2012 Wahine schedule out (officially)

March 11th, 2012

Out on the UH website: hawaiiathletics.com with times

and includes 19 home matches at the Stan Sheriff Center. The schedule includes defending national champion UCLA and 2011 NCAA Tournament participants Stanford, Long Beach State, Baylor, and Albany.

The Rainbows open the season hosting the Chevron Rainbow Wahine Invitational, which includes Albany, Saint Mary’s, and Stanford. UH plays Albany on Friday, Aug. 24, then faces St. Mary’s on Saturday, and takes on Stanford in the tournament finale on Sunday.

The Hawaiian Airlines Wahine Volleyball Classic runs from Aug. 31-Sept. 2. UH plays San Francisco to open the Classic, then takes on Baylor the following night and closes the tournament against California.

UH wraps up its tournament schedule with the Verizon Volleyball Challenge beginning Sept. 7, hosting San Diego State, Idaho, and UCLA. The Rainbow Wahine face San Diego State the opening night of the tournament, followed by Idaho and UCLA.

The Rainbow Wahine will then begin their first Big West Conference season since 1995, marking the end of a 16-year run in the Western Athletic Conference. In their previous final season as a member of the Big West, the Wahine ran the table with an 18-0 conference record and hope to continue that success when they open conference play at Cal State Northridge (Sept. 19). Hawai‘i will play its Big West home opener on Sept. 27 against UC Irvine.

In the Big West, UH will renew long-time conference rivalries with Long Beach State and UC Santa Barbara. LBSU and Hawai‘i faced off in the NCAA Northwest Regional five times during UH’s eight-year run in the Big West. The 49ers won every meeting, but the Rainbow Wahine finally broke through in 2000 when they topped Long Beach State in the regional semifinal at the Stan Sheriff Center. They followed that win by beating UC Santa Barbara to advance to the Final Four.  While a Big West member, Hawai‘i had a combined 18-17 record against both teams.

Season ticket renewals have been mailed and the deadline to renew is March 23.

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  • jeff March 11, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    if i was the basketball coach i would not let adolpo play volleyball this basketball team was awlful and needs all there players to be focused

    • warriorfan March 11, 2012 at 8:28 pm

      I read one of the biggest reasons Kalei picked UH was because she would be allowed to play volleyball as well. Would be a mistake for the new coach to go against her wishes

      • ?????? March 11, 2012 at 8:46 pm

        re: Would be a mistake for the new coach to go against her wishes

        What is she going to do if the new coach says no — quit? I suppose she could, but if she does, she has to pay for school herself. She is at UH on a basketball scholarship, so it is not like she really has any leverage.

        I would reconsider the arrangement too. I mean to read that she missed a third of the season and all of preseason . . . She might have made the all-freshman team like Alissa Campanero if she played the entire season.

        Even Takahara-Dias implied that they were re-thinking the arrangement:

        Kekaula: Next year, we’re going to rethink this volleyball thing right?
        Takahara-Dias: Did you talk to Dave about that? Because that’s going through our minds

        Here is the video: notbyreason.blogspot.com/2012/02/rainbow-wahine-basketball-kalei-adolpho.html

        • warriorfan March 11, 2012 at 9:13 pm

          She should quit basketball if the coach makes her ( would be foolish of the coach), she has all american potential in volleyball. and Shoji would offer a scholarship for sure.

          • bowsfan March 11, 2012 at 9:48 pm

            This is a hard time for Kalei, she is part of both Wahine volleyball and basketball ohana. During the Wahine basketball preseason games when the volleyball team at home, she was on the bench supporting the basketball team. I think she’s on a basketball team because no scholarship for volleyball and she wants to play both, I guess we will find out once the new basketball coach is hired.

          • Cindy Luis March 12, 2012 at 10:06 am

            to clarify BF, she was never offered a vb scholarship. It was always basketball. But Shoji was very excited when she told him she wanted to do both sports. And he did not expect her to be the force she was in her first season.

          • Spike March 11, 2012 at 11:00 pm

            Totally agree, warriorfan.

            The basketball coach would be foolish to try to force Kalei’s hand on the matter. He/she would end up without her helping the team at all.

            Shoji says he sees great potential in her so he would definitely give her a scholarship.

        • warriorfan March 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

          By the way the wac uses conference only statistics to name their all freshmen teams!

