Best quote from a coach

November 28th, 2010

Utah State coach said I could quote him.

“Hawaii got hosed.”

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  • Spike November 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    We hear these kinds of quotes from various coaches every year and the following year the same thing happens.

    Is there nothing the AVCA can do? I understand AVCA is separate from the NCAA and the selection committee but, come on, they must have some sort of lobbying power to make changes.

  • Howard November 28, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    I don’t care what he has to say he’s a one and done loser anyway

  • Don November 28, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    I beg to differ on USU being ‘one and done’. They sure didn’t play ‘one and done’ against UH or NMSU…

    If they (USU) can play like they did in the WAC final, they’ll give Cal’s hitters fits. Remember, no Hana Cutura to bail you out if things get bad…

    • jmy November 28, 2010 at 4:30 pm

      No Hana Cutura to bail them out but they still have Lloyd, Murrey, Hawari & Gehan…

    • Warrior15 November 28, 2010 at 9:17 pm

      Cal is very good though … i’ve seen a number of their matches this season (online and on tv) …

      they run a very fast offense (unlike last year) and have big, quick hitters and blockers. Murrey is playing like a POY candidate this season, and they’ve Lloyd running the show at setter.

  • John November 28, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    Be nice Howard. We from Hawaii have more respect and manners than that. As a member from the WAC the farther USU goes in the tourney the better it makes us look and the WAC. I`ll root for USU to go far until they meet up with our Wahine if that happens….?

    • Kazu November 28, 2010 at 4:43 pm

      I’m with you John. As long as there’s another team from the same confrence with the Wahine’s, i’m rooting for them. Go Bows!!!! Go Aggies!!!

  • Howard November 28, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Come see me on Dec 3rd and tell me all about Utah State.

  • John November 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    You must be a Cal fan…? Auwe..

    • Howard November 28, 2010 at 4:23 pm

      Nope, die hard Hawai`i supporter,give a lot of money to UH athletics every year. Never have liked the WAC never will.

  • John November 28, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    Well after next year you won`t have to worry about that, right.

  • Howard November 28, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Here is some more food for thought. Every year all you hear is we don’t get challenged then you get challenge and they complain about being challenged.

  • RYK November 28, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    It’s not about being “challenged” it’s about being treated fairly. Can anyone say with a straight face that Hawaii has been treated fairly by the NCAA in the last 7 years, since they hosted the last time.

    • Howard November 28, 2010 at 5:17 pm

      Wrong it’s about what I said it was about. Last year it was the same crap,Hawai`i got screwed ,Hawai`i is out raged then Hawai`i is in the Final Four.

      Get over this Hawai`i got screw stuff because every one is laughing at us ..AGAIN.

      • warriorfan November 28, 2010 at 5:32 pm

        US?? I don’t see your ass playing on the court. This is about the wahine not getting the chances to play in front of their family and friends despite being seeded every single year, that is not fair.

      • Warrior15 November 28, 2010 at 5:39 pm

        i don’t see anyone complaining about being “challenged” in the post-season… if anything that’s expected. and i expect the Wahine to give their all just as they did last year.

        what i do see are some valid criticisms of the NCAA’s selection and bracketing criteria…

      • dino November 28, 2010 at 9:57 pm

        Yeah, hoping like last season that Dave and the Wahine’s “outrage” produces some much needed fire in the players and they go out to prove themselves again.

      • dino November 28, 2010 at 10:01 pm

        Confucious say “the squeaky wheel gets no grease and if Wahine fans dont express outrage NCAA will keep screwing you”

  • Howard November 28, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    Suck it up cry babies.

  • Ryk November 28, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    One more thing aren’t these matches Thurs-Fri. So I guess it’s OK to fly out Hawaii and Michigan on short notice, but we can’t fly out teams to Hawaii on short notice.

    • Warrior15 November 28, 2010 at 5:52 pm

      good call … the Washington subregional is the only one slated for Thur-Fri matches.

      and that has been something voiced in the past as a reason for not allowing Hawaii to host (when Hawaii’s bids have been for Thur-Friday series, like it was this year).

