A Happy New Year (early)

December 30th, 2011

Wishing all of you the best in 2012. Amazing how quickly 2011 went.

Looking forward to men’s season and that of the inaugural sand team. Don’t think they’ll have anything new on sand until at least next week when the coaches start looking at things.

Thanks for making 2011 so much fun.

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  • vballfreak808

    Happy New Years Cindy and Everyone!

    Good luck to the Men and Sand Team and hopefully the women do well for Fall 2012!

  • warriorfan

    Happy New year Cindy and volleyshots readers.
    Hope in the new year we get the new blog format.

  • Ron

    Ditto from me. PS I thought you were exactly on point in your article today, nice job as always. And we do have a lot to be excited about next year.

    • Cindy Luis

      Ron, if you mean the top 5, those weren’t my picks. just chosen by the staff’s voting. I was assigned the story. agreed with most, tho.

  • Have a happy and safe new years everyone. Thanks Cindy for all your dedicated and hard work for us volleyshots guys. 2012 looks like a more exciting year.

  • Surfboy


  • LC

    USC sand team will have a lot of talent . I see them as one of the top teams .

  • LC

    I’m reluctant to make any guesses on the Wahine sand team because unlike USC I have no idea who the players will be with the exception of a few who have already made announcements.

  • Kevin Miller

    Happy New Year and merry xmas to you all.

  • Hey guys, LC is just making a statement. Nothing wrong with what he posted even if he has said it before. It does not soung to me like he is complaining or crying about it. Happy New Year to All.

  • LC

    Complaining not really just pointing out facts.

  • LC

    ladeda was a nickname given to a former wahine player by her girl friends and I’m certainly not her.

  • Happy New Year Ms. Cindy! thanks for you informative blog.
    Now whats the scopp with Falyn F. and UH next fall….what the deal with Hewitt not returning? Whats your forecast of the libero positon and Maeda or not?
    Thanks…take care.

    • Cindy Luis

      happy New Year all. no scoops until at least Tuesday. we’ll know soon if Fonoimoana is eligible and if Hewitt has decided to return.

  • warriorfan

    Any news on who the warriors are starting thursday?

    • Cindy Luis

      WF, See Stephen’s story in today’s S=A
      talks about a better balance of talent, who might step up to replace Umlauft.
      When I spoke briefly to Wade last month, he said they have talent but will be very young and untested.

  • ringostarr

    Does anyone have the list of schools that are fielding sand volleyball this coming spring?

    • Cindy Luis

      avca.org has list and all the rules, legislation as well.
      avca.org/sand/rules-legislation/ but schools have dropped out, such as SC and UW so the list is in flux

      for sure Hawaii, Pepperdine and Long Beach State. Most of the teams are southeast, a lot of small schools in Florida. Believe the Atlantic Sun Conference is sponsoring it as a conference.

  • Robin

    …played with the Volleyball Club Olympia Berlin for three years in professional leagues throughout Germany

    How is this different from what Costas did?


    • warriorfan

      That team he played for is basically the junior national team for Germany, they do play against the professional teams but don’t get paid .

      • really?

        Costas did not get paid. Thats not the point. The point is he played on a professional team (regardless if he got paid or not)

        “The NCAA’s ruling, in fact, was not based on whether Theocharidis was a paid athlete.

        The NCAA prohibits a player from being a member of a professional team, even if he did not receive money.

        UH coach Mike Wilton said the school’s investigation found Theocharidis indeed did not have an agent, sign a contract or receive money for playing volleyball before enrolling at UH”


        I thought i read somewhere that the rules have now changed and if Costas case were to happen now… it would be OK. can anyone confirm??

        • Cindy Luis

          that is my understanding as well, that Theocharidis’ situation would be treated differently. What I never understood was, the only thing the NCAA did was strip UH of its title. however, Theocharidis kept eligibility and all his awards. so the player wasn’t punished, just the university. I don’t feel there was a lack of institutional control, which is always the no-no in NCAA eyes. Wilton and Reyes believed everything they were told by their player. the NCAA interpreted it differently.

    • Cindy Luis

      as mentioned, he is not on a professional team. Theocharidis was on a pro team, but did not get paid. however the NCAA didn’t agree with the interpretation so …. what I have always thought odd is … it’s OK for amateur golfers to play in a pro-am, by the very name it’s a professional-amateur event. the amateurs are playing with pros, however do not receive any money. why golf and volleyball are treated different I don’t understand.

  • vballfreak808

    2012 Volleyball Outlook:

    Probable Starters:
    Outside: Steven Hunt (6’5 Senior), JP Marks (6’6 Freshman)
    Opposite: Johann Timmer (6’6 Freshman)
    Middle: Nick West (6’8 Sophomore), Shane Welch (6’10 Sophomore)
    Setter: Sam Biscaro (6’5 Sophomore)
    Libero: Nick Castelo (5’8 Senior)

    Outside: JJ Mosolf (6’6 Freshman)
    Middle: Brian Beith (6’5 Freshman)
    Setter: Dominic Lile (6’3 Freshman), Ka’ahukane Keite-Ah Yo (6’3 Junior)
    Libero: Daylan Chock (5’11 Freshman)

    *Gus Tuaniga is returning for his senior season
    *Harrison Carroll moved from being an outside hitter last year to a setter this year
    *New NCAA rule is you can have 2 different liberos in the same set

    • Warrior15

      the men’s team got taller…

      i’m starting to get a little excited for this team. they’re young, so i’m not expecting the world. but if the newcomers deliver, it sounds like they could be competitive this year…

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