Best quote from a coach

November 28th, 2010

Utah State coach said I could quote him.

“Hawaii got hosed.”

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  • Spike

    We hear these kinds of quotes from various coaches every year and the following year the same thing happens.

    Is there nothing the AVCA can do? I understand AVCA is separate from the NCAA and the selection committee but, come on, they must have some sort of lobbying power to make changes.

  • Howard

    I don’t care what he has to say he’s a one and done loser anyway

  • Don

    I beg to differ on USU being ‘one and done’. They sure didn’t play ‘one and done’ against UH or NMSU…

    If they (USU) can play like they did in the WAC final, they’ll give Cal’s hitters fits. Remember, no Hana Cutura to bail you out if things get bad…

    • jmy

      No Hana Cutura to bail them out but they still have Lloyd, Murrey, Hawari & Gehan…

    • Warrior15

      Cal is very good though … i’ve seen a number of their matches this season (online and on tv) …

      they run a very fast offense (unlike last year) and have big, quick hitters and blockers. Murrey is playing like a POY candidate this season, and they’ve Lloyd running the show at setter.

  • John

    Be nice Howard. We from Hawaii have more respect and manners than that. As a member from the WAC the farther USU goes in the tourney the better it makes us look and the WAC. I`ll root for USU to go far until they meet up with our Wahine if that happens….?

    • Kazu

      I’m with you John. As long as there’s another team from the same confrence with the Wahine’s, i’m rooting for them. Go Bows!!!! Go Aggies!!!

  • Howard

    Come see me on Dec 3rd and tell me all about Utah State.

  • John

    You must be a Cal fan…? Auwe..

  • John

    Well after next year you won`t have to worry about that, right.

  • Howard

    Here is some more food for thought. Every year all you hear is we don’t get challenged then you get challenge and they complain about being challenged.

  • RYK

    It’s not about being “challenged” it’s about being treated fairly. Can anyone say with a straight face that Hawaii has been treated fairly by the NCAA in the last 7 years, since they hosted the last time.

    • Howard

      Wrong it’s about what I said it was about. Last year it was the same crap,Hawai`i got screwed ,Hawai`i is out raged then Hawai`i is in the Final Four.

      Get over this Hawai`i got screw stuff because every one is laughing at us ..AGAIN.

      • warriorfan

        US?? I don’t see your ass playing on the court. This is about the wahine not getting the chances to play in front of their family and friends despite being seeded every single year, that is not fair.

      • Warrior15

        i don’t see anyone complaining about being “challenged” in the post-season… if anything that’s expected. and i expect the Wahine to give their all just as they did last year.

        what i do see are some valid criticisms of the NCAA’s selection and bracketing criteria…

      • dino

        Yeah, hoping like last season that Dave and the Wahine’s “outrage” produces some much needed fire in the players and they go out to prove themselves again.

      • dino

        Confucious say “the squeaky wheel gets no grease and if Wahine fans dont express outrage NCAA will keep screwing you”

  • Howard

    Suck it up cry babies.

  • Ryk

    One more thing aren’t these matches Thurs-Fri. So I guess it’s OK to fly out Hawaii and Michigan on short notice, but we can’t fly out teams to Hawaii on short notice.

    • Warrior15

      good call … the Washington subregional is the only one slated for Thur-Fri matches.

      and that has been something voiced in the past as a reason for not allowing Hawaii to host (when Hawaii’s bids have been for Thur-Friday series, like it was this year).

  • Howard

    These kids are not afraid of a challenge.

    • Warrior15

      you’re opposed to people voicing complaints about the NCAA’s flawed process for tournament selections.

      but you’re not opposed to stating the obvious, i see … ;)

  • Yabba-Dabba-Doo

    Nothing is going to change what is done so climb on board and enjoy the ride.

  • John

    Good point RYK. When Hawaii bids to host, they won`t fly anyone out to Hawaii because it`s too short notice. Ha!! Then they go and send us on the road with short notice when we just got back from traveling. Hyprocrites. If they were smart, they`d send the teams here to Hawaii. They`d make more money for sure. Oh by the way, how many fans did the USC tourney draw last year?