  • Howard November 28, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    These kids are not afraid of a challenge.

    • Warrior15 November 28, 2010 at 5:50 pm

      you’re opposed to people voicing complaints about the NCAA’s flawed process for tournament selections.

      but you’re not opposed to stating the obvious, i see … ;)

  • Yabba-Dabba-Doo November 28, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Nothing is going to change what is done so climb on board and enjoy the ride.

  • John November 28, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Good point RYK. When Hawaii bids to host, they won`t fly anyone out to Hawaii because it`s too short notice. Ha!! Then they go and send us on the road with short notice when we just got back from traveling. Hyprocrites. If they were smart, they`d send the teams here to Hawaii. They`d make more money for sure. Oh by the way, how many fans did the USC tourney draw last year?

  • warriorfan November 28, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    well anyone know if KFVE is gonna show any of the matches???

  • JMT November 28, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    utah state will catch cal off guard. i say it’s going to

  • Mr. Daffy Duck November 28, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Cal will work Utah State like a part time job.

  • BIK November 28, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    LOL,”Utah State coach said I could quote him.” No one don’t even knows who the Utah State coach is so his quote obviously means nothing.

  • John November 28, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    Hey if USU can upset the Wahine, why can`t they do the same to others. We got caught sleeping and look what happened. If other teams do the same USU could have a chance. Look at what they did in the beginning of the season.

  • dino November 28, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Exactly,USU and WAC are so disrespected that Cal could be looking past USU and actually lose a set.Wahine need to be careful too and step it up vs PSU and not be thinking about UW.

  • John November 28, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    That`s exactly right too! I have a feeling this will be a crazy tourney with a lot of upsets. Just hope it`s not us first..

    • Lyle November 28, 2010 at 11:45 pm

      No, in the NCAAs single elimination format, there is a sense of urgency. The better teams will show themselves and dispatch the underlings.

  • Cindy Luis November 28, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    It is sad that the AVCA can’t do anything about the selection committee. I would have thought the backlash from last year, when the coaches voted certain teams, such as Hawaii, higher than the seeding, that the committee would have changed. IMHO, the minute the AVCA headquarters shifted to Kentucky, things changed in favor of the east coast. but that’s just me. And the AVCA is not the not the selection committee. There is an agenda that is not fair to the sport

  • John November 29, 2010 at 12:22 am

    My thoughts exactly Cindy. Thanks for pointing this out. I think something seriously needs to be done about this. It`s so blatently clear that the committee favors other conferences.

  • dino November 29, 2010 at 1:26 am

    OK then who in the NCAA decides the members of the committee?Then we get Obama to fire him/her and have Cindy appoint new committee members

    • Cindy Luis November 29, 2010 at 7:18 am

      skycap, I’ll ask our webmasters about it. drives me nuts that the blogs are not consistent. I understand Tsai’s being different because it came over from the Advertiser. Will ask, thanks.

  • Wahinemaniac November 29, 2010 at 2:05 am

    sorry couldnt wait to write. wahines need to take all their frustrations on psu then here comes a final fotype of 2nd rd match. any of the 3 teams can win. just look at the 2 other teams schedules. pretty impressive. if hawaii was in the pac 10 they would probably be non seeded like washington. washington had wins over usc, ucla, oregon, and arizona. michigan had wins over wisconsin, illinois, ohio st, and minnesota to name a few. the wahines no doubt will have to play their best match of the year to get past this rd. in order for hawaii to be considered in the future like 2011 to host we need to make a statement winning on this tough road to the final four. then that will not be enough, we would have to be national champs. the volleyball world outside hawaii looks at us as pretenders not contenders

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  • John November 29, 2010 at 4:31 am

    That`s not a bad idea. Cindy, how do we get you elected to the NCAA committee? ;-) Also have to agree with Maniac that our tourney 1st & 2nd round will be tough as hell! Let`s hope the girls are pissed off again. In the staradvertiser the pic of them sure don`t look happy. All the way girls!! Let`s go!!

    • Cindy Luis November 29, 2010 at 7:22 am

      I certainly don’t want to be on the committee but I do think they need people who understand volleyball on it.

