Hawaii at BYU Night 2

January 5th, 2013

Reminder, no TV due to BYU basketball conflict.

1420-AM, espn1420am.com, live stats byucougars.com

As for some of the comments on the other thread.

UH is young, most of the players have never played at BYU. Ramos may have played in Smith with UOP, Not sure if Olsen, the transfer from Penn State has but when you look at the rest of the starting lineup, Wechsung and Etim Thomas are JC transfers, Zarkovic and Kanetake are freshmen, West and Marks never  been to Provo,

BYU is No. 2 for a reason, actually thought they’d be No. 1. Provo is very tough to play at, cold and altitude. very hard place to serve.


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