Back, sort of … RPI

October 24th, 2012

Settling in at home. Can I suggest a new app? Angry Babies. I’d toss a few blankets to blow a castle up. amazing how parents won’t take care of their kids. Letting them cry and scream for almost all of the 5 plus hours a bit much for me. Of course, those of us who had great traveling toddlers are the first to complain.

Thank you all again for the kind thoughts and words. Mom up in Washington today. it will be quite the change for her. She hasn’t lived in snow since maybe 1949, when she moved to California.

anyway, was doing a bunch of stuff and tying up loose ends so never got back to Monday’s RPI.

Hawaii at No. 18.

Still think that’s a good position. some don’t think they’ll move up but i think they will, especailly if Stanford (No. 1) keeps winning.

1. Stanford. 2. Penn State. 3. Nebraska. 4. Texas. 5. UCLA. 6. Oregon. 7. Louisville. 8. Kansas. 9. Minnesota. 10. Florida. 11. Washington. 12 Kansas State. 13. Florida State. 14. USC. 15. BYUU. 16. Tennessee. 17. Miami (FLA)

so much time left and you never know who will put in a bid. Top 16 get preference but still some other factors to take into account.

A little surprised by Tennessee at 16 with a 14-5 mark but computer doing what it did for the past few years. giving the SEC huge points for being the SEC.

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