Good news for the blog

July 23rd, 2011

Have been told that the format will be changed in the next few weeks to be consistent with the rest of the blogs.
was told the problem was the server. I was still on the server. blogs such as stephen tsai’s was on the old advertiser server. Finally we have an SA server.

thanks for all your patience. cheehoo

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  • Thank You

    does that mean we get to post “FIRST” when we have the first comment… lol.. kidding kidding.. but thank you for keeping this blog going..

  • Cindy Luis

    TY, it will mean you can be the first to post in the AM and it will be numbered.
    guess i need a name like the Tsaikos.

    since I am soooo Clu-less perhaps we can work off of that.

    • Thank You

      lol.. ya i was thinking more like the Tsaiko’s where its numbered.. but either way im alright with it..

  • warriorfan

    YES great news, i hate this format.

  • chester


  • Warrior15

    So you’ve never bought a newspaper before? What’d you do before newspapers had an online presence?

  • Warrior15

    The above was obviously not posted by me. But by the actual “dumbie” who disagreed with what I had to say and didn’t have a good enough response…

  • Cindy Luis

    W15, thanks. i deleted ellamentary’s rude post.

    without the rudenss, the comment was about not reading this rag. weird since how could they post without first reading? But we’ve had many say that they don’t subscribe since they read online. But if there was no print edition there would be no online edition.

    The blogs will be free and not part of the premium fee.

  • abacaxi

    Since you used the term, how about the name Cheechoos?

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