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      il y a des limites à ce que l’EN peut faire, notamment elle ne remplacera jamais les parents, et ne permettra jamais d’intégrer un nombre massif d’élèves ne parlant pas la langue (du moins sans une augmentation drastique du budget, qui ne sera pas supportée par les classes moyennes). Vous n’êtes pas là pour sauver le monde.

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      Funny how Elliot Spitzer went down for nookie…Kwame Kilpatrick went down for nookie…But Rethuglys only go down when they are messin’ around with children…Or boys (Foley).Talk about diminished morality.

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      Having read so many of your posts I know how much your animals mean to you. I’m sorry for the loss of Little Pig. It’s good that you are so vigilant about watching out for your animals no matter how brutal the weather is. That large an animal must have really filled the freezer for you. Do you normally render lard from the pigs you slaughter?

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      Ooohh… I love your analogy, Joanne!Now I feel like I have to confess something. The fabric/color combo was Jess's suggestion. But I 'might' have chosen it if she'd given me a chance!! ;)Thanks, everyone!

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      No, To je zanimivo poglavje… Miranda je vedno lovil po velikih posnetkov; moÅ¡ki z denarjem in lepih avtomobilov. Je nekako zdi na nek način kot trofeja žene. Zdaj se dogaja po tem čolnom mehanik? Hmmm. Ok, Prepričan sem, da imaÅ¡ pod kotom tukaj.

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    • Phew, glad to hear it got home with everyone still talking to each other! I live near a Best Buy, and can’t count how often I’ve seen employees trying to shove huge boxes into SmartCars. (Although to be fair, some SUVs have such strange shapes that rectangular boxes don’t go into them well either.)Enjoy Halo! This is more of a GuildWars kind of house….

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      That should have been:The most used phrase on the Iron Man 2 set is “Brrr, it’s cold in here! Someone tell Gwyneth to close her legs.”

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      Thank you Google for less headaches for developers that have to account for IE6 and for smaller javascript frameworks, because code that is now needed for IE6 compatibility issues, that may be removed in the near future.

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      other letters in this series: on failing to live up to ideals on curiosity on intrinsic motivation (and why we won’t do sticker charts) on disagreements and choosing a different path on being open you are not what you do on perspective taking on the most important thing when the going gets hard on falling in love on feelings and needs on empathy on differentiation and self-validation on insecurity on expectations on becoming on respect on requests and demands

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      DawnSeptember 13, 2010 6:03 pmThanks for turning me on to the Viva Granola Website. I look forward to shopping there. I’m most excited about the Soymilke Soy Condensed Milk and the vegan marshmallow kit. What can I say…I’m a sucker for Vegan Desserts :-D

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      These looks are fab! One of my resolutions for this year is to spend more time thrifting/vintage shopping. There is such great stuff out there if you look.

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    • Hudson claims that violence against women is getting wotse. Apart from a single unsubstantiated remark about the assumed impact of the Arab Spring, she offers no evidence to support this claim.It's like if I were to rattle off a bunch of statistics about various causes of death and then assert hat life expectancy was declining.

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      My mom is BIG into thank-yous and made us write lots of them when we were little. I’m so thankful though, b/c it wore off! A good hold-over from the “olden” days. Also, my mom always had us either call or write, so having your kids call might be easier in some situations. Just a tip!

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      “We need someone from every team” doesn’t explain Wilson and Dempster over Hamels. Both were chosen over Cole via the players ballot – what gives?

    • non owners car insurance quotes Rowlett TX January 11, 2019 at 9:59 pm

      Yeah it looks like the majority of it will take place in just one room. (Speaking of which just watched Saw again list night – fantastic).I simply cnnot get enough of Steve Buscemi as an actor, director or whatever. Even films that suck he is usually one of the best things about them (ala The Island(Although I am actually one of the few who really liked that film).

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      If you want more of your movies censored, contact me! I do agree with you in nearly everything, but I know much more and I’m not able to put it properly in English – as you can figure it out, it’s not my first language. We should exchange some information’s, because we are Christina soldiers and brothers.A lot of blessings from Yahshuah.

