Hawaii-Arizona rewind

August 28th, 2011

A good win for Hawaii. Have to say, tho, Arizona didn’t put up much of a fight. Which surprised their coach. They were pretty flat.
Uiato did set a nice game. Think it helped that they went to Hartong early which opened it up on the left. Hewitt had 16 sets, Danielson 18, Croson 18, Satele 10-0-17, Hartong 10 sets.
Very balanced attack and the passing was there so they could run the middle often.
Match lasted 83 minutes. I thought it would go at least four. but Arizona wasn’t consistent all weekend. They are pretty young, 3 seniors and one completely disappeared tonight in Hanzlova.
Danielson picked up her 900th dig in the middle of Set 3. She has 902 for her career.
Thought the serving was good. Arizona coach thought so too, says that hawaii’s going to have to do that to compensate for being a little smaller.
Pretty good defense. 31 digs, 10 by Maeda. They’re getting better on the block, learning to jump together.
well, heading over the pali. have a good night.

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  • Laura

    Ryan Tsuji seems to really know the game of volleyball. He said at the beginning of the game that it was not going to be close, that the Wahine would win in 3. Noticed Arizona looked really flat while warming up.

  • warriorfan

    Don’t understand how Kingdon made all tourney after that woeful performance against the wahine, 1 kill and 5 errors.

    • Setaone

      One match doesn’t make or break a player.

      • warriorfan

        Chanteal belonged on there instead, hit .358 for the weekend on 2.2 kills a set. Oh well.

        • cocobean

          Warrior, agree Satele should have been all tourny. She was one of several Wahine that served tough. Serving seems to be an early team strenght.

        • Cindy Luis

          Re: all-tourney … the problem is some of the voters (i.e. coaches and SIDs from wichita state and USF left before the Hawaii match. Even Rubio said he wouldn’t have put Madison on the team.

          Chanteal had a great match last night. Had a pretty decent tourney overall. But you can’t have an all-tourney team with only UH players.

  • Ralph

    wvb replay starting on oc 12 at 1000 pm tonight

  • al

    i wonder if the 6’3″ redshirt waber could hone her blocking skills and move to the middle next year?

  • LC

    Big question for me was what happened with Arizona were they pooped from the 5 set match on the previous night ? They just didn’t even seem to try and fight back.

  • LC

    What was that quote again that I heard from Ah-Mow..play hard or go home ,something like that ? Players say she’s blunt and to the point,my kind of coach.

  • LC

    AVCA has TOP 25 Fan Poll ? I doubt that they want our input for the coaches poll just a fun poll for the fans where you can vote as many times as you want,check it out.


  • famlb

    Satele got robbed. I think the all tourny team is voted prior to the conclusion of the last match. Too bad, she was stellar.

    Dissed on Mita for her lackluster performance the first two matches, but the girl redeemed herself and more.

  • LC

    Congrats to Kanani named first WAC POW for 2011

  • leftout

    I am somewhat disappointed with the pre and post match shows. They are not very well done, the interviews are lame and not very entertaining/informative. As much as I appreciate Kanani, I would like to see other members on the team, opposition coaches/players. Seems that there is little planning, just throw a few well known faces before the camera, hope that tv viewers stick around and run as many commercials during that time frame. Could be much more.

    • cocobean

      left, OC12 is a BIG improvement over K5. 15 minute pregame w/three people does get a little lame but they do show the singing of the National and Hawaii Pono’i and the player intro.

      Post game is drawn out. But they do interview Dave after every match. So far I’ve seen Kanani, Jane, Emily, Brittany, Mita and Chanteal get face time.

      Would like to see opposition coach on pregame to give a run down of his team. Taped would be okay. Doubt if anyone from the opposition would be in a good mood after a loss which seems to occur about 90% here.

      • Warrior15

        It seems OC12 will show the arena announcer introducing the players… and then as the game gets underway, Leahy/McLachlin will AGAIN introduce the starters using graphics …

        Seems redundant …

        • Cindy Luis

          I would give OC12 some slack. it was their first attempt at this. Strand-Ma’a admitted they weren’t sure what they were going to do. The first night they were told that they could talk to players as long as they wanted because there was no other media in the interview room. So they blew off the print media … and it got fixed the next night.
          Srand-Ma’a said it was difficult because she wasn’t sure from night to night who she would be working with.

          • Warrior15

            oh absolutely, there will be growing pains for OC12…

            but some of the (constructive) criticism that i offered above and in other posts on the blog just seems kinda obvious (at least to me anyway).

            oh well, here’s hoping OC12 fine tunes their product over the coming weeks … :)

          • Cindy Luis

            I think all the suggestions and critiques are good ones. But I don’t think the OC12 peeps are reading this blog. Maybe send them an email? I’ll tell Dashevsky as well.

          • cocobean

            Cindy, you know Dash? He should be doing what he does best, taped interviews. Something like player profiles…meet Kaela Goodman, Emily Maeda etc. Seems like they have enought dates to cover the team.

            I would even settle for a catching up with segment….catching up with Mahina Eleneki, with Toni Nishida.

  • LC

    so far I’ve enjoyed OC 12 production much more than K5.It’s nice that they just don’t run off after the match and I love the player interviews.

  • leftout

    Yes that’s true about K5, they had news and other programs scheduled. All I’m saying is that I hope OC 12 does a better job in the future. Let’s face it, the pre/post game shows are there just to sell more commerical time.

  • LC

    Cal is #1 in today’s AVCA Poll ,Hawai`i remains at #10,Penn State only dropped one spot to #2 and Oregon was rewarded the #16 spot for beating Penn State.

  • Robin

    Wonder who the 1 voter is who voted Hawaii #1?

  • Jeff

    Anyone know if Shoji has his radio show this week?

  • Cindy Luis

    No Shoji show this season.

  • LC

    Player intros

    Announcers da,da,da Danielson needs to go away,hokey,very hokey.

    The short film clip prior to the Wahine intro is great but the song that comes with it needs to be replaced.

  • leftout

    The OC12 peeps should be reading this blog to understand marketing UH sports. Many posters here are long time fans, they’ve seen alot, have constructive ideas. This is one of the best polls to see whats working, whats not and how to make it better.
    Kudos to John Fink & KFVE for hosting the NA KOA BOWL. Although they aren’t televising UH sports, they are still doing things to support the athletic program. That says alot about them.

  • Cindy Luis

    DB, yes, know Dash well. I will pass this along when I see him Thursday.

  • jones

    arizona coach was correct. wahine are smaller than the teams they will challenge in post season play. they are athletic so they will have to play D and hit from all sides, in the middle and the back row. their service game puts them on top if it ontinues to improve. unique team that is versatile.

  • John

    Just wanna send a big Mahalo out to UHvolleyballfantoo & HawaiiVB for the replay videos of the games online. Awesome! Great video quality. Must be HD? Keep em coming! Mahalo nui loa.

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