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School plants for the future

April 30th, 2010

FTPF photos

Students created artwork reflecting their fruit associations.

On April 19, Wheeler Elementary School received a gift of fruit trees as one of the schools chosen to participate in “Fruit Tree 101,” a program made possible by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, and Stretch Island Fruit Co., makers of fruit snacks for kid.

The “Fruit Tree 101” program donates fruit trees and shrubs for planting at schools nationwide to address issues such as caring for the environment and proper nutrition, bearing fruit for the respective communities for years to come.

The planting is also supported by the local ‘AINA in Schools Program, an initiative launched in 2006 by the Kokua Hawaii Foundation to connect children to their land, waters and food  to grow a healthier future for Hawaii.

Guided by an arborist, 191 children and 30 volunteers participated in the hands-on fruit tree planting workshop prior to the planting of 40 fruit trees.

For more information about the program or to apply for consideration, visit the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation at

Students don’t need a lot of encouragement to play in the dirt.

Students enjoy one of the result of their labor.

Followup care.

Town marks 5 years

April 20th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos

Town’s David Caldiero, left, and Ed Kenney deliver their thanks to guests and contributors to the restaurant’s five-year success.

Town’s David Caldiero and Ed Kenney celebrated the restaurant’s fifth anniversary with a back-yard ohana style bash in the parking lot behind the restaurant on April 18, 2010. I had to come straight from a fashion show at Halekulani so was a skosh overdressed for the occasion, but it was an all-embracing, anything goes kind of afternoon.

I didn’t realize it was going to be set up festival style, so the first thing I saw, beyond the keiki bounce house, was Sean Priester’s Soul Patrol lunchwagon, where Sean was serving up his black-eyed pea chili, collard greens and cornbread. He’s on the brink of opening a permanent site for his soul food with local flair, near Sabrina’s at the base of Waialae. But the truck will also remain in service.

Then there was the tireless Henry “Hank” Adaniya serving up his Chicago dog, turned Townie dog for the occasion.

People thought I was nuts when I went for the Boston’s Pizza, because pizza is something most people can get anytime, but for me it was different becuase I’ve actually been hitting up the Soul Patrol truck quite a bit. It’s almost in our back yard, parked Tuesdays to Thursdays behind the Honolulu Advertiser building. And I’ve run into Hank quite a bit lately at events as well. And, of course, Hank’s Haute Dogs is another of our Kakaako neighbors.

Then there was cooling off time with Josh Lanthier-Welch and Joseph Welch of OnoPops, a new frozen pop treat, with savory as well as sweet flavors, like P to the O to the G (what’s that spell?) and Ume-Thai Basil. Yum! If you want to check them out firsthand, they’ll be at the Farm Bureau Market at Blaisdell Center from 3 to 6 p.m. Wednesday.

But where was Town’s contribution, I wondered, and Ed pointed me to the pork on a spit just behind the restaurant, with a few hours to go until perfect doneness. The party started at noon and I got there at 2 p.m., but I also had to be home by 6 for a phone interview so I missed the roast pork, which I learned from a tweeting Nathan Kam (no relation I believe) was “the best ever!” And my interview never materialized because the guy had his phone somewhere on vibrate so never checked it. I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again, Grrrr!

Happy 5th Ed and Dave!


Musicians Makana and Taimane goofed off away from the stage.


“Lost’s” Michael Emerson is surrounded by fans, from left, Debra Rego, Sonda Danko and Luana Kuhns. He says he has no post-”Lost” plans save for finale promo appearances and catching up on friendships put on hold for the last five years, and at some point returning to stage.


The Town ohana gathers for a group photo.


Sean Priester takes a break from Soul Patrol duties while talking to Tiffany Sato-Holt.