Can this be fixed?

September 28th, 2008

Hawaii is now 1-3 after its ugly loss (six turnovers, 115 penalty yards) to San Jose State last night. Can what ails the Warriors be cured as they head into the meat of the WAC schedule, including games at Fresno State and Boise State? 

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  • still hope September 28, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    I don’t think all is lost…defense looked good and I think inoke has potential. Coaches need to pick a qb and stick with him…its the only way the offense will start clicking. When Brennan threw choke picks against idaho, coaches stuck with him, and the offensive cohesion came around. Gotta stop the qb carousel. if I were the coaches, i would roll with inoke cause he still has two years left. Offense needs to take advantage of their rbs and run the ball more (gotta cater to their strenghts)

  • kevin September 28, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Wow! It sure doesn’t look like it. It is starting to look like UH’s wins this season are going to come from Idaho and New Mexico. I find it hard to believe that the talent drop off is this great coming off of a season that had the Warriors in the Sugar Bowl. We kept hearing that the recievers were just waiting for their turn. Well, if they don’t have a QB that can put the ball in their hands, I guess we’ll never know. What we do know is that it appears our defense can keep us in games. If the team is playing this poorly now, what happens next season as we get even younger? I know it is jumping the gun, but if the veteran QB’s can’t do it, maybe we should give Rausch or Alexander another shot. QUESTION: Was it really fair to judge two JC transfers performance against an SEC opponent in Florida? There sure was alot of talk about both of them having great arms, and it sure seems like that’s what we need. Of course that was before Graunke came back. But maybe we do need a clean break from the JJ era, Graunke and all. Maybe the FIX we need is with one of the JC transfers.

  • Thomas September 28, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Quick Answer: No

    I know everyone is saying that it is too early to be jumping off the bandwagon, but lets be honest here. The coaching staff is in WAY over their heads.

    Look at the situation with Quarterback. Its no wonder the offense hasn’t found its rhythm. No quarterback has played the entire game before getting pulled. And the way that they keep playing musical chairs is ridiculous.

    For example, if Grunke was injured and couldn’t start, then he shouldn’t have been in there at the end of the game. Did his hand heal during the two hours since the game started? But if he was able to play and the coaches believed that he could play, then why didn’t he start?

    Why didn’t they put in Alexander? Oh, he’s not ready yet to read his progression? Then why did they start him in the season opener? And what about Raush? This is the guy that the coaches said was ready to be the starter at the start of the year. Now, he’s fourth on the depth chart.

    Are the players swinging that much during practice that drastically changes the way the coaches view them? Or is it that the coaches don’t know what they are doing?

    Yes, its still early. But the way the coaching staff is managing this team is simply horrendous right now and is absolutely destroying the confidence of each QB.

  • joseph m. souki September 28, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    Utter madness! Regents and Athletic Director let Jones go, and promote a good defensive coach with no head coach experience to head coach with a hefty raise. Why wasn’t that offer made to Jones.

  • Jeremy September 28, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Experience has given us a 1-3 record, until we play talent and talent alone we will continue down this path, if we really started the best athletes the offense would look drastically different.

  • RedZone September 28, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Too early for me to judge coaching staff. I thought that the players played a good 1st half. The problems they have had in the were so numerous that I did not think that they would have solved all of them but I can see an improvement in some areas so I
    if they continue to work hard we will see how good this teamcan be.

    I will not give up on this team until the team gives up.

  • Passing Thoughts September 28, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Depends on what you mean by “Can this be fixed?” I’m a die hard fan and think the team can still make “their bowl” at the end of the season even if it’s a slight chance, but I don’t feel as confident about the Warriors winning the WAC or even coming in second. The defense is doing very well, but they can only do so much. The offense this year isn’t rebuilding, it’s more like self demolishing. The coaches deserve a lot of the blame, but so do the players themselves.

    Inoke is a great and unselfish team player and leader with a lot of speed and toughness, but he is not the type of quarterback needed for the type of offense UH runs. Opponents know Inoke can’t throw deep and his short to medium throws are nothing to brag about. Knowing this makes it a lot easier on opposing defenses by letting them simplify their defensive schemes and putting more defenders in the box. Inoke should be in the backfield or playing in the slot where his speed and skills could be more effectively used.

    It was a mistake to put Graunke in the game. If Graunke was not ready/prepared for the game or was not fully healed then he should have stayed on the sidelines. Poor judgement and a sign of desperation from the coaches for putting him in. The JC transfers might be good, but they are learning a new offense and going through the adjustment and shock of playing in Div I football. I still believe that we should give some of the QBs that have been on the team a couple years a chance to show their mettle. Those QBs are the ones that have been throwing passes to the current starting receivers who used to be on the scout teams and farther down the depth chart before becoming starters.

    Overall, I’m disappointed in the team’s performance thus far except for the defense. If the team can get their act together and have some leaders and playmakers step up on offense, I’m hoping the Warriors can win enough games for a bowl or at least win more than three or four games.

  • Kyle September 28, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Madness is a good place to start regarding the total collapse in performance against Weber State and SJSU. The position coaches and coordinators should release public statements about what is going on and their personal evaluations of the units they coach and their own performance.

    The gameplanning needs to improve. Instead of just trying to get better, the offense needs attainable goals to practice and execute for every single game. They will get better in time. The decision to not execute during the 4th quarter of Weber State is a mistake, we do not have the luxury to miss game-time reps, the O is sputtering. We replaced 6 starters from last years offense, hello. They need live reps.

