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Choices for Ambrozich’s replacement

July 23rd, 2011

Fred, Don’t know if it’s posted as associate or assistant caoch. Shoji said it was going to be up Friday but I don’t see it.
May be up Monday. They will have it up for 3 days. He said he didn’t have any calls about the position as of 4 p.m. Friday.

Ah Mow-Santos seems to be the leading candidate. She would be a terrific get. Someone asked about her being vocal enough. She wasn’t on 3 Olympics teams by being quiet. She speaks when she needs to and if she is part of the recruiting … 3 time Olympian and All-American setter. pretty good credentials.

Jen Carey told me she is happy at Cal and won’t be applying but thinks it’s a great job for anyone who gets it. said UH molded her for where she is today.

Allen Allen may throw his hat in the ring. he applied for the men’s top job that Wade got.
But my feeling is the Wahine would need a female … hate that it might come down to gender .. for this spot.
Asked Shoji if he had any directives about hiring a female and he said he hasn’t. Of course, it would be illegal if he had.

But I do think for a women’s sport they likely would be looking for a female on staff. just my opinion

Since it has to be a quick hire I’m guessing they go for someone on island … or someone who has ties here that could afford to make the move back. S. Wong is a prime example. having a home here and local ties.

Ryan Tsuji said he isn’t applying. Think he’s going to be working with Hawaii News Now. Someone asked about Tita Ahuna. Another qualified candidate with really good credentials. but she’s been out of coaching for years and really happy with her virtual school.

I’m expecting a hire by Friday.

Good news for the blog

July 23rd, 2011

Have been told that the format will be changed in the next few weeks to be consistent with the rest of the blogs.
was told the problem was the server. I was still on the server. blogs such as stephen tsai’s was on the old advertiser server. Finally we have an SA server.

thanks for all your patience. cheehoo

Ambrozich leaving Wahine program

July 21st, 2011

Kari Anderson Ambrozich will be leaving as associate coach of the Wahine program. She is taking a job within the department, moving to the academic side.
It is her choice, as Kari confirmed when she called me back today.
The announcement will come tomorrow (Friday, July 22). Job posting next week.
Would not be surprised if Robyn Ah Mow-Santos gets the job. It would be a natural pick. But they have to go through the process.

Leahey’s return for 2011

July 19th, 2011

It is hard for me to weigh in on this since I don’t hear what he is saying for most of the matches. I am at the matches soooo if I do listen it is on a replay when I get home, mostly if I want to confirm what I wrote about is what I believed I saw.

I will say that when watching other outlets do volleyball, I do believe that Hawaii TV has been the best. I like the sideline views and not the baseline views which most coaches prefer as they watch the play develop.

As I posted earlier, I am surprised jim is back. Only because it sounded like, when I last spoke to him, that he was going to be done. His wife has had some health issues and thought that might play into decisions.

Penn State not coming to Outrigger men’s tournament

July 19th, 2011

Thank you rayson. Haven’t been on VT in a while, didn’t see this by Vinnie.
Didn’t want it to get buried on the ESPUN post so here is the link

Penn State has had problems in the past adhering to the school’s out-of-school policy. A couple of years ago, team flew in the day before and it showed when they played. Pav had forgotten about the MLK holiday that wouldn’t have counted against PSU’s rule. but by the time he realized it, they couldn’t afford to pay for the change.