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NCAA press conferences & UH practice

November 30th, 2011

Didn’t go to the first 2.

nothing exciting from the other two, nothing we haven’t reported.

only local media so … again, nothing new.

but i do think the UNC coach was surprised by the ‘intelligent’ volleyball questions that Ann, Brandi Higa, Chris McLachlin and I shot at her. things about her 2-person passing scheme, her left-handed hitter, her setter that likes to dump, her blocking scheme on the pins to compensate for UH’s quickness, and playing against the ‘Hawaii tradition’ vs. Hawaii.

As for Hawaii’s practice, they were working on a few things. Tuaniga doing a number of slides and Scott Wong got stuffed a couple of times by Croson and Hewitt. I can see where Ginger Long might be a good player next year. she played well on the left.

but, again, nothing exciting. UNC coaches said they had seen some film on UH but they were going to do film with their players today. UH didn’t have much film on UNC, saying that if do what they need to do they will control’s interview with selection committee member

November 30th, 2011

so that it doesn’t get buried on the other thread.

Volleyball considered a non-revenue generating sport. if they did it right, i would be.

ESPN article: 5 burning questions for NCAA tourney

November 30th, 2011

on another thread:

Well-written but, as someone said on an earlier thread, probably a blip on the radar.

Haley said to me Sunday that it would take the media to put pressure on the NCAA for change because the coaches have been trying and been ignored. Rich Kern and Pablo also have been working with the NCAA for a better formula but Rich said the suggestions haven’t been seriously looked at.

Suggested it to VBMag and sounds like a future article.

Selection committee members

November 28th, 2011

Not inspiring much confidence with this list. one comment from a coach who will remain nameless: it’s a bunch of SWAs (Senior Woman Administrator) who are trying to pad their resume so it leads to being on a better committee, like basketball.

The way you can look at it is there are very few reps or regions west of the mississippi, which would lead to the bias given Big Ten and Big 12. And no one who would really be paying attention at their school to the national picture IMHO.

Terry Gawlik, Wisconsin-Madison  chair Mideast

Beatrice Crane-Banford, Marshall Mideast

Cynthia Gannon, WE Missouri State Midwest

Jennifer Gilbert Miami (Ohio) Midwest

Keith Gill American Northeast

Colleen Lim, WCC Pacific

Sarah Reesman, Missouri  Central

Nona Richardson UC Davis  West

Diane Turnham, Middle Tennessee State  South

Barbara Walker, Wake Forest  East

RPI out, AVCA poll not, practice & other morning musings

November 28th, 2011

Just got back from running errands after hitting UH’s morning practice.

About 100 people in line when the ticket office opened at 9 a.m. Some of the season ticket holders that had pre paid didn’t realize their tickets were to be picked up at noon.

As for the RPI, Hawaii at No. 7. Illinois still No. 1, texas, Iowa State, Nebraska, UNI, Purdue.

USC at 8, Tennessee and Florida State.

if you look at the seedings and the RPI, they didn’t completely follow it so who knows what they were thinking. Shoji’s feeling is the committee made the bracket Friday night and didn’t care that Nebraska had a bad loss to Northwestern

As for practice, caught the last half hour. good energy and some pretty funny ‘touch, no touch’ exchanges. I would never play poker with Hartong, she didn’t even crack a smile when she had three teammates on the other side closing in on her and yelling, touch, touch. Hartong finally put her hand up to admit it.

Uiato had two straight back dumps that were impressive and Tuaniga and Goodman teamed for a couple of solid blocks in succession. Hartong played left and middle.

As per the usual ‘first practice back’ Hewitt (back) and Danielson (various things) out at the end.

be back later with more. gotta write.