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Volleyball mag honor for Danielson

January 27th, 2011

Thanks Hapa for the alert. Had not received my magazine. three teams of 10 players

First Team

· Rachael Adams, Texas
· Blair Brown, Penn State
· Brook Delano, Nebraska
· Juliann Faucette, Texas
· Alex Jupiter, USC
· Alix Klineman, Stanford
· Carli Lloyd, Cal
· Kelly Murphy, Florida
· Tara Murrey, Cal
· Stephanie Neimer, Cincinnati

Second Team
· Gabi Ailes, Stanford
· Ashley Benson, Indiana
· Kellie Catanach, Duke
· Kanani Danielson, Hawaii
· Lauren Gibbemeyer, Minnesota
· Tyler Henderson, Tulsa
· Cassidy Lichtman, Stanford
· Bre Payton, Northern Iowa
· Lauren Williams, USC
· Arielle Wilson, Penn State

Third Team
· Michelle Bartsch, Illinois
· Kendall Bateman, USC
· Lauren Bledsoe, Florida
· Kindra Carlson, Washington
· Nikki Fowler, Tennessee
· Victoria Henson, Iowa State
· Danielle Minch, Colorado State
· Colleen Ward, Illinois
· Hannah Werth, Nebraska
· Lexi Zimmerman, Michigan

A new job for Ah Mow-Santos?

January 24th, 2011

Have been told that Robyn Ah Mow-Santos, currently the student coach for Hawaii men, has been contacted about the assistant women’s job at U. Colorado. Apparently she is looking into it. UH staff would like to find a way to have her stay with them.

Condolences to Lily Kahumoku-Olteanu and husband

January 24th, 2011

Lily and Bogdan lost their twin boys shortly after birth last month. She has a tribute website up. So sad but said she’s hoping to try again.
Here’s the link

Hawaii up to 11 in men’s poll

January 24th, 2011

Hawaii up two spots. odd that Stanford didn’t drop at all.

SC stays at 1 with all 16 votes, followed by Stanford, BYU and UCLA.

Stanford at Hawaii Night 2 live updates

January 23rd, 2011

Same starting lineups as Friday.
I’m guessing Hawaii will try to establish the outside early. maybe got to Walker more. I know Stanford needs to adjust and move Shoji to cover line, like Ball STate did against Hawaii last week.
Stanford has jumped out to a 6-3 lead. TO UH. one early difference is the touches they’re getting on Umlauft and Evan Barry serving tougher.

A net violation give Stanford at 15-14 lead at the TTO. Hawaii hasn’t backed down. Stanford’s passing better and McLachlin definitely having a better night than he did Friday when he was pulled toward the end. Umlauft 3-2-9, Walker 5-0-8, Dyer 2-0-3. Lot more diverse offense for UH tonight.

Ace by Kneller puts Stanford up 20-18. TO UH.

Stanford still with the two-point advantage 22-20 after inafuku called for a lift. not sure if the ref would have called it but the crowd was calling for it. TO Cardinal.

McLachlin with 2 kills and in on a block. Stanford scores last 3 points wins Set 1 25-21.
McLachlin already with more kills (6) than Friday (4). he was 4-5-16 Friday, 6-1-11 tonight.