  • warriorfan

    well anyone know if KFVE is gonna show any of the matches???

  • JMT

    utah state will catch cal off guard. i say it’s going to

  • Mr. Daffy Duck

    Cal will work Utah State like a part time job.

  • BIK

    LOL,”Utah State coach said I could quote him.” No one don’t even knows who the Utah State coach is so his quote obviously means nothing.

  • John

    Hey if USU can upset the Wahine, why can`t they do the same to others. We got caught sleeping and look what happened. If other teams do the same USU could have a chance. Look at what they did in the beginning of the season.

  • dino

    Exactly,USU and WAC are so disrespected that Cal could be looking past USU and actually lose a set.Wahine need to be careful too and step it up vs PSU and not be thinking about UW.

  • John

    That`s exactly right too! I have a feeling this will be a crazy tourney with a lot of upsets. Just hope it`s not us first..

    • Lyle

      No, in the NCAAs single elimination format, there is a sense of urgency. The better teams will show themselves and dispatch the underlings.

  • Cindy Luis

    It is sad that the AVCA can’t do anything about the selection committee. I would have thought the backlash from last year, when the coaches voted certain teams, such as Hawaii, higher than the seeding, that the committee would have changed. IMHO, the minute the AVCA headquarters shifted to Kentucky, things changed in favor of the east coast. but that’s just me. And the AVCA is not the not the selection committee. There is an agenda that is not fair to the sport

  • John

    My thoughts exactly Cindy. Thanks for pointing this out. I think something seriously needs to be done about this. It`s so blatently clear that the committee favors other conferences.

  • dino

    OK then who in the NCAA decides the members of the committee?Then we get Obama to fire him/her and have Cindy appoint new committee members

    • Cindy Luis

      skycap, I’ll ask our webmasters about it. drives me nuts that the blogs are not consistent. I understand Tsai’s being different because it came over from the Advertiser. Will ask, thanks.

  • Wahinemaniac

    sorry couldnt wait to write. wahines need to take all their frustrations on psu then here comes a final fotype of 2nd rd match. any of the 3 teams can win. just look at the 2 other teams schedules. pretty impressive. if hawaii was in the pac 10 they would probably be non seeded like washington. washington had wins over usc, ucla, oregon, and arizona. michigan had wins over wisconsin, illinois, ohio st, and minnesota to name a few. the wahines no doubt will have to play their best match of the year to get past this rd. in order for hawaii to be considered in the future like 2011 to host we need to make a statement winning on this tough road to the final four. then that will not be enough, we would have to be national champs. the volleyball world outside hawaii looks at us as pretenders not contenders

  • John

    That`s not a bad idea. Cindy, how do we get you elected to the NCAA committee? ;-) Also have to agree with Maniac that our tourney 1st & 2nd round will be tough as hell! Let`s hope the girls are pissed off again. In the staradvertiser the pic of them sure don`t look happy. All the way girls!! Let`s go!!

  • skycap

    It would be nice if you can ask Stephen T, or Dave R, to help you set up your BLOG like their with the NUMBER’S.

  • grrrr go bows

    I don’t doubt that all teams playing on are in business mode. The experienced coaches know that preparing for each match is where everyone’s focus should be on. At this point every team is a good team in theory, so looking past a match is a big mistake. The experienced players know that each lost ends the season so playing to win is a must. The only difference between winning or losing is how you handle the pressure. What is not controllable is the outside factors that can create more added pressure that no one wants. When you have lopsided regionals, that creates un wanted pressure for all teams in that region and from the start they are at a disadvantage. It is obvious that the committee members have no love for the sport or the players. Its about politics and favoritism. Penn state lost its last regualr match and got a four seed? Cal beat Stanford, lost to ASU and got a 7 seed? the parity is non existent and to hide behind the RPI is really pathetic. A better way to seed the teams, is to place everyone in a bag and pull names and place them in a region closest to their home. No seeding just play.

  • maybe the new gov can get to the NCAA and find out if the Vball committe is qualified to do what they are doing.
    He says he is a die hard UH supporter. And maybe we can get him to investigate the networks and how they control
    the NCAA selections for football BCS

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