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Radio different for Friday and Saturday

November 30th, 2009

Was just told that Wahine radio will be on 1420 o Friday but switch over to 1080 Saturday because UH football on 1420 Saturday.

Soares shares the credit

November 30th, 2009

Linebacker Blaze Soares was named the Western Athletic Conference defensive player of the week today. He recorded 12 tackles as part of an impressive defensive effort in a 24-17 win over Navy.
“The defense did such a great job it could have gone to anybody,” Soares said.
>> Head coach Greg McMackin said the theme for the defense against Navy was “stay alive.” While it applied to the Warriors’ effort to keep their bowl hopes breathing, more specifically it referred to playing against Navy’s cut blocking.
“What I was so proud of was how well they handled the cut blocks. That was my big concern,” McMackin said. “(Safety) Richard Torres, he didn’t get cut one time. He was using his wrestling moves and different things. Our theme on defense was to stay alive. Don’t get cut, or if you get cut get back up because if you’re not on your feet you can’t make plays and they did a god job of that.”
>> McMackin said the coaches turned their attention to Wisconsin on Sunday.
“Right now they’re scary to look at,” he said. “Their linemen are all 6-7, their running back looks like a lineman. They’ve got a guy that can throw it. They’ve got one of the best receivers in the country. … They’re a good football team and we know it but we’re looking forward to the challenge.”

Matches for Friday switching times and funny notes

November 30th, 2009

I put it up on breaking news a few hours ago but couldn’t get into the blog. Hawaii will play the 5 p.m. match, which is better for them. The host school is supposed to play the late game but SC was trying to say the seeded team should play the second game. Hawaii said, no, that’s not how it works.

After practice today. Shoji checked his messages and had one from Russ Rose (Penn State coach). Typical Rose (great dry sense of humor). Said. Sorry. Good Luck.

I got an email back from SC coach Mick Haley. He said they were caught by surprise that they would be hosting. I believe last year it was either SC or UCLA who didn’t put in a bid but still hosted. Weird if you read the NCAA manual about the bid process. Haley said he was very surprised Hawaii wasn’t hosting. New Mexico coach said the same thing but added that it would have been tough for them to get to Hawaii to play Thursday.

Sorry if your posts aren’t going through

November 30th, 2009

I have to approve posts and I did so for a bunch this morning. Just got back from lunch and I see the same ones needed to be approved. they should be good now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Selection committee

November 29th, 2009

Someone asked …

Courtesy of volleytalk

Terry Gawlik, University of Wisconsin:
Tel # 608.265.498, email

Christine Dawson, Pacific-10 Conference
Tel # (925) 932-4411, email

Cindy Gannon, American University
Please help fill in….

Keith Gill, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Please help fill in….

Nona Richardson, University of California, Davis
Tel# (530) 752-8669, email

Janie Penfield, Brigham Young University
Tel# 801-422-7306, email link here

Laura Tietjen, Kansas State University
Tel # (785) 532-7953, email

Crista Troester, University of Tulsa
(918) 631-3507, email

Dawn Turner, Big South Conference
Tel# (704) 341-7990, ext. 22,
(include topic and staff recipient in subject if known)

Diane Turnham, Middle Tennessee State University
Tel# 615-898-2938, email