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UH-GCU live updates 1-27

January 27th, 2012

Harrison Carroll surprise starter at OPP. Castello, Biscaro, Hunt, West, Lofy, Marks all in. could be a very short night.

Cal Baptist to MPSF, scores 1-27

January 27th, 2012

As discussed earlier this week, Cal Baptist confirmed as an MPSF member in men’s volleyball as of 2013. The plan was to have Grand Canyon as a travel partner but GCU would rather stay in the MIVA. We’ll have to see how the numbers play out.

Speaking of which,

CSU Northridge def. Cal Baptist 3-2 15-3 in the fifth.

Penn State def. Stanford 3-1

Ohio State def. Pacific, 3-1

UCI def. USC 3-1

UCLA def. UCSB, 3-0

Pepperdine def.  UCSD, 3-2

Recapping Wade’s show 1-24

January 24th, 2012

Didn’t catch all of it. Am sure others will fill in the blanks.

Wade sah he wasn’t making excuses but that the Warriors were younger than the teams that they had played. that they were good through the 20s but needed to start winning the close ones.

Caller asked which team he most was looking forward to playing. Wade said UCLA. said it was a privilege to go up against Scates, a legend, who has been coaching longer than Wade has been alive. Scates at UCLA for 50 years, Charlie is 48.

Asked who were the top teams this year in the MPSF. Said BYU, UCLA and UCI. but that UCI was struggling right now, and so was long Beach State, a bit of surprise to him.

talked about recruiting. and that it is always Hawaii First. Then national. then foreign. said it killed him to see Josh Taylor go off from the other side of the net for Pepperdine last week.

someone called about Umlauft. He said that it did hurt that he wasn’t back, that no one had a player like him in the country. said he was working on his PhD in electrical engineering.

Caller suggested a doubleheader for men’s and women’s volleyball, the women exhibition followed by the men. he thought it was a good idea, would bring it up to Shoji, but did point out that travel restrictions in the offseason would hurt the chances of that happen.

Spoke a little about Grand Canyon, which is in the MIVA for men’s volleyball (In the PacWest for other sports). said that they had applied for the mPSF but turned down. However, with Cal Baptist wanting in, that CBU and GCU would be travel partners and make it 14 teams, 7 in each division. Could be a possibility.

talked a little a out Averill, who is interested in being a setter but just wants to be on the court. that he did well when coming into the match with Pepperdine. nickname of Sunshine, or Sunny.

Think that’s about it.

Reminder: Call the coach with Wade 6 p.m.

January 24th, 2012


296-1420 if you like call

Warriors back down to No. 13

January 23rd, 2012

Top 5 stay the same, BYU with 14 first place votes

UCI at No. 2, UCLA No. 3 with 2 votes, Stanford 4 and USC 5

Penn State losing at Lewis dropped the Nittany Lions from 6 to 8. Pepperdine up a spot to 6 and Lewis to 7.