Change to blog, thoughts on NCAA semifinals, finals?

May 4th, 2010

Happy to report that you can now post without waiting on me to approve it. Think it will be soooo much better since I’m not online 24-7. AND I’ll be traveling for most of the next two weeks with sparse internet connection.
Please remember the guidelines: no profanity, no cheap shots.

So I underestimated Stanford … maybe overestimated CSUN … last Saturday. Really thought the Matadors could pull it out for a third time this season. But think losing Set 2 the way they did was a direct hit to their collective psyche.

I expect it to be an all-MPSF final… again .. on Saturday. Penn State has had some bad losses. Although I think PSU coach Pavlik is one of the nicest guys in the game, just don’t see the Nittany Lions winning this on. And Ohio State was very fortunate to get past Loyola last week.

Saturday final. Can’t see how the Cardinal could be denied. Kawika Shoji deserves this. I did think he should have gotten the MPSF player of the year over Lawson. but setters seem to be undervalued, odd since quarterbacks in football get so much glory.

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