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Hawaii 3, NMSU 0 live updates

September 29th, 2010

Sorry, eye appointment yesterday had me off the computer all day.
I had hoped that NMSU’s website would carry the ESPNU link but no.
The only thing on the web would be’s broadcast with Blaine Kauwe.
4 p.m. start. pregame at 345

Wahine drop to No. 6

September 27th, 2010

shows how much I know. had said earlier that UH would stay Top 5 until they lost

USC traded places with UH. surprised Penn State didn’t drop farther.

Stanford with all 60 place votes. Florida second, Nebraska third, Penn State four. SC five and UH six, followed by Illinois, Cal, Iowa State, Washington.

Top 25 scores 9-26

September 26th, 2010

Hope everyone’s having a good Sunday. No surprises today

compliments of

#1 Stanford def. Arizona 3-0
#2 Penn State def. Wisconsin 3-0
#3 Florida (H) def. Ole Miss 3-0
#8 California def. Arizona State 3-0
#13 Florida State (H) def. Virginia Tech 3-2
#17 LSU def. Mississippi State 3-0
#18 Colorado State def. Utah 3-0
#19 Dayton def. Duquesne 3-0
#20 Tennessee def. Auburn 3-1
#24 Kentucky def. Georgia 3-2
#25 Cincinnati (H) def. Rutgers 3-0

Top 25 scores (final) 9-25 Fun & games continue in Big Ten, UW goes down

September 25th, 2010

compliments of

#4 Nebraska def. Baylor 3-0
#7 Washington lost to #15 Oregon 1-3
#9 Illinois (H) def. Ohio State 3-0
#10 Iowa State (H) def. Oklahoma 3-0
#14 Minnesota lost to #22 Michigan 2-3
#15 Oregon (H) def. #7 Washington 3-1
#16 Northern Iowa def. Drake 3-1
#22 Michigan (H) def. #14 Minnesota 3-2
#23 Long Beach State (H) def. Cal State Fullerton 3-0

Hawaii-Nevada rewind

September 24th, 2010

Forgot to mention, this was UH’s 200th WAC regular-season win. Wahine are 200-4.
Good balance tonight, happy to see Hartong more involved (11-1-14 overall, 6-1-8 when on the left). Shoji had discussed the M1-M2 switch before. Hewitt took some good swings but no kills in Set 3. Waber 4-2-14 in 2 sets.
Ka’aihue continues to impress in the backrow, 22 digs out of the team’s 56. Danielson another double-double with 12 kills and 10 digs.
4 aces, 6 SEs more errors than they’ve had in a couple of matches. Also gave up 4 aces. Nevada with 11 SEs.
Satele 9 kills. Forsythe only had one swing in Set 3.
They should be ready for the road. Probably won’t get that big of a crowd at NMSU for a Wednesday and the Aggies still have a few injuries they’re dealing with.
Passing was decent, so-so in Set 3 with all the lineup changes. Maeda continues to improve. They had a couple mental lapses. Crowd loved the rallies.