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Wahine preview magazine (input welcome)

July 4th, 2010

Someone asked about when it would be out. not until a few days before the season starts.
Working on the concept Won’t get serious until early Aug. couple of ideas floating around. I’m open to ideas if you’d all like to have some input. BUT if there’s something that you think has been missing from past issues please let me know and perhaps we can try to add it. Thanks for the help. C

Question regarding NCAA sand volleyball

July 3rd, 2010

Earlier thread had a question regarding this. Have heard nothing about it since it came up last year and shoji said UH would go with it when it happened.
According to, Sand Volleyball will be recognized as an emerging sport for Divsion II as of Aug. 2010 and division I effective Aug. 2011. Up to 3 scholarships will be allowed.
I’m going to check with the PacWest to see if they’ve made any moves, which could open the door for the PacWest to add men’s volleyball. There has been discussion of that for quite a while and with the addition of Grand Canyon to the PacWest, it would make sense since the ‘Lopes have MVB.
Don’t want to bore you with all the particulars but here is the link

Tang resigns as UH men’s assistant

July 1st, 2010

Tang has resigned as assistant coach but is remaining as video coordinator.
Search for his replacement has begun.
It will be interesting to see who they bring on board. not a lot of pay. but perhaps Beckwith moves to assistant and they bring in someone like Sean Carney or Jake Schkud as director of operations.