Coolen keeping cool, other Wahine notes … Ching out

May 26th, 2010

Hawaii softball coach Bob Coolen got “a call out of nowhere” from Cory Myers, the son of Arizona State coach Clint Myers and a friend of Coolen’s. Cory lives near Tuscaloosa and knew of a practice facility the Rainbow Wahine could use. But Alabama coach Patrick Murphy said never mind that, go ahead and use the Alabama facility the teams will play at Friday and Saturday in an NCAA super regional.

Are we surprised by such a gesture? Of course not, not anyone who’s been to Tuscaloosa. In 2006 those of us from Hawaii there for the UH football game against the Tide learned all about Southern Hospitality … which is quite similar to the Aloha Spirit.

Of course that ends Friday on the field when the Wahine and Tide meet up for the right to advance to the Women’s College World Series next week.

Coolen and Murphy are friends from a few years back. Still, there’s nothing that says Murphy had to let UH practice two days on the field the teams will compete on.

“That’s real good, we’re very fortunate,” Coolen said by phone today. “Patrick opened up everything for us, and we’re very grateful.”


Coolen threw his usual 400 pitches of batting practice today.

“I couldn’t wait to get some cold liquids in me after,” said Coolen, who  added that practice was between noon and 2 p.m. He said the temperature was in the 70s, but humidity off the charts.

He said the team was still shaking off jet lag today after yesterday’s long travel from the California Bay Area, where the Wahine won the Stanford Regional.

“We were a little sluggish today, struggled a little at the plate,” Coolen said. “We lifted Monday and traveled yesterday, so that’s normal. It’s good we’re getting two days of practice and we’ll literally be back in the swing of things tomorrow.”


Shannon Antonio, former UH team manager and sister of former players Rose and Joyce Antonio, lives near Tuscaloosa, Coolen said. So Rose and Joyce and their parents and other members of their family are headed there.

Catcher Katie Grimes, who is from Tampa, Fla., also expects plenty of family and friends.

“Katie’s very excited,” Coolen said. “This is the closest to home we’ve gotten her.”


Some folks are surprised Brian Ching, the Kamehameha graduate from Haleiwa, didn’t make the final cut for the US World Cup team.

The  MLS all-star striker was on the last World Cup team, but did not play. He is coming off a hamstring injury he suffered as a member of the Houston Dynamo.

Coach Bob Bradley announced the final team today after cutting it from 30 to 23 players.

–By Dave Reardon

4 Responses to “Coolen keeping cool, other Wahine notes … Ching out”

  1. Palisades Kid:


    In reading your column today regarding Majam’s comments and subsequent “apology”, you really think that Bama’s ace is gonna try to bean her to get a message across?

    I know that something of the “norm” in baseball, but I have always thought of it being quite a pathetic attempt at retaliation.

  2. Palisades Kid:

    Good strategy or Coach Murphy of the Tide.

    Now he can try to scout tendancies right in his own backyard…


  3. dreardon:

    I wrote that COULD happen, which is a lot different than thinking it will happen. I don’t think it will, especially because it would be dumb to put the first batter of the game on base in such a big series. And if you jam Majam and miss anywhere near the plate … Aloha. But even though Bama fans have a reputation for being classy, they’re passionate for their team and it’s possible she might get taunted some from the stands.That’s the price for speaking your mind sometimes.
    From the home dugout? I don’t know, but I don’t think so.
    Yes, smart move by Murphy. In addition to being classy, it lives up to both parts of the maxim of “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” right?

  4. Palisades Kid:


    “Keep friends close and enemies closer”… most true, especially this deep into the tourney and yes I didn’t mean to insinuate you thought it could happen in your column, but it is a possibility.

    The taunting though? Oh yeah, it’ll happen for sure. How vulgar it gets? Who knows?

    Coach Coolen mentioned once that back in 2007, they were playing Grambling State on the road and a few male Grambling fans started taunting Tyleen Tausaga pretty bad. Sure enough she knocked one out of the park and shut them up pretty bad.

    Majam sure has that ability.

    Just the whole taunting thing bothers me more than usual as Majam is such a pure athlete and a better person that in general she doesn’t warrant such lewd behavior, BUT it’s part of the game and she’s a gamer.

    GAME ON!!!!

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