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      Europe totally never stole land from other people and pushed their beliefs upon them…. Try not to embarass your euro comrades with your ignorant and misguided comments.

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      Mi amado Jesús, te pido perdón por tanto que te he ofendido, te pido perdón por todos los que te ofenden igual que yo, te suplico con tu bendita misericordia mi señor, me llenes de tu amor y tu paz, para no ofenderte mas. te amo señor, te alabo señor, gloria y honra A TI Señor JESÚS.

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      Gee guys, you certainly have an ocean front property. I’m still waiting for you to open back up. Too wet and cold to plant flowers anyway. Or tomato plants!! Hang in there and stay safe.

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      Excellent post, Katie. The country needs well informed, young professionals like yourself. I was excited to see that Townhall published “Bringing back selfish…” My young (liberal) friends are going to screech with even more frustration when I forward them your work. Keep it going, Miss Katie.

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      dp,a sustainable level means a level in which islam does not expand to crowd out the native populationthe numbers on that would essentially require the elimination of Muslim immigration entirely and when combined with deportation of those belonging to islamist mosques or who have committed fraud or assorted crimes, would move into negative numbers

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      Que ne peut détruire l’égoïsme? Que nous sommes parfois si aveuglés de voir dans quel gouffre il nous mène toujours! Tout en espérant que les mêmes causes ne ré-produiront pas les mêmes effets, je souhaite bonne chance à ce groupe qui renait de ses cendres.

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      Soy nueva en esto de la cocina y he descubierto muy buenas recetas en diferentes paginas, lo que mas me ha gustado ha sido las , son un platillo deliciosos y muy nutritivo y se prepara en un dos por tres, una de mis favoritas es la pasta con frutas el sabor agridulce que tiene deleita a cualquier paladar

    • Oh I think I see an organizing junkie emerging…well done! It is addicting though isn’t it. You start with one area and then before you know it you’ve done a couple of closets. Great job and yes you should definitely be proud of yourself. Laura :)

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    • I don’t know you but i thank you. Keep fulfilling your mission for God and for your fellow man and woman. There are many out there who are Christians with OCD who suffer the torment of religous scrupulosity. It’s so good to see someone reaching out to people with those two qualities. Your postings have truly been a blessing to me. Thank you.

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      I can’t help but be distracted by the awful coaching by Red. You have the returner run immediately out of bounds so your QB can throw a Hail Mary 30 yards short of the endzone?And most importantly, WHAT WAS THE SPREAD!?

    • list of auto insurances in Natchitoches LA January 13, 2019 at 1:51 am

      Ma sì…chi condivide questo appello, si schifa all'idea di un oggetto, a contatto con i nostri capelli, che potrebbe ospitare il residuo dei "soldatini" sparati chissà quanto tempo prima.Poi sono le stesse persone che ti danno del paranoico, quando fai notare loro che mangiare gli aperitivi nelle ciotoline dei bar è l'equivalente di farsi pisciare direttamente sulle mani.

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      GÃ¥ in och lyssna till ” Polisen Kickis liv” i samtal pÃ¥gÃ¥r frÃ¥n förra veckan mÃ¥ndagen 21 jan 2008 10:30 Det hon berättar där är om hotet mot

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      If we use a coupon code on our order, will that cut into your funds or just Lulu’s? (Because I’m buying a couple of these things, and I want to make sure you get your money–you deserve it!–but I really don’t care about taking advantage of a discount where Lulu’s $1.25 is concerned.)So excited to get it!

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      I can't say I'm happy with the outcome of the election in New York, you would think that after 30years of demoratic control people would know better. The national outcome however was great, a total rejection of the current administration's agenda, one can only wonder why Pelosi didn't get the message.The only thing I'm not comfortable with is Boehner, I don't trust him. Let's not forget earlier this year when he came out in favor of the taxpayer flipping part of the BP clean-up bill.

    • car insurance Hackensack NJ January 13, 2019 at 5:03 am

      Per laFra: no, cioè, scusa, ho capito bene? C'è qualcuno in Cina che sta leggendo i miei racconti? Minchia, sono onoratissimo. Allora sono ufficialmente uno scrittore internazionale, posso dirlo a mia zia.