          Kalei did not miss any conference matches. So her missing the the start of the basketball season had no effect on her not making the all freshmen team like Campenero.

          • ?????? March 11, 2012 at 9:25 pm

            Does Shoji HAVE a scholarship to offer her? She missed the practices, the training, etc. leading to the season. She was good, but if she had been there from the beginning, she would have been A LOT better during the season, so I stand by my statement that she could have made all-freshman like Campanero if she had been with the team from the very beginning.

  • ?????? March 11, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    To whoever asked, the Booster Club has pictures of the mini tournament up: orgsites.com/hi/wahinevbbc/_pgg3.php3

    • roofer68 March 11, 2012 at 10:59 pm

      TY ?????? Kristiana’s got her brace off, got a flash of her tattoo. Take a photo of that pls Mr Ching or Lee.

  • roofer68 March 11, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    The volley scholarships for 2012 counting with FF have 10 taken. So there’s 2 available. 2013 would be a problem, all 12 are taken. In 2014 4 would open up.

  • jeff March 11, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    if some of the basketball girls did not quit maybe the team would have better but think a new coach who wants to have his players these will be dana’s players if the new coach wants to succeed he has to do make kalei play basketball or he will be fired too.kalei looks like good basketball player but could be a great volleyball player

  • LC March 12, 2012 at 6:47 am

    Annie Mitchem 6’3 MB ranked 16th by PrepVB and recruited by Hawai`i is playing at Irvine Valley College this season for Tom Pestolesi.

    Last heard Nebraska or Hawai`i were her final two.Don’t know how much she needs to get NCAA qualified . Some non qualifiers only spend a year at a JC before they’re able to qualify and transfer with enough credits.

    I’m expecting to see Annie at some of the Wahine’s Big West matches.UH should keep recruiting her for the future. I think Nebraska will lose interest in her.

    Also, why worry about what a new basketball coach will do until we have a new basketball coach.All Shoji needs to do is be prepared for whatever happens and I’m pretty sure he is.

    • WaWa March 12, 2012 at 8:39 am

      I do not agree with this per Jen Saleaumua. If Cook wants her, he will keep the lines of communication open. If I recall correctly, she mentioned that UH did not continue to recruit her after her qualifying troubles.

      • Cindy Luis March 12, 2012 at 10:10 am

        Don’t remember the entire Saleaumua situation other than she coming to UH and then she wasn’t. there was also something put out there about her aunt, Carolyn Taeatafa, being involved.

  • LC March 12, 2012 at 8:49 am

    I believe I said Hawai`i SHOULD continue to recruit her for the future and keep an eye on her academic progress.

  • leftout March 12, 2012 at 9:26 am

    A smart new incoming coach will immediately want to develope a favorable relationship among fellow coaches, the administration and UH fans. It would be starting on the wrong foot to dictate a change of Kalei’s bb scholarship agreement allowing her to play both sports. Vb scholies for this coming season may be tight, but there will be four available for the 2013 season. I’m hoping that she plays only vb after her sophomore season.

    • Cindy Luis March 12, 2012 at 10:03 am

      It will be interesting to see how it plays out. The original expectation that Takahara-Dias had was that Adolpho was going to redshirt in volleyball last season and not be missing out on bkb preseason. since redshirts do not travel. At least that’s what she told me. I don’t believe the scholarship agreement was based on her being able to play both sports. the agreement was for her to play basketball. When she gave her verbal to BKB it was during a wahine volleyball match and she said to both Ann and I that she hoped to play the two sports, and maybe do track as well.
      Agree LO with some of your comments. However a smart new coach is also trying to win in their first year and that could mean keeping one of the better scholarship players for the full season.

  • roofer68 March 12, 2012 at 10:46 am

    I posted above that for 2013 fall season all 12 scholarships are taken if FF is playing.
    Seniors- Goodman, Tuaniga, Uiato, Hartong
    Juniors- Stauber, Croson, Fonoimoana
    Sophs- Vorster, Long, Olevao
    Freshs- Higgins, Taylor
    Pls correct me if listing is wrong.

  • roofer68 March 12, 2012 at 11:03 am

    From Digg’n NaWahine, Emily is accepting the A2 invite.

    • Cindy Luis March 12, 2012 at 11:21 am

      thanks, that was in Ann’s story Sunday. i forgot to update here.

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