Danielson named WAC POW 9-26

September 26th, 2011

Nice to see the WAC is recognizing Hawaii more this season.

Danielson named the player of the week today, 10th time in her career and second time this season.

She has 10 double-doubles so far.

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  • Warrior15

    if there’s ever a time for Kanani to get a Nat’l player of the week, it’s this week, where she not only put up great numbers, but it’s also complimented by her joining the 1,000 kill/dig club for her career.

    congrats and good luck!

  • vballfreak808

    I agree with her getting National Player of the Week! She also could have got it last year in the tournament with USC if they won that match since Jupiter ended up winning it. But doesn’t the WAC have to nominate her name to the AVCA?

    Did they have practice today?

  • Cindy Luis

    Yes, there’s be a post as to the selection process. the WAC has to nominate her.
    no practice today.

  • vballfreak808

    NCAA Stats are out

    Individual Stats

    Hitting Percentage:
    20: Emily Hartong- .396
    28: Brittany Hewitt- .379
    172: Chanteal Satele- .309
    211: Kanani Danielson- .298

    Kills Per Set:
    30: Kanani Danielson- 4.21
    111: Jane Croson- 3.60

    Assists Per Set:
    16: Mita Uiato- 11.46

    Blocks Per Set:
    13: Brittany Hewitt- 1.44
    106: Emily Hartong- 1.06

    Digs Per Set:

    Aces Per Set:
    122: Jane Croson- 0.35

    Points Per Set:
    26: Kanani Danielson- 4.83

    Team Stats

    Kills Per Set:
    4: Hawaii- 14.85

    Assists Per Set:
    6: Hawaii- 13.65

    Blocks Per Set:
    10: Hawaii- 2.94

    Hitting Percentage:
    3: Hawaii- .302

    Digs Per Set:
    179: Hawaii 14.38

    Aces Per Set:
    139: Hawaii 1.29

  • vballfreak808

    Any practice today? Sorry, I am anxious about his comment on every position is open!

    • Cindy Luis

      As for the comment that ‘every position is open’ I think he’s looking at not stressing Hewitt out if her back keeps acting up and Satele does seem to be slowed by her thigh problem. He mentioned to Ann Miller that he’s particularly looking at libero and right side.
      could mean he starts griffiths at L maybe moves Hartong to the right and puts Adolpho in at MB. I’m just speculating.

  • satelefan

    Some can do no wrong.

    • wahinefan

      hitting %
      Satele, Chanteal .309

      Croson, Jane .217

      Danielson, Kanani .298

      • Cindy Luis

        Merely passing along what Shoji said to Ann which is in today’s story.

      • Steve

        Wahinefan – You really cannot go with hitting %, cause Satele to do well against average to below average FCS teams. But look at her stats when the Wahine play against Elite Teams, ie UCLA. Those are the kinds of teams the Wahine will need productions from the RS to even get close to winning a Nation Championship.

        • Cindy Luis

          Agree you can’t go on hitting percentage because both Danielson (493) and Croson (442) are taking way more attempts. Satele has 236. But that is the nature of the LSs. I do think satele is a tremendous player but she’s playing hurt, isn’t being used much in the back row. Whereas Croson and Danielson are pretty much playing all the way around.
          Croson has struggled but both times she got out of negative at the end. She’s still learning. and she plays great defense. She sets an ugly ball, tho.

          • Steve

            Cindy, I believe McLachlin calls Croson’s set, “the sand set”. Btw, I am not knocking Satele, what hurts her against the Elite Teams is her height, which she cannot do anything about. Her height is not a problem against the below Elite teams. If she were 3 or 4 inches taller she would diffinitely be able to hold her own against the Elite teams.

          • Cindy Luis

            Yes, I’ve called it the beach set as well. You’re not knocking Satele. neither am I. What shoji has said is they were going to look at the right and libero this week.

        • Mike

          Satele did well against Pepperdine and the first match against USU. She also did well against Stanford in the tourney with SMC.

    • Mike

      Absolutley agree. Croson hits 000 on 50 plus swings and she is a fighter because she gets out of the negative.
      On the other hand, give Satele that many sets and I’m pretty sure she’ll hit .217.

      • Cindy Luis

        the thing about hitting percentage … hard to really judge how someone played based on a state sheet. Danielson gets a lot of trouble sets and sometimes has no where to go but into the block or hit weird angle. not really her fault. it might be an off set but if the player makes an attempt, that is considered an attack.

  • Jesusofsuburbia

    I’d say let Croson hit RS some as well. Mix it up.

    • Cindy Luis

      Croson hits right once every rotation. The way this offense is set up, the lefts hit left twice, right once. The right hits right twice, left once.

  • HH

    Well, if Shoji starts Griffiths at libero, I hope puts Maeda full-time as a back row sub for Satele. I love watching Maeda play (when she is not shanking passes). Her passing needs work, but her defense is outstanding. Those off-the-block digs and her coverage of hitters is impressive. Griffiths is probably a more consistent passer, so I hope she continues to be given a shot.

    As for Croson, she may get into a passing funk, or struggling on offense, but she makes it up in another department. She’s something special. She’s one of those players that need to be on the floor.

    • Cindy Luis

      Griffthis-Maeda … I feel Maeda is a little more mobile but Griffiths may have a better court awareness and definitely a a better serve, being a DS most of her careerl. Maeda was OH at Roosevelt.
      Each has gifts the other doesn’t possess. Someone mentioned it would be nice if they could be morphed into one. since that’s not going to happen, UH has good options at L and DS.

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