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KFVE and volleyball

November 29th, 2009

Nothing official yet but been told KFVE looking at going to SC.

No joy in Wahineland after NCAA show

November 29th, 2009

Hawaii plays Friday and Saturday.

Although Karch did a nice job today, ESPNews did a poor job of going over the bracket. all the Tiger Woods stuff cut into the time (IMHO) they were suposed to have. show was 10 minutes late and Hawaii didn’t know where they were playing until 10 minutes after the show was done. They were holding out hope that they were hosting since they’re the only seed on that side of the bracket.

A lot of disappointment on the coaching staff’s side. Florida State … same record as Hawaii 28-2 … although the NCAA isn’t giving Hawaii credit for the win over DII BYUH. FSU’s only decent win was over Illinois, the five seed. They’ve had bad losses and have beaten no one.

Hawaii swept Stanford (4 seed) and UCLA (9). lost to Cal in 5 (8), a match they should have won. Shoji is not happy at all. said there is no reason for what was done and thinks Washington (6) has an easy path to the final four.

Off to make travel plans. Oh well.

UH men vs. Stanford

November 28th, 2009

Caught the end of the final match today. Stanford A beat Hawaii A in 5. Lawson took over in Set 5 to lead the Cardinal. Hawaii A beat Stanford A Friday in five. Both coaches very happy about where they are at.

Daniel Rasay has joined the Stanford staff as a volunteer assistant. And Kelly Ong is doing stats for the men’s team. She’s also coaching at Iolani.

From what I saw, Jonas is going to be a really good play. Nejc set him too much at the end and he got stuffed 2, 3 times when it was pretty obvious where the ball was going to go. I know the UH players were happy with how they competed against what many are considering the preseason favorite. They had chances to win today’s match, and they did beat them Friday.

Rawson was on the mainland for family reasons. He’ll be back. Wade was very happy how much the team has improved and knows they’ll be better with Rawson.

Stanford won’t be here for MPSF play. Believe Hawaii opens the MPSF at Stanford. Stanford coach said one of the reasons he wanted to play here this fall was for his seniors, especially Kawika Shoji.

Selection Show Sunday 10 a.m. ESPNews

November 28th, 2009

Thanks to Stanley Ching for making me go look again at the programming guide. What I thought I had seen on  was the show on ESPNU .. It is on ESPNews.

Stanley and I hear the same things from the same very reliable sources. Doesn’t look like UH will host. That’s very sad. They’d make money coming here but it’s just too short of a turnaround for teams to get here in time for a mandated practice Wednesday.

thoughts on UH hosting?

November 27th, 2009

just throwing it out there for discussion. I think it will be a hard sell, sadly, for Hawaii to host. there is such a quick turnaround for teams after Sunday’s selection show, to have to fly to Hawaii and play Thursday. If it had been a Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday schedule, chances would have been much, much better. It would be nice if they would reward Shoji for hitting 1,000th with this. They make it very hard for Hawaii to advance when forcing them to stay on the road potentially for three straight weeks. other teams have the chance to go back home between the subregional and regionals. or, in the case of penn State, they have gotten to stay home until the final four for a number of years. It’s sad that Hawaii is penalized for playing in the WAC. Shoji schedules as tough as he can but then has to ride out two months of very low RPI teams play each other. NMSU losing to Idaho did not help.

I’m not holding my breath that they’ll host. heard from several non=UH people who have very good contacts that it won’t happen.