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Final Top 25 scores 9-30 Ohio St. sweeps Minnesota

September 30th, 2011

#1 Illinois (H) def. Indiana 3-1
#2 UCLA def. Utah 3-0
#3 Washington (H) def. #15 Oregon  3-0
#4 California (H) def. Arizona 3-0
#5 USC def. Colorado 3-0
#6 Stanford (H) def. Arizona State 3-0
#7 Nebraska def. Michigan State 3-2
#9 Penn State (H) def. Wisconsin 3-0
#10 Minnesota lost to #24 Ohio State 0-3
#13 Florida def. Auburn 3-0
#14 Northern Iowa (H) def. Wichita State 3-2
#17 Michigan (H) def. Iowa 3-0
#20 Miami-FL (H) def. Wake Forest 3-0
#22 Florida State (H) def. Duke 3-0
#23 Tennessee def. LSU 3-1

Hawaii-Nevada rewind

September 29th, 2011

Thought Hawaii played pretty well.

Shoji said they tried a different lineup, but hard to tell if they got anything out of it because Nevada wasn’t very competitive. said wherever they put Hartong it looks like she’s going to score and just needs to figure out where to put here. . liked what Adolpho did, her athleticism. Said now was the time to get her the experience so she isn’t overwhelmed.

On Blake at Libero: said she has a bigh vb IQ, isn’t real comfortable there yet but she makes plays. is pretty calm out there.

Said it was good to get players in. asked if we thought the crowd booed when he took Croson out. We said yes and he laughed. said he wanted to get in others to serve.

On Fresno State, said there were a few players they needed to play attention to. But it is now about them, going to go hard in practice Friday. They want to get better.

said it was a little embarrassed about Santiago, the setter, getting 6 kills, 0 errors, 9 attempts.

Said he was glad he could get everyone in, including Tuaniga. Said that she had a great practice yesterday, blocked everyone, and he would not hesitate to put her in. But said he thought the shin thing was not going to completely heal this season.

Nevada at Hawaii 9-29 live updates

September 29th, 2011

Hawaii going with the usual starters including Maeda at libero, Satele at RS.

Really odd not seeing Devon Scruggs on the Nevada bench. Ruth Lawanson in her first year.

Top 25 scores 9-29

September 29th, 2011

#18 San Diego (H) def. UC Irvine 3-0
#19 Pepperdine (H) def. Saint Marys 3-2
#21 Colorado State def. UNLV 3-1

Media guide answer

September 29th, 2011

spoke with the SID John Barry. He said the media guide is not for sale this year. If you want a copy, you’ll have to download it off the website. He said that it likely will be for sale through the internet in the future.

He didn’t realize people were having problems of not being able to down load the entire PDF file instead of having to print each page individually. he’s checking into making it easier.