Hartong & Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 2012

I know I’ve mentioned this before but since it’s is Dec. 7, worth repeating.

Hartong’s grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor. Royal George Hartong was stationed on the USS Montgomery. The Montgomery’s number was No. 17, which is why Hartong wears No. 17.

According to Harttong’s dad, it was the dream of Emily’s grandfather that she play for UH. She had over 100 scholarship offers but she had always wanted to be a Wahine, had a UH poster on the wall when she was around 10. And she has quite the collection of tikis beginning with her first family vacation here.

Grandpa passed away at age 90 in January of 2011, right after her freshman season.



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  • Wow!!! mind boggling, 100 offers, really? I recall that story of why Emily wears 17, a beautiful way to remember and honor her grandpa. I’m sure it inspires her greatly when she steps out on the court for every match wearing #17.

  • ukucheck

    my fave player….

  • Kazu

    Her grandfather would have been really proud of her.
    Thank you Mr. Hartong for your service.

  • Ron

    She is just plain special, special, special, what a gift her grand father gave us by surviving the attack.

  • tenzil

    Well I just got chicken skin for breakfast today. ;) Thanks for sharing.

  • al

    emily hartong will go down as one of best of the best in na wahine lore.

    but, somebody please explain to jim leahey how her last name in pronounced.

  • volleyball fan

    What a great story! Well, I wish that next year in her senior year, she can lead her team to the coveted Final Four at least. A national championship would be icing on the cake. The team should be inspired by what Oregon just did, upset Nebraska on home court in front of over 8,000 screaming fans to make it to the Final Four for the first time ever! That’s so awesome. So, Rainbow Wahines, if you read this, start practicing for next year and keep that dream alive, drive for five!

    • Cindy Luis

      Her folks read the blog. Dad said thanks for all the kind words and the nod to his dad, Papa Joe as they called him.

  • sunandsurf

    Add Michigan’s win over Stanford!!! Unbanked Michigan played really well….

  • Jesse

    Watching all these matches is not fun. Too many teams I think the wahine could beat, if only.

  • rayson

    In rooting for a Michigan- Oregon final. It would great someone else besides the usual suspects win it all.

    Cindy, I forgot to ask this earlier but it’s curious to see Texas coming next year. I remember you posted awhile ago something to the effect that we shouldn’t expect to see Texas back here again as long as Shoji is still coaching (something about being too high maintenance). Did Shoji change his mind in light of how the NCAA’s been screwing over the Wahine?

  • We love Emily Hartong – thank u for choosing the Wahine/UH. – thank u granda pa Hartong for serving this amazing country of ours…. And yes this did bring tears to my eyes. -Hartong is a special player and an incredible one at that!!!

  • Grammy

    I believe she will wear a USA team uniform as well and I hope it is #17, too and represent the US in the Olympics. Maybe as an opposite because of her versatility. Cross your fingers. Go Em make Grandpa proud we all know you have and can do that with distinction.

  • Manu

    Wow…….and another great story about our Wahines. A salute to Em’s Grand-dad! And Thank you Emily for choosing to come to Hawaii to honor him. You are definitely a gem.

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