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Il Lupino officially open

February 2nd, 2011

Nadine Kam photos
At the front of Il Lupino, melon slices were being wrapped in prosciutto.

After a monthlong soft opening, Il Lupino Trattoria & Wine Bar celebrated its grand opening Jan. 25 at Royal Hawaiian Center.

After a Hawaiian blessing performed by Kahu Cordell Kekoa, about 300 guests, including a who’s who from the diverse business, entertainment and dining worlds, were treated to an evening of drink and finger foods, mostly various pizzas and crostini.

The restaurant is the second in Hawaii by Wolfgang Zwiener, who’s followed up on the success of his Wolfgang’s Steakhouse with a space devoted to Italian fare. The restaurant also marks the return of executive chef Nic Sayada.

Some Italians in the room took issue with the restaurant’s name, saying “lupetto” is the true word for “wolf cub” or “little wolf” that inspsired the restaurant’s name. I’ve seen both online and I’m not a linguist so I’m staying out of this!

Mushroom-topped crostini. Other selections were topped with tomatoes and basil, and red and yellow beets with goat cheese.

Pizza was also on the grand opening menu, along with deep fried orbs of risotto.

Guests, from left, Mie Kitahara, Dr. Alvin Chung, Terry Hubbard and Reiko Tokushige Rogers.

From left are Al Waterston, Nancy Bernal, Jordan Segundo and a friend.

Leilani Keough with Miss Hawaii International Leilani Soon.

Actor and entertainer Al Harrington with Rosa Navarro-Hoffman.

Mix Cafe downtown – simple and good

September 14th, 2009

When owner Bruno Izzei opened a second Mix Cafe on Alakea Street, he struck up a formula that was just right for the downtown office lunch crowd.

Mix Cafe offers panini made of quality ingredients paired with mixed greens — simple, but good, for about $7.

This is one of my favorite stops for lunch while downtown.

The Portabello with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on toasted baguette is one of my favorites (it’s really important to get a good baguette), but there’s also a choice of tuna Nicoise (tuna salad with olives, capers, cherry tomatoes and Gouda), the Bisteca (medium-rare steak with rosemary cherry tomatoes and Gouda), Simple Turkey (roasted turkey layered with Swiss cheese), the SiSi-QuiQui (rosemary ham with comte cheese) and vegetarian. They all come on a scrumptiously toasted baguette.


The greens — usually mixed in with potatoes, green beans or kabocha, depending on the day — come with a very simple balsamic vinaigrette.

Salad is still in the works.

Beverages include fresh-brewed iced teas, lemonade, Perrier, Coca-Cola (in an old-fashioned bottle) or Waialua Soda.


What some folks may not realize is that Mix Cafe also offers some breakfast items in the morning, including waffles, yogurt and bagels.

Some tantalizing pastries and tarts are also available on the counter.

This is the perfect spot to grab lunch to go, which is packed in a simple, fold-up box.

Simplicity, with quality ingredients — makes perfect sense for a busy weekday lunch.

Mix Cafe
1025 Alakea St.