Did anyone catch Shoji on Bobby’s show this morning?

December 4th, 2012

All-American teams should be announced later today. I won’t be able to monitor. having oral surgery that will last all morning.  will get to it when I get back home.

Dang, only caught Shoji’s  last comment, something about exploring other avenues to get seeded.

At least that’s what I thought he said.

Agree that it is tiresome that the complaints about seeding continue. It’s pau and it is what it was. However think we pretty much all agree that Hawaii seems to be the only school that consistently gets the short end by the selection committee.

Someone said that the answer was to win all their matches. There is no undefeated team in the country this season. Obviously it didn’t hurt to lose in the other conferences. It wasn’t Hawaii’s fault that the Big West had a down year.

The RPI is a computer ranking but it is not infallible. Someone had to input the info and you have to wonder how the original data was weighted.

People keep talking about next year’s schedule and the RPI. Next year’s RPI has noting to do with this year’s RPI. It’s a different season. And San Diego State coming over to the big west will only help if Deitre’s schedule is good and the Aztecs win. Even being the MWC co-champ this year didn’t give SDSU a seed. Feel that whatever strength SDSU brings will be negated by Boise State also being in the league.


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