    • Luottoystävälle Singer Style Plus, kaunis nimi koneella, paljon surrrrlisää!Hieno ostos, Onnea!Luulen lankojen pian löytyvän kauniin koneesi helmoihin:)Minulla on ollut "koriste"kone, mutta ei ole sitäkään enää.Kaunis helmi kurkistaa…

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      "Mexican immigration is way down under Obama, and so is the Hispanic birth rate. Sure you can blame it on the economy. But we've got 4 more years of Obama, so we should be safe enough there."Good point! Maybe in another 4 years, no one will want to live here. Thanks, I feel better already.

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      I’m a large lover of The 90s Are All That on TeenNick. In all honesty however, I’m just beginning to become bored with the current array of TV programs that they are now running. Subsequently they will get started throwing in more television programs to the 2 hour block of shows. Assuming they never carry out this, then sad to say, Nickelodeon will rapidly reduce audiences.

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      My crank arms are real close to the chainstay and the cadence magnet hits the sensor even though the sensor is mounted as forward as I can get (where I have the most clearance).Is it possible to mount a different magnet on the crankarm or does it have to be the one provide by WAHOO?

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      EvilKnevil1972 on October 18, 2011 It’s a real shame that YOUTUBE allows people like this to make ridiculous, rude and perverted comments like this.I bet his parents are proud..Good for you Adidas…you should be proud of yourself!

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      Tavalla ja sitten nalkuttaa puhelun et livahtamaan, kävitte että laittomia maahanmuuttajia. Tämä palo kiinni hieman asiaa. Haoshua hieman juttu. Yksinkertaisesti tällä alalla. Myöhemmin yritä laittomasti aikaisin laillista salakuljetus [ ] 12. kesäkuuta 2008 klo 11:35 Vastaa: NND, seuraavan kerran uin yli ~ ~! [ ]

    • alright fellas… lets hope the refs keep their noses out of this game, first english speaking game of the tourney so we will see what fifa has done. All i want is a good clean game, no excuses on either side win or lose. Enjoy the match, stay safe, and USMNT… lets channel 1950, we already got the jerseys.

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      I agree. if you had them there, watching, waiting, stairing you in the face all the time. but you couldn't use or do anything with them, well that could be torture. so if you can't reallt use or do anything with them, why have them there? but since you gotta download them, well downloading them obviously means that you must also have what you need to use them.

    • ” I guess she secretly reads my blog” – aw, that made me smile (one day she will!)And you poor thing, I rarely get sick either but this week I have felt so run down, I am doing my best to pretend I am not getting sick :) I hope you feel better!

    • cheapest auto insurance in Poughkeepsie NY January 13, 2019 at 3:04 pm

      I have made this twice already. It is so yummy! I love the hearty texture. I love dried cherries, so use them instead of currants. I also added some vanilla paste to just add another dimension and some flecks of vanilla in the outcome. It tastes delicious heated up in the microwave also. Thank you once again for a very tasty recipe.

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      Une grosse merde mal produite, mal composée et mal jouée (mention au manchot Lars Ulrich et sa caisse claire en étain du 18ème siècle), stérile et pathétique tentative de faire l’illusion qu’on est de retour aux temps révolus de la justice pour tous…! J’ai acheté ce disque et je n’ai pas pu supporter longtemps de le v…

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      There are so many thousands of clients that subscribe to the Yahoo news not simply to get news updates but having a) 'the fun' of conversing with all other clients through news comments and reactions… and b) primarily to answer to the need to present arguments or (counter arguments) to the latest comments to find truthful balance on the issues concerned… Otherwise misconception, untruth, or distorted information were allowed to spread all over the world…(a sin of omission to the moralists)…This makes reply a social responsibility or moral obligation of every participant… and Thus, participation would become a must…

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      Foarte draguta bibliteca… mai ales daca s-ar si vedea calumea. =)) Eu abia astept ziua de maine! :-> Mereu mi-au placut primele zile. =)) Dar da, am lasat totul pe ultima suta de metri… Oricum, succes maine si poate imi aduc si eu aminte ca TREBUIE sa postez pe blog…

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      Hi youtube team Editors, thanks for putting this out there. with support from youtube, these gatherings/meetups can only get better. And hey look at that, the southtube video!! dont supposed we could get that front page since it is quickly approaching us? pretty please with a Nalts on top?

