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Tairyo hosts grand opening celebration

September 14th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos
An assortment of sashimi was among dishes guests sampled at Izakaya Tairyo’s grand opening.

Izakaya Tairyo opened in June, I reviewed it in July, and on Sept. 8, the restaurant was ready to host its official grand opening, with two seatings for a buffet of specialties that included fish flown in from Tsukiji Fish Market.

Most who found their way to the restaurant early were lured by its colorful exterior. The interior is no less colorful in its attempt to recreate the ambience of a Japanese fishing village, down to its humble food offerings and convivial pau hana ambience.

What was offered was just a small sample of what’s on the menu, but the most surprising thing to me is still that, considering the fisherman’s theme, there’s relatively little diversity in seafood served here, but what is served are the types of fish most palatable to a mass audience.

I didn’t stay long enough for dessert, but if you visit, be sure to try the catalana, or frozen creme brulee ($6). It’s yummy!

514 Piikoi St. / 592-850
Open 5 p.m. to midnight daily

Fishermens’ glass floats, lobster cages and fish nets fill the restaurant.

The “Harvest From the Sea and Mountain” basket feeds two or three people with its combination of pork, beef, clams, mussels and salmon. The ingredients are steamed and presented, below.

Miso kushi katsu (skewered pork cutlet with miso) is one of the restaurant’s specialties.

Something to Yelp about

September 14th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos
Emi Hart and Michael Sorenson—who later donned a nametag that read “Emi’s slave”—checked guests into the Yelp party.

Yelp celebrated its first Burstday in Hawaii with Emi Hart hosting a party at Fresh Cafe on Aug. 21.

About 500 local Yelp VIPs and elites were treated to complimentary cocktails and food tastings from about a dozen local food, drink and dessert purveyors, including Soul/Soul Patrol, MAC 24/7, ‘Licious Dishes and Remedy, and a dessert bar featuring sweet treats from Otto Cake, Tea at 1024, and Sunshine’s Cake Creations, whose motto is “Eat Cake First!”

Whenever I see her, Sunshine cake designer Victoria Sgro-Knonpka is always delighting people with her impressive dessert assortment, and this time was no exception. In addition to her usual tiers of 14 different flavors of cupcakes, mini cream puffs and other confections, she was introducing a pineapple-cilantro-lime buttercream version. Look her up at next time you’re throwing a party.

Sean Priester was there with his Soul Patrol lunchwagon, serving up Carolina BBQ pulled pork sliders, Sassy Southern chili and BBQ chicken, and Southern buttermilk fried chicken.

Sylvia Thompson of ‘Licious Dishes was serving delicious, healthy bean-less burritos with a filling of sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, chipotle peppers, green onions, jalapenos and cilantro in a shell of Kula butter lettuce, then topped with grape tomato salsa and cashew-lemon sour kreme.

MAC 24/7 was represented with braised shortribs with a red wine reduction sauce.

Remedy’s Ryan Chang was serving slices of old-fashioned Monte Cristo sandwiches. Very yummy!

These days, you can’t claim to have a dessert bar without the presence of Otto, left, who was offering some of his famous cheesecake, cheesecake sandwiches and chocolatey treats. Helping him was Raleigh Towfer.

Tea at 1024′s Michele Henry, left, was assisted by Kuulei Arruda, center, and Esther Nakamura.