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Early Christmas present, S-B has Wahine special in today’s paper

December 24th, 2009

Hope you enjoy it.

If any of you live off-island, and send me your address, I can try to mail a copy.

Does anyone have a DVD of the regional semi/final?

December 22nd, 2009

A request from a blogger. Let me know and I’ll pass info along.

Happy holidays, blog on break for a bit, congrats to PSU

December 19th, 2009

great match. great teams. could have gone either way. wonderful way to showcase the sport. Destinee is amazing.

funniest thing last night at the A-A banquet. players seated in alphabetical order Hooker and Hodge next to each other. Hodge gets up to get the POY award. she starts to speak and Destinee is nearly falling off her chair. Hodge asks Are you OK. Destinee had slipped a little when reaching for her cell so she could take a picture of Hodge speaking.

a great group of young ladies. have avoided the snow. am on a flight to phoenix then to San Diego . be back in HNL later this week. thank you all for making this such a fun blog this season. Aloha for now.

Recap from A-A banquet, wahine stuck in CLT

December 19th, 2009

The Wahine who are traveling back to Hawaii are stuck in Charlotte today because of the snow. and I am guessing I will be tomorrow as well. Sadly they had a chance to fly from Tampa to Phoenix then home but the travel agent opted to send them to CLT and then to HNL since it was a direct flight. I thought I had booked through Houston. Oh well.

A-A banquet was entertaining as always. Everyone always looks so different dressed up. Cubi=Otineru had a haku. Everyone taking pictures with each other. The ‘local’ girls desided to include Yogi and Miyashiro in a couple of their group shots. Most of them played club together at one point or another.

Cassidy Lichtman had the funniest speech. took some cracks at Dunning. She was introduced as a hitter-setter, said the emcee made it up because she doesn’t know what position she plays (believed she played 5 different positions. she said not to give anything away but that she was going to play middle next year, and setter, and libero, so good luck figuring out the rotation She thanked Cobey Shoji for coming to the banquet for her and then said … although i think you had other reasons to be here.

Heading to bed. Congrats to the Wahine

December 17th, 2009

It was a tall task. Just couldn’t get on track. Passing a bit off, Mafua said she had trouble bettering the ball … her job. Shoji said if he had to do it over again, he’d go for a different matchup.