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July 15th, 2012

Sorry gang but I am on the mainland taking care of some things with my mom and won’t be able to post much. Appreciate you keeping the decisions alive.

As for the roster, depending on who competitive it is, Shoji has waited until days before the match to make the roster official. There’s been a couple of preview issues where we went to press before the final roster and listed people as tentative. It will be interesting to see how many he carries, who redshirts.

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  • Beauston

    This blog reallllly need a new entry somebody please!

    Posted on Diggin Na Wahine
    Big West Pre-Season coaches poll has been released
    Hawaii on top with 9 1st place votes and Cal Poly got 1 (weird but maybe Shoji voted for them, not sure whether you can vote for your own school or not)

  • That Cal Poly vote by Shoji got me. Their two best players from last season are out. Graven to St Marys and Keddy medical redshirt.

  • vballfreak808

    Continuing the DS Discussion:

    Even though the added more substitutions, Shoji won’t use them as much. Before I was thinking that he would sub Kam and Lelepali to sub in for the middles but since Longo is coming in, I don’t think that won’t happen as much. I have watched multiple Penn State matches as Longo’s serve is pretty tough, she was 2nd on her team in aces so I can see maybe only Lelepali coming in for the other middle and Maeda for maybe Kastl.

    • Steve

      You need to remember, Shoji did sub for Croson, in the back row, especially early in matches when Croson was off her digging. Also, there is still a question mark, if Kastl, or even Hartong can handle the digging work, throughout the entire match.

    • Hot

      OK, my 2 cents. Maeda or Longo at libero. Whoever isn’t is going to play back row significantly, for either Kastl or Goodman or whoever the opposite is. A third DS will be used to serve. That’s either Kam or Lelepali. One of them will be used to sub in to help with the passing, too, if either Croson and Hartong struggle. Croson has had her passing issues throughout the 2011 season. I don’t know about Kawamura or Mendoza, but I suspect they’ll play in some capacity. Spieler and Ponce are redshirt possibilities. Last year, Shoji had five active DSs: Maeda, Griffiths, Blake, Kam and Lelepali. All saw action.

  • kidlv

    Roster photos are up.

  • vballfreak808

    They all look beautiful. I can’t see the transfers in green or short sleeves though

  • Steve

    Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the first day of Wahine Volleyball practice. Hope Ann or Cindy are on the island to give some insight on the team, during practice.

  • vballfreak808

    The good thing about being in the Big West is that when they have a Player of the Week, they submit it to the AVCA (unlike the WAC) for a chance to get National Player of the Week. I am looking forward to that!

  • vballfreak808

    1st Practice starts at 6:30 AM. Good luck Wahine!

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