Don’t forget the Sea Warriors

May 28th, 2010

What’s more likely … Hawaii baseball team wins WAC Tournament or Hawaii softball team wins NCAA super regional at Alabama?

I should’ve added HPU winning the Division II softball world series. Here’s a report from John Barry, HPU’s SID, as the Sea Warriors rest up for tomorrow’s semifinal:

St. Joseph, MO  – After a 27-hour trip from Honolulu and two days of competition, the HPU softball team is enjoying a well-deserved day off from World Series play. The reward came after HPU won its first two games, and now sits in the driver’s seat to advance to the National Title game. HPU plays tomorrow, Sunday, at 2:30 p.m. against an opponent to be determined.

While HPU takes part in a light practice and a handful of players receive some much needed rest, a quartet of elimination games will take place at Heritage Park for the right to play the undefeated Sea Warriors.

Timely base running, solid defensive efforts, and the right arm of pitcher Sherise Musquiz have made HPU one of two undefeated teams in the tournament. In 17 innings on the mound – 10 innings in yesterday’s thrilling win over Angelo State – Musquiz has not surrendered a single earned run. “It was nice to be in the winning end of one of those,” said Musquiz, speaking of her two 14-inning marathon loses her freshman season. “The defense has played well behind me which has made my job a lot easier.” Musquiz was a big part of the defense she speaks of, posting six assists including the final out of the game.

In addition to Musquiz’s heroic effort yesterday, centerfielder Kozy Toriano was an equal thorn in the Rambelle’s side. Her diving grab in the seventh inning prevented a gamewinning score, and three innings later she plating the game’s only run to give HPU the win.

After today’s games only four teams will be remaining in the tournament, one of which will play the Sea Warriors on Sunday. HPU will have two chances to grab the win that will send them into Monday’s National Title game.

Two weeks ago HPU embarked on a monumental journey that could end with a National Championship, its first in program history. Today, it would seem, the journey is nearly complete.

12 Responses to “Don’t forget the Sea Warriors”

  1. longboarder:

    With what I had to endure with the football and basketball seasons.
    From Mack’s comments regarding the Fighting Irish and the QB personal leave drama, to Nash’s firing, and loss after loss after loss….

    I say BOTH are likely. We are due. Mark my word.
    Baseball to regionals and softball to Oklahoma City.

  2. mac fan:

    I agree with longboarder. I’ll go a step further and say the wahine win it all!!! Wouldn’t that be great!!
    As a retired Air Force guy , I always “Aim High”!!!
    What the heck:
    Dave Reardon for Mayor!!!!!
    As long as “DJ Mufioke” doesn’t become our next Gov., with Reardon as mayor and “anyone else besides Mufi” as Gov., Hawaii will be awesome again!!!

  3. Capitol -ist/WassupDoc:

    If both teams win today, then the odds are greatly in their favor because Alabama would have to win twice tomorrow while the Whoevers would have to win both on Saturday and Sunday.

    Will not be anywhere near a radio, tv, cell tower, or computer until around 6 pm this evening so I need to go somewhere by 11 am and send off a ton of good vibes.

  4. bowsfan:

    UH and HPU, all 3 will win. Want higher seed or PAC-10 school to lose. Seems that the PAC-10 schools have the in for volleyball and softball tournaments. Stanford gone. Any one want to guess which PAC-10 school will fall next.

  5. Warrior Dave:

    Ohio Gozai Masu from Japan!

    Awesome to hear that the Wahine have advanced to this next regional. I think they are confident and on a roll!!

    Do you believe in miracles???? YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  6. bowsfan:

    Working Saturday, any idea which ESPN station will carry the game, so I can record it. HPU won, 2 more to go.

  7. Frings:

    Is it true that if the softball games are rained/weathered out Alabama gets the “automatic” bid to the World Series?

  8. Frings:

    If so, can anyone say “Federal Court injunction” against the corrupt NCAA?

  9. dreardon:

    Bowsfan: ESPNU

  10. dreardon:

    Tomorrow’s UH-Alabama game is listed as 7 a.m. (Hawaii) on ESPN.

  11. bowsfan:

    2nd UH-Alabama game on right now on ESPN.

  12. bowsfan:

    Wahine SB just a teaser, fillling in until the rain delay games starts.

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