    I have faith that things will improve, can’t get much worse. We are ranked 103rd in total offense, 119th in turnover margin, and 117th in sacks allowed. The fair weather fans may start squacking, but we gotta stay the course. It may be wise to have no expectations for the season, but telling that to season ticket holders, PPV purchasers and bandwaggoners in these tough times. I will continue to buy the live-streams and enjoy from far-a-way Pullman, WA.

    Enjoyed the aggressiveness on defense, marginal improvement on special teams, and Pilares’ running ability. Go Warriors

  • RedZone September 28, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Dave sorry about the typos earlier. I was trying out my new Ipod Touch. One finger typing is brutal. I will try to get more reps in. Hopefully I will execute better in the ear future.

  • UHM92 September 29, 2008 at 3:01 am

    What a heartbreaker. I thought we could pull it out, and we should have. We need to step it up otherwise we’re going to have a bad run this year. Fresno and Boise will be tough games this year. Not looking good for the Defending WAC Champs.

    I just wonder what will happen if its not fixed. I wanted to give Mac the benefit of the doubt after losing JJ and Brennan. I wasn’t sure of him or his credentials, but I wanted to let him prove it.

    Now I am starting to wonder. There sure does appear to be a high level of indecisiveness within the roster (can’t help some due to injury). Mac has only brought more doubt in my mind of whether he was the right man for the job. I thought that UH did make a rush decision to fill the gap when JJ left, but I wanted to hold my doubt and let him have a chance.

    What I really wonder is in a year of transition, at what point will Mac start taking the heat for the record? How long will UH allow him to keep it up before he gets called to the carpet?

  • Bob Anderson September 29, 2008 at 4:06 am

    When the “ROARING RAINBOWS” return to Manoa and the team truly represents HAWAII things will improve. There has not been any school spirit or big public support for these animals that call themselves warriors. The warrior name and idiot dressed up that beats the drums obviously scares no one.

  • somedude September 29, 2008 at 11:08 am

    Defensively, the Warriors are just as good or better than they’ve ever been. We know they can keep the team in games and it appears as though they’re going to have to win them, too. The offense is simply a mess. As the football cliche goes, “it all begins up front”. I’ve never seen offensive tackles beat on such a regular basis. With the disaster that is supposed to be blocking the offense is reduced to looking like friends playing in the street. Granted, Colt Brennan was rare. He was everything that a quarterback needs to be and we were spoiled into that wonderful lull of how a 4-wide offense is “supposed to be”.

    Thomas’ comments are right on the money and he asks completely valid questions. Joseph M Souki is clearly not completely informed about the JJ contract situation. The “off the record” reality is that JJ had accepted the SMU job before the Sugar Bowl and it showed in the teams preparation & performance. The whole charade of him having a personal decision crisis and that he woke up one morning and “was at peace” was what we here in Hawaii refer to as “shibai”. There was, quite literally, nothing anyone could do to keep JJ here. Heck, he didn’t even want to be here. But the prospect of having a direct deposit of more than $150,000 a month is hard to turn down. And, to play gossip for a sec, isn’t it curious that a certain un-named former volleyball player is said to have a job at SMU?

    Can this be fixed? Unfortuately, that is only something that can be realized with time. How a team improves over the course of a season is a direct indication of coaching. We have to just wait and see and keep going to Aloha Stadium to support the guys.

  • WarriorNation September 29, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    The problem was with the O line the whole game. Number 78 had a couple of false starts and missed a couple of key blocks. Until the O line gets better, its gonna be a long season. I put it on the coaching staff by not getting the O line ready to block. I saw Brian Smith talking to his O line but that was in the 4th quarter going over blocking schemes. Seems like the players weren’t listening.
    Also, what is up with all the chest bumping after making good plays?? Who cares, keep the energy for the game and not for jumping around. It looks silly and shows the team in undisciplined.

  • Big Island Lava September 29, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    Everyone knows that you need to make the best with what you have. Evidently we thought we had more than what we thought we had. New head coach, having to replace key players in key positions and everyone else on UH’s schedule are playing up. Add to that UH Warriors not playing up to their potential is a definite formula for the heartbreak Hawaii fans are now experiencing. I still believe that Mack was the coach to go with and is the reason a lot of the players with thoughts of leaving stayed because of Mack. I still have faith in Mack and the rest of the coaching staff and ending season win/losses will not deter that faith. We will get better and maybe our players will show the heart and pride that makes our Warrior team unique. All we need is one upset. Do the unexpected and win when no one gives us a chance to win. And no time sooner than this weekend, we need to shock the football world. Hawaii over Fresno State 17 to 14.

  • Fred Rohlfing September 29, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    SJS game provided my first chance to view this year’s Warriors on Maui PPV. It was most disappointing, despite the amazing heroics of the defense. I too wonder about the musical chairs in the QB position which determines offensive leadership quality. Funaki did well in the 2nd Q. but couldn’t get it together in the 2nd half. It was too much to expect Garunke with little or no practice time to pull off a miracle. As for discipline, too many personal foul penalties were incurred. Hawaii fans want a winning team not a dirty team. Coach Mac seems like a great guy…but maybe he’s gotta come down hard on the offense.
    I’m not giving up. Its time to dig deep into Rainbow/Warrior tradition and make a committment- like last year. We still can have a winning season.

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