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Saturday practice 11-27

November 27th, 2010

Good, long practice. went about 2 1/2 hours with some talking by the coaches and sports psychologists after.
Pretty standard practice, starting with 3 courts divided by position doing serve receive (Liberos and DSs on one, hitters on another, middles on another). Setters were with the hitters and middles. Then on to 1-on-1 blocking drills for the middles, hitters, setters.
They played a few games, such as baseball, where teams score runs by getting points on kills and blocks, and the opposition has to get 3 outs, by kills or blocks.
Team was very focused. They know they had a bad match. LIttle things added up.
Coaches pretty happy with practice. They’re going to go from 730-930ish Sunday morning. Watch the selection show at 10 a.m.
Shoji told the team he was still deciding who was at M1 and M2 between Hartong and Hewitt. Also said he thought he should have gone with the double subs earlier for blocking.
I asked about Maeda-Griffiths. He said Maeda had been struggling and that was the decision.
As for whether he thinks they’ll be on the road next week, he said their bid was good enough to cover expenses. But he told the team that although the top 16 are theoretically supposed to get to host if seeded, said they have been seeded and sent on the road, just like last year. So be prepared to travel.
Asked Shoji if he was shocked by the loss. He said losing 25-15 was the shocker. Thought they should have won Set 2 but they let it get away.

Players seemed very upbeat. they are ready to move on. Ka’aihue said you never want to lose but better to lose in the wac tournament than in the first-second round. They said it was just a bad game and little things started to snowball.

Top 25 scores 11-27, Minnesota rallies to top Penn State

November 27th, 2010

Sorry, didn’t get out of the gym until after 6. had to write a story for the paper. will get to practice in a bit.

compliments of

#5 Nebraska def. Texas A&M 3-0
No. 15 Minnesota (H) def. #7 Penn State 3-2, 23-21 in Set 5
#8 Texas def. #16 Iowa State 3-1
#10 Illinois lost to Purdue 1-3
#11 Northern Iowa (H) def. Creighton 3-1
#13 Washington (H) def. Oregon State 3-0
#19 Michigan lost to Northwestern 1-3
#23 Tulsa (H) def. SMU 3-1
#24 Oregon def. Washington State 3-0

Top 25 scores 11-26 updated

November 26th, 2010

compliments of
1 Florida def. South Carolina 3-0
#2 California (H) def. #20 Arizona 3-1
#4 Stanford (H) def. Arizona State 3-0
#6 USC def. #9 UCLA 3-2
#7 Penn State def. Iowa 3-0
#10 Illinois lost to Indiana 1-3
#11 Northern Iowa (H) def. Illinois State 3-0
#12 Dayton def. Ohio 3-0
#13 Washington (H) def. #24 Oregon 3-0
#14 Colorado State (H) def. BYU 3-1
#15 Minnesota (H) def. Ohio State 3-1
#22 Cincinnati def. Miami-OH 3-0

WAC all-tournament team

November 24th, 2010

All-Tournament Team
Kayleigh Giddens, New Mexico State
Allison Walker, Idaho
Kanani Danielson, Hawai‘i
Elizabeth Ka’aihue, Hawai‘i
Chelsea Fowles, Utah State
Shay Sorensen, Utah State
Liz McArthur, Utah State
MVP: Liz McArthur, Utah State

Hawaii-Utah State rewind

November 24th, 2010

Let’s move the discussion over here.
Shoji had said he was concerned with the Aggie block. They had 20 against New Mexico State last night. Utah State (not Utah gang) played the match they needed to play in order to win tonight.
Hawaii is used to teams wilting when they make a run and Utah State did not wilt.
The Wahine hadn’t been really challenged since September and one of two things will happen after tonight. They’ll continue to doubt themselves OR they’ll learn from this and get better.
Probably knocked Hawaii out of hosting, hate to say it. Sad but …
One match shouldn’t make a season but the committee will use any excuse. Not that they’ve needed excuses in the past.
Danielson with 20 kills, 12 digs. Not much help. Hewitt with 3 blocks on the match. no aces.