unless you drink koolaid.

  6. Mac Fan:

    Good news is that Funaki will be back as a grad asst to help out with the QBs. Being the competitor that he is, I think he will definitely help improve the performance of our QBs. Although things didn’t quite pan out for him as a player , I believe that he has a future in coaching.

  7. Manoa:

    This shows flexibility and action orientation on Mack’s part. Remember if follows on from his hiring Gordy Shaw and Torme last year and his reshuffle then. I see him acting to make changes to solve problems even when he might be part of the problem.

    Now just a guess– maybe Donovan it pressing him with one of those questions we understand he has asked other coaches– like, did he ask Mack for “a plan to improve” certain problem areas– offensive play calling, clock management, overall game management and second half adjustments, red zone issues, and defensive problems.

  8. Manoa Mist:

    I kinda agree with jeff.
    Tough start to the season and if UH goes 0-3 (USC and Colorado and Army on the road), the Punahou lobby will be adding up the cha-ching to buy out Mack’s contract. It’ll be a business decision, and Norm Chow’s son will end up coaching at UH.
    You heard it here first.

  9. Rainbow Fan:

    joeeddie in a post yesterday on a regular star-bulletin football story on the coaching changes said UH can’t afford 1 million dollars to buy out Mac. He said we don’t have a T Boone Pickens in Hawaii football.

    So you/we are stuck with Mac whether he wins or loses or doesn’t go to the Hawaii Bowl for this year and another two. That wasn’t a good business decision to give out 5 yr. contract, especially at over 1 million per year. But it wasn’t Frazier or Donovan who made that contract.

  10. Eddie:

    Rainbow Fan,
    That would be a million bucks PER YEAR to buy out Mack.
    And, if they lose to Army (and I can’t believe I actually wrote “if they lose to Army”) they ought to fire McMackin before the team gets on the plane to play Colorado.
    Lose to Army. Say that a couple times. Lose to Army. Lose to Army.
    No, scratch that. If Hawaii loses to Army, UH should be forced to drop football from its athletics program immediately and Greg McMackin, the rest of the coaching and support staff and all the players can hitchhike home.
    Lose to Army? C’mon Manoa Mist, you can’t be serious. You been listening to Bobby Curran too much on the radio? Doc Blanchard and Glen Davis don’t play for Army any more.

  11. jeff:

    It’s Truly a scary nightmare as the Nation will be watching on a thurday night when the Warriors take on USC and Lane Kiffin. What eva tricks McMackin has he better let them loose cause it could get ugly. But Maybe McMackin will step up and out coach boy wonder and his father

  12. machater:

    Mac that **** shouldnt have changed the QB’s from day one, now he get BACHI. He went bowl game 1st cause Funaki and den get our *** kicked by ND IrisH ***. I wish Hawaii played JJ would have been SMU-105 Hawaii-0 more make *** cause dat *** no like follow the Kamaina ways JJ started, dat ******* coach MAC.

  13. Donald Barns:

    6 reps of 225 bench and 20 chinups; that’s, Hawaii’s best. What’s up with that?

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