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      até que os atentados serviram pra alguma coisa.. HAHAHA brincadeiras a parte eu acho que os blogs são ótimas maneiras de trocar informações principalmente por serem super diversificados.

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      Article is the beginnings of ‘conditioning’ propaganda, along with the trust to legitimize self-medication with marijuana, by a government that has failed to provide gainful employment, decent education, reasonable opportunity, for its people. U.S.A. they shouted, U.S.A. Hearts filled with Patriotism, Hope, for more than the Capitalists that run this corpocracy are willing to pay for.

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      Hi, Jaasta kaahi Vachala naahi. Phakta post vachli ek- Men’s world, aani thoda tuzya Baddal. ( Sorry, mi jara Friendly houn lihitoy ty mule aaho jaao che sopaskar naahit). Bhasha Chaan aahe. Lihaychi padhat pan changli. Todi stright forward. Lihit raha, anubhavat raha. Maja yeil. Shabda na aapan khelwat naahi, shabda aaplyala khelavtat. TC

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      This game accentuates Management’s failure to add another natural scorer to compliment one else on this team can create there own shot.Cant wait for Nash to return…. Morris and Duhon arent NBA quality players.World Peace is not a starting caliber smalll forward anymore.

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      : j’ai pensé comme toi que son nom aurait pu ou dû être celui d’un simple entarteur, ce qui aurait évité à la victime de vouloir jouer à Saint-Sébastien !

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      First of all, a shout out to AnaDVR for a sweet recap!Secondly, the Popping Battle was awesome as was a bunch of the dances. This year really was one of the best. The “Best Of” dance was definitely cool.I had mixed feelings about who I wanted to win, but I'm not disappointed with Joshua winning at all. I didn't really think he would, but he's an incredible dancer so kudos to him.

    • list of car insurances in Edwardsville IL January 14, 2019 at 5:39 am

      I feel a bonfire coming on.Do the fence yourself. Better two years late than give a man of chunk of hard earned cash.A slurry pit, eh? Go on, chuck someone in it! You know you want to!

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      So when they turn out to be wrong it won't effect there ability to sell data in the future? If a company gets suckered by buying based on their data won't companies in the future disregard their data? It wouldn't do the seller any good to buy data no one believes. It is clear that when the state pays for a particular report they will get what they are looking for. I doubt that their corporate clients will get the same type of story.

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      Thanks for sharing your challenges and triumphs Debbie. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to to through cancer but so many face it every day, and you never know when it might strike. Those gifts are nice to share.

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      Unfortunately devotees in Iskcon are not trained to be introspective to be able to understand such an eloquent philosophical principle. They are trained to blindly follow and are instilled with the Aparadha fear Syndrome that enables the so called leader to control their mind turning potential vaisnavas into an army of fanatics ready to pounce on anyone who disturbs the status quo. It’a a repeat of Catholicism. May Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu bless all of us.

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      don’t forget the americans murdered his sons in their palace when they invaded the joint..poor man..there’s something really malignantly evil about what’s been done there; for democracy? or for petrol???

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    • I think 1 and 2 could also be subdivided into “intentional” and “unintentional”. What if you think you know the truth but you’re really lying? Or what if you try to lie but inadvertently tell the truth?

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      I was saying to a coworker this morning that I wish it was falls so I could wear tights and boots again. Probably a terrible thing to wish!Love the skirt, and better yet, the price. Shiny, maxi goodness!Cute kitty! He does look like a handful.

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      Mas interesante que los crop circles son los petroglifos de san Pedro de Atacama… no crees??interesante informacion sobre la “Hermana del Sol” y otros temas astro-arqueologicos…Saludos

    • I have 2 thoughts: less is more and God wants us to glorify Him in our body (soul and spirit). Thanks for prayers, Debbie, hope you can feel mine also.

