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October 15th, 2012

So great to see Allen Allen the other night (and wife Melissa who played Wahine basketball) Happened to tune into OC16 last night and they had the five-set win from Feb. 22. 1988 over Pepperdine in Klum Gym. Kind of hard getting used to the sideout format again. I do appreciate both scoring styles but do miss the old school. and loved the Bow-Zows.

Allen was simply amazing, team included Damien Hardy, Carlos Briceno, Waioli Gonsalves, Brian Poppinga. Doug Rigg setting for Pepperdine. and Allen with his impressive cutbacks.

now on to the topic

The criteria for COH selection is on the UH website as well as the list off all the inductees.

Committee members have  about 6 pages of everyone who is eligible for induction by sport. among the automatic criteria is All-American, NCAA champion and Olympian. Every year anyone who receives an all-Ameircan honor is added to the list as well as the year they become eligible for induction. It’s supposed to be a 5 year wait but there have been some exceptions, such as Stan Sheriff and Les Murakami.

anyone can submit a nomination. Since I serve as historian I am happy to pass along nominations to the committee for the class of 2013. You can mail them to me at the office

Star-Advertiser Sports, 7-210 Waterfront Plaza, 500 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu 96813.

The committee makeup changes year to year. you usually serve a two-year term and can volunteer to serve a second term. I don’t have a vote as historian but can help with the discussions about past nominaees who were not voted in previously to help give newer members some back ground.

The nominations and discussions can be passionate. There are several meetings the lead to a final ballot (secret) and the inductees are those with most points. My role as historian is to create bios for nominees that are given to the committee and then also help with the wording that goes on the plaque.

Someone brought up Willoughby and her past legal troubles. Things that happen after UH career don’t normally come into play, obviously being an Olympian usually happens after UH. However, post-UH accomplishments and community contributions are part of the consideration.

The thing I can say is. UH has an incredibly rich athletic tradition, there are hundreds who meet the initial criteria, and it is a decision the committee does not take lightly.





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