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Good win for the Warriors

February 26th, 2010

Thought Hawaii played really well when they had to tonight, great balance in the attack. 19 kills by Umlauft, Walker and Hunt, 10 by Rawson. Rawson just missed out on his goal, which is 10 kills and 10 blocks. He had nine. He made a point to come over to me and say, just missed it by one. Good to see Grgas back. first time he’s played since fracturing his hand. he ended up with 4 kills and 4 blocks.

Hawaii had 6 aces, BYU 0. Zemljak with four aces and 62 assists. UH with a season-high 18 blocks to BYU’s 11.5.

BYU ended up with 51 very quiet digs. Thought Cervantes played his heart out again, 11 of the Warriors’ 33.

Should be an interesting rematch in Maui. Basically a neutral court but it should be sold out. they say 2500 but I think they can get in 2900 if the fire marshall looks the other way.

As for the officiating, there are a few new rule changes that allow for more liberal contact. BUT it was pretty ugly. The bad thing was they called it really loose until the middle of Set 4 then it got tight. I don’t think the two refs trust the linesmen much because they rarely ask for a consultation. there were obvious missed four contacts and that one where they called Walker for hitting the antenna when the block was what hit was bad.

The net violations are weird now too. You can hit the bottom of the net but not the top. Thought they missed a couple of nets on BYU. The Cougars are a bit whiney, too.

Hawaii comes back to beat BYU in five

February 26th, 2010

Impressive showing by Hawaii, winning 30–17. Zemljak served 9 straight from 20-16 to 29-16. UH with 6.5 blocks to BYU’s 2 and 4 aces. UH hit .400, BYU 167.

BYU pulls out Set 2 30-28. Cougars got lucky  with the loose officiating. very loose. ref blew a critical call when they ruled Walker hit the antenna but the ball was blocked back by BYU and hit the antenna. that gave the Cougars a 19-15 lead instead of it being 18-16.

Hawaii had 2 swings to take a 2-1 lead, byu made good on their second attempt to win it 33-31.

sorry, writing on deadling. UH wins the last two sets 30-28, 15-10.

Thanks for all the good wishes

February 26th, 2010

Appreciate all the kind words, comments and good wishes for our situation at the SB and ‘Tizer. It will be sad if the state loses one of two editorial voices. Both papers have their strengths and share of great writers. If it creates a really great paper, I’m good with it, but the bottom line is always profit.

As for the rumor on VT about Arik Metzger, he hasn’t even been in the practice gym Perhaps they got confused with Sam Morehouse.  A very odd, odd rumor.

Have no idea what it all means

February 25th, 2010

Thanks for all the kind words from those who have already contacted me about what’s going to happen with the announcement that the Star-Bulletin’s owner has bought the Advertiser. It was a surprise announcement in our newsroom … and theirs … we got a notice of a staff meeting about an hour before the meeting.  I was out at volleyball and didn’t make it to the office.

We don’t know much other than what’s up on our Web site. Don’t know if the staffs will be merged or who might be potentially laid off. Not good news since I believe the state has benefited from having the two dailies.

But please keep the staffs of both papers in your thoughts during the uncertain times.

More on Mosi

February 25th, 2010

Mosi Tatupu was already established as a special teams star with New England when Rich Miano joined the New York Jets in the mid-1980s.
Playing in the same division meant seeing Tatupu at least twice per season and Miano, fresh off his college career at Hawaii, quickly gained an appreciation for his toughness and skills.
“He was someone we had to gameplan around,” Miano said in recalling playing against Tatupu, the former Punahou standout who died on Tuesday.
Miano, now UH’s associate head coach, joined a fraternity of players with Hawaii ties in the NFL when he joined the Jets and credited players from that era such as Tatupu, Jesse Sapolu and Mark Tuinei for setting the tone for those who followed.
“Everybody wanted that toughness, that pride, that passion for the game,” Miano said. “I think they helped pave the way for the younger guys.”
>> Pal Eldredge, the longtime UH baseball color commentator and former Punahou coach, first met Tatupu while coaching a Babe Ruth League team in 1970. Tatupu was a catcher and clean-up hitter back then.
“He was a pretty good baseball player but everyone knew football was where he’d be making his living,” said Eldredge, who coached Tatupu again during his senior year in 1974.
Neal Ane, a Punahou classmate, played baseball with Tatupu growing up in the PAL league.
“In the PONY world series he threw somebody out sitting down. Not too many guys can do that,” Ane said. “He was just an intimidating factor behind the plate because if you ran home don’t even think about running this guy over.”