    • O que aconteceu com postagem da conversa no MSN?????Eu já previa essa atitude, então usei uma arma que vc mesmo recomendou aqui no 100Ei.., o “Ctrl C e Ctrl V”.Caro Manoel não me decepcione. Sem demagogia, acesso o seu Blog ao menos 3 vezes ao dia.Pensando bem, vc não é, nem de longe, amigo dessa senhorita.

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    • Quando saprai dettagliare dove risiedono (in quale zona del cerebro) e come si manifestano (il cervello si esprime per assimilazione e riproduzione, quindi le emozioni non hanno il MASTER originale) le emozioni che scaturiscono alla vista di un capolavoro dell'arte pittorica o di una sinfonia, allora potrai definire i limiti del PensieroAd oggi, nè tu, nè nessun altro sa inscrivere questa energia in nessun tipo di forma, o diagramma, o funzione di stato…Grazie a DIO!

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      I love rhythmic gymnastics! It’s one of those obscure Olympic sports that doesn’t get a lot of air time, but those ladies are amazing. But I think I just like it because it’s the closest thing the Olympics has to dance =)

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      i really adore your style girl, am now following you on here and adding you to the sidebar on my daily reads. :) this is so effortlessly chic, love how you paired the loose sweater with the hat & boots. <3, Kathleen.

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      Points taken, Daniel. It may be, though, that the fraud this time was either greater than in the past or more cleverly implemented (by targeting key states or even specific, limited counties within those states – and doing this in a selected number of key states). In any case, it should be appealed if identified, and Romney conceded too early given evidence of it.

    • I see where you’re coming from, and I think they should have given her more. But you have to remember than when it comes to missionaries, the money they have generally came from some organization, and it probably wasn’t theirs to give away. There ARE two sides to every story.

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      The hot new iPhone 3GS hit store shelves last week, but the stampede to get the new toy was considerably more quiet than it was a year ago when Canadians first were exposed to iPhone greatness. The reason is simple – it’s damn expensive to upgrade.

    • “It’s interesting how many people become managers because they’re good at previous jobs, not because they have management skills.”‘Aint that the truth! Or they become management because they can’t be managed, give the ‘problem’ to another dept! My last boss before self-employment was amazing at leading and ‘hanging out’. I do realise that not everyone felt this way. I think it is a skill on part of the leader, or is it because by the time we reach the workplace (via school) we have already decided on that’s ‘them’…Thanks Alan, Dawn

    • cheap non owners insurance in Warrensburg MO January 21, 2019 at 3:26 am

      that I had “fibroids the size of golf balls all over my uterus”, I had no symptoms and they shrunk down with my uterus after the pregnancy hormones went away.

    • affordable auto insurance Chesterfield MO January 21, 2019 at 5:54 am

      The idea that these guys are bound by precident is flawed. To an extent that is why the sustem is set up the way it is with an appointed politician in charge and not a military officer. If one or two powerful people hit them very hard they will turn on a dime.If they can make the masses happy, fine, but if they can't, they don't lose sleep over it.

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      After the wall street-bank bailouts, enron and the rich profits oil companies have been harvesting while paying out far too little in taxes. I can understand the disgust the taxpaying citizens of this country are feeling. I'm particularly disgusted w/big oil, because they're nothing but shills for islamonazism.

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      Evelyn,I am so glad that you made this comment.  Thank you for your encouraging, affirming remarks.   I am glad that in some way this site has been encouraging to you.  I hope you will comment again.  I would enjoy hearing from you as often as you wish to comment.I am in Waco (Tx) and am with Crestview Church of Christ.  I have been here almost fifteen years.Thanks again! 

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      Thanks Jane!Totally agree with you. Well put! And to be honest, even though years ago I would not even have considered self-employment at all – now I can not imagine it any other way. :-)xox,Ursula

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      Jeg ønsker mig sko og gavekort til tøj:-)- Den sweater du har pÃ¥, pÃ¥ dit “coverbillede”, med mønsteret, hvor er den købt? Den er vildt fed!<3

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      I’m thankful that all went well. I will continue to pray for positive progress medically for sweet Scout. I am sure it is very difficult to know that she is in pain and I pray that her Dr’s and nurses will be able to help control that with meds. I will pray for a quick recovery so that she will be able to be back at home soon with all of you. God be with you.

