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Foodspotting comes to town

September 30th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos
Foodspotting’s Fiona Tang with company mascot, Spot. This is Spot II, as the original Spot was packed away in someone’s suitcase and never found.

First, Yelp’s Kristen Whisenand came to town for an eatup at Sushi ii, and on Sept. 27, Foodspotting’s San Francisco-based head of outreach Fiona Tang came to town—restaurant, that is—for a Honolulu Eatup with 26 of Honolulu’s top Foodspotters.

That shows how important Hawaii’s dining community is to these growing social media sites. For both, Hawaii ranks within the top three or four cities, which makes sense given that this is a small community that loves food—such that being the first to set foot in a restaurant is a competitive sport—and the latest news/gossip spreads fast.

Honolulu Foodspotters gave Fiona a list of 34 must-trys while she’s in town, and on her first day here, she managed to try just one, Ted’s chocolate-haupia pie.

Tsk, tsk. Any local Foodspotter would have probably managed to cross off at least five or six items off such a list in a single day!

At town, we settled in for a family-style dinner that came pretty close to offering everything on the menu that night. It was, at minimum, a 14-course dinner. I didn’t count the bread and olives that accompanied the opening charcuterie platter. Needless to say, many of the dishes went up on Foodspotting that night!

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The mealtime camera is essential for Foodspotting.

A beautiful platter of Shinsato Farms salumi: chorizo, soppressata, cacciatore, capicola and coppa di testa.

Baby arugula salad with slices of yakon, a root vegetable, Maui onions and macadamia nuts.

Ahi tartate on risotto cakes, a sort of deconstructed Mediterranean musubi.

Bruschetta toped with a spread of roasted beets, poached tuna, arugula and refreshing ruby grapefruit.

Grilled eggplant with Waimea tomato, handmade mozarella, almonds and basil.

Slow-roasted porchetta and bitter greens with pine nuts and raisins.

Bowl o’ polenta was offered to accompany the pork shoulder.

Risotto with collard greens, topped with crisped pancetta.

Pan-seared opah with local greens.

Kulana striploin with Roquefort butter and Hamakua mushrooms.

Hand-cut herbed french fries were intended to accompany the steak.

Dessert 1 was my favorite, panna cotta surrounded by fruit including papaya, mango, lilikoi and dragonfruit and orange slices.

Apple banana cream pie was also very good.

If I had been hungrier, I probably would have been more enamored of a chocolate pretzel tart sprinkled with sea salt. After such a large meal, lighter worked better.

Chinese street fare at Pop Iroiro

February 7th, 2011

Rae Huo photos

Whenever someone starts a new magazine, I always say the first issue’s easy, but keeping the momentum going is hard. Yet, just a couple of weeks after releasing the first issue of their new online magazine Pop Iroiro, local graphic designer/art director Zakkamono and photographer Rae Huo, have already unleashed their second issue, this time focused on the sights and streets of China.

One of the mainstays of the visually concentrated digizine, whose name literally means “anything and everything,” is Rae’s food shots. Check it out and follow the instructions at the back of the book to learn how you can win Zakka’s Year of the Rabbit sculpture and fortune cookie.

Check it out at

Win this set of Year of the Rabbit treats by visiting Pop Iroiro and following the instructions at the back of the book.