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      Oooooo, I wish I could spend a week with her……..and you, and Melissa too, creating together! I am a feltmaker too. And, I love the other artist(s?) you featured. Maybe in another life I was a creator/maker in Istanbul.This trip sounds like a fabulous opportunity and a creativity expanding one!

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      Hi Christine,It's nice to see and hear from you again. Sorry we won't get to meet at National this year but the budgets to tight. It's going to be tight just to make the New Jersey Conference then a few weeks later the Crime Bake in Mass.

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      AAaaagggh!! I don't know which one I love more! The gingham is FABULOUS – I WANT ONE so much I think I will have to figure out how to make one for summer… and the tiger one is SPECTACULAR! You look just beautiful in both, amor. Sarah xxx

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      Look forward to seeing you there pixelrites.And thanks for your thoughts whisperinggums … shame you’re not in Sydney then. I should be back and posting soon about the Australian women writers, have been busy with PhD and UNSW postgrad conference (hope to blog about that too). I agree that land is a major issue for Australians and we can’t escape its presence, especially if we’ve travelled out of the cities. As I have, a lot. Interesting you describe it as a ‘being’ – that might almost sum up my PhD.

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      Nothing new to add but I love this idea. I, too, have been phasing out the plastic. I do have a supply of the lids you picture (both regular and wide mouth). Thanks for the tip. Re yesterday’s post – Nourishing Traditions recipe for broth is excellent.

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      Well, with Susan, she lost one way to heaven, but not all ways.The portal fantasy trope I hated the most was “you forget everything as soon as you get back.” I guess that was the easy way to deal with fitting a person back into a small life after great events, but to me as a kid reader it was not just a cheat, it was a betrayal.

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      Congratulations… exciting for you both!! So much fun decorating a new place from scratch too. Almost makes me want to move again….almost, lol! The glimpse of that building through your window reminds me of Bath–I spent 2 lovely days there when I visited England with my husband and son in 2010. I hope you’re somewhere near there as that would be such a wonderful area to live in. Mind you, I liked everywhere we went and could be just as happy in Yorkshire or Derbyshire as well!Ah, I’m so envious now. Life in small-town Canada just can’t compare to the English countryside (*sigh*).

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      Exacto! “fase de acusação”!como é possível?! que exemplo de Justiça é que pretendem dar com prazos destes num caso tão mediático como este?a imagem de que a Justiça não funciona?(como se não o soubessemos já, veja-se p.ex. o que aconteceu ao sargento Luís Gomes…)

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    • It’s all about pad-snapping difficulty for me this week. Just defeated the Gaping Dragon is Dark Souls, so I’m headed to Blighttown which, from what my friends tell me, is as lovely as the name suggests. Assuming of course the siren song of Skyrim doesn’t lure me away again.

    • Eh I was entertained. It was better then the cop out of the third. But its still shit. I’m all for making a original story based one Resident Evil. It’s actually more enticing then just rehashing the game plots. But come on make sure it can fit in the world that has already been built. For fucks sakes Chris just shows up out of nowhere and I don’t need to explain all the things that don’t make sense about that if you saw the damn movie.

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    • You are correct, the answer to your relative’s question was in those four simple words. “It is not true”. And it is the answer for the demise of all cultish religions. They try to intimidate followers through fear and ignorance.

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    • Ok….. Truth is…. I was imagining the guy as Jason Mraz and it was it; I cried. The concept of the song is Marrying Jason Mraz but it didn’t happen. It just so happens that Jason Mraz wants to “support same-sex marriage” more than starting a family of his own and getting married to this beautiful, talented, PERFECT lady. Is that enough for you Jason?!

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      I do this sort of thing as a parent all the time. I guess parenting is sort of like teaching, only there is no degree required. I respond with things like, "Well, I changed my mind….I'm the boss…I make the decisions around here…You'll survive…Go talk to your father…etc" But that wouldn't go